#PlannedParenthood: Liberal Comedians Mock Center for Medical Progress Videos

#PlannedParenthood: Liberal Comedians Mock Center for Medical Progress Videos

#PlannedParenthood:  Liberal Comedians Mock Center for Medical Progress Videos

We’ve heard the old cliche coming from our liberal comedians that “Republicans have no sense of humor.” We have heard that “Conservatives are just not funny.” Well, if we have no sense of humor and we’re not funny, apparently, this is:

The video, entitled titled “The Shocking Truth about Planned Parenthood” was found on Will Ferrell’s (who has children, by the way) comedy website, “Funny or Die.” The satirical video stars comedians Megan Amram, Alice Wetterlund, Amos Vernon, Fran Gillespie, Nicole Byer and Verónica Osorio, all talking about their Planned Parenthood experiences as if traumatized by them, while haunting music plays in the background.

Because, nothing screams “funny” like mocking individuals who are shocked and saddened by the Center for Medical Progress’ investigative videos on the sale of body parts and fetal tissue of aborted babies. Nothing. There’s some real knee-slapping comedy right there, folks.

The narrator states at the beginning of the spoof:

“The following video may be disturbing to some viewers. Planned Parenthood is supported by the state and federal government. But what kind of heinous activities are your tax dollars funding?”

The tongue-in-cheek video is chock full of nothing but praise for Planned Parenthood:

“They led me down a narrow hallway into a little room filled with medical instruments and they gave me great advice –for prenatal care!”

Which begged a question from me…..”Did you deliver your baby there? Or was that for your abortion?”

The “indispensable” services provided by Planned Parenthood (according to the skit) are enough to have male comedian, Amos Vernon discuss his experience:

“Yep, They see guys, too.”

Flat out hysterical if you ask me. They’re all soooooo, like, funny!

Sorry if I am not “refined” enough to “understand” the humor of the super-progressive. But I am refined enough to know that Planned Parenthood is planning an aggressive defense of these recent allegations by hard-hitting advertising. If you haven’t seen a billboard in your town yet, I promise, they’re coming. I saw one today and about gagged. Planned Parenthood and their cronies are also rallying the troops in the changing of the dialogue:

Because to get upset at those “ridiculous” anti-choice attacks are well, uhhhh, ridiculous. C’mon–where is the sense of humor? These comedians were spot-on! BOOM!

Funny or Die, eh? Being six feet under seems like a great alternative to finding this garbage the least bit humorous.

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  • GWB says:

    “Anti-choice”? Lots of folks are beginning to reconsider that sobriquet after seeing the videos. I wonder if we should go over there (and to every place that links this video) and simply place comments like “Here’s what they’re making light of: link.” Some people are bound to click on it and see the CMP videos.

    Of course, “anti-choice” is also such a lie, given that PP and others on the pro-abortion side are trying desperately to shut down these videos. Because they don’t actually want women to make a true choice – one informed by facts.

    At least I don’t have to worry about boycotting any of these folks, since I don’t watch their material anyway. (I stopped looking at anything on FunnyOrDie when I figured out that almost nothing on there was actually funny, but no one was dying because of it.)

  • Mike says:

    “Funny or die” is unintended irony. It’s certainly not funny and the babies whose body parts are being sold are certainly dead.

  • Appalled By The World says:

    Ha ha ha-the joke’s on them. I’ve never heard of any of these clowns (in more than one sense of the word). Sounds like I haven’t missed much either if this is a sample of their comedy.

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