Planned Parenthood Sends “Nothing to See Here” Letter to Congress

Planned Parenthood Sends “Nothing to See Here” Letter to Congress

Planned Parenthood Sends “Nothing to See Here” Letter to Congress

Planned Parenthood has been attempting to dismiss a bucket full of horrendous allegations, and it seems as though in their recent letter to Congress they do very little to water down the fires. It also included a report by hired experts who claim the videos released by the Center for Medical Progress are heavily altered.

Planned Parenthood is on the ropes, reeling from months of being exposed for its sickeningly evil practice of selling the bodies of murdered babies for parts.

In an attempt to deflect attention from its atrocities, it has sent the several congressional committees that have opened up federal investigations into Planned Parenthood’s practices a “nothing to see here” letter.

They claim the “heavily edited” videos are deceptive, but how exactly does that work? I mean, they took an 18 week-old child out of a freezer and thawed them out for the undercover crew. Tiny limbs, fingers, and toes – all visible. Heavily edited? Besides, the Center for Medical Progress has released the unedited versions of their videos.

That pretty much covers it.

Matthew Clark, Senior Counsel for Digital Advocacy with ACLJ, has made a list of nine stunning admissions found within the letter.

First, Planned Parenthood admits that “abortion” is a “core” service, meaning it is one that “every affiliate is required to provide.”

Second, as a result of the investigative journalists exposing Planned Parenthood’s baby harvesting practice, the abortion giant admits that at least 4 of its 59 national affiliates have suddenly stopped all baby harvesting.  One can only wonder why.

Third, according to Planned Parenthood, it just lost at least 33% of baby harvesting business because it just lost a key buyer when StemExpress recently cut ties with Planned Parenthood.

A “core service” you say?

Fourth, while Planned Parenthood attempts to downplay its involvement in baby organ harvesting and employs numerous accounting gimmicks in its letter, the evidence Planned Parenthood admits to is that nearly 20% of its affiliates, which could amount to over 100 affiliates, have been involved selling murdered babies for parts over the last five years alone.

Fifth, Planned Parenthood claims it has advised all clinics of the federal law banning the sale of aborted babies and the expansive loophole in the law that allows for extensive “reimbursement.”

Sixth, Planned Parenthood also admits that it receives “$60 per tissue specimen.”  $60 for every dead baby part sold can add up quickly.

Quickly indeed. Abortionist Mary Gatter said that somewhere between 60% to 70% of their patients say yes to donated tissue, and if they perform over 320,000 abortions ever year, $60 per specimen is quite the loot.

Seventh, Planned Parenthood makes this shocking assertion about federal law:  “The federal rules relating to consent and timing and method of abortion when the donated tissue is used for federally funded fetal transplantation research are therefore not applicable to any recent fetal tissue donations in the United States.”

Eighth, and worse yet, Planned Parenthood goes on in their letter to Congress to state that they “voluntarily” required both informed consent and disallowed any alteration.  We’ve seen the consent form and we’ve heard the abortionists discussing issuing them in the videos.  What this means is Planned Parenthood is violating its own informed consent forms – which is called medical malpractice.

Ninth, Planned Parenthood claims that only “1%” of its businesses sell murdered baby parts (note that 1% of Planned Parenthood’s reported $1.145 billion dollars in annual affiliate revenue would be $11.45 million dollars).  Sound familiar to its now discredited (even by the mainstream media) 3% lie about abortion “services”?

I managed to make it through the letter, and the best part – by far – was the conclusion.

I respectfully ask that you put yourselves in our place.

Thanks, Cecile, but I’m good. I would not want to walk a mile in your shoes, nor try to sleep with your conscience.

Imagine if a group of individuals tried for several years to secretly film your offices, obtaining fraudulent identification to gain access to restricted areas, creating a fictitious company to deceive your staff, and misleading the IRS in an application for nonprofit status.

Imagine with me, Cecile, how much nicer this world would be if you didn’t rip apart the unborn and sell off their parts.

So, in short:

– Taking infant lives is a core service they offer.
– Harvesting infant organs is indeed something they do… a lot.
– They take money for the organs they harvest.
– They might change their technique for optimal harvesting.
– They might also take advantage of loopholes.
– But the real issue is that the videos where they are seen admitting to all of those practices are heavily edited, demonizing, and fake.

Got it?

Oh, and, they’re really upset over this, and even though they butcher children, you should feel bad for them.

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  • Rebecca says:

    “Despite a deliberate and systematic effort to distort our role, only two of 59 Planned Parenthood affiliates are currently involved with fetal tissue research.”

    What was the number before Stem Express pulled out?

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