Pelosi Heckled, Sidesteps Questions

Pelosi Heckled, Sidesteps Questions

Pelosi Heckled, Sidesteps Questions

It’s no secret the Democrats hate President Trump’s changes to the tax code. They hate it so much, they began a 100-city tour against it. One of the leading voices in the attack has been Nancy Pelosi. The former Speaker of the House, one of the longest serving politicians on Capitol Hill and the sixth most wealthy member of the House in 2015, discovered not everyone is fooled by her so-called concern for the little man. In fact, one heckler tried to pull back the curtain at Pelosi’s rally in Arizona Tuesday with a few very pointed questions. Questions Pelosi did not want to answer.

“God never intended one group of people to live in superfluous inordinate wealth while others live in abject deadening poverty,” Pelosi told those gathered. Irony is apparently not something the former Speaker understands. Or, perhaps, she doesn’t believe that statement applies to her. Whatever the case, a member of the audience called her on it.

The woman called out, “how much are you worth, Nancy?” and followed it up with, “Are you in abject poverty?”

But Pelosi wasn’t having any of it. Not at all. Not only did she refuse to answer the question, she said, “We’re not talking about that.” Hmm, moments earlier she said God never intended one group of people to live in “superfluous inordinate wealth” and in the next she refuses to discuss her own wealth. Perhaps she doesn’t feel being worth more than $100 million isn’t “superfluous”.

Of course, she also doesn’t think the $1,000 per employee some companies are paying out as bonuses in the wake of the President’s tax breaks is a good thing. She called the payments “pathetic crumbs”. $1,000 might be crumbs for her, but for most Americans it is an amount that can help pay bills or help rebuild the cushion in their savings account that had been growing smaller and smaller over the last eight years.

“The national budget should be a statement of our national values, what is important to us as a nation. Which makes us strong and builds for the future should be reflected in the budget. . .But what we have seen here is the complete opposite. So this isn’t about Democrats or Republicans. This is about the United States and our children’s futures,” she said. Of course, her own actions during the budget debates and negotiations put the lie to this statement. Not that she would ever admit it.

But Pelosi wasn’t done with the heckler. It wasn’t enough to try to deflect away from the question by saying that’s not what they were talking about. She had to, once again, bring into the mix the fact she’s a mother. She said she could “talk louder than anyone”, by implication meaning the heckler, because she was the mother of five. Were a man to say a woman was loud because of her status as a mother, he’d be condemned out of hand. But Pelosi has no qualms about using her womanhood, her motherhood or her status as a grandmother when it serves her. Have any of us forgotten about how she claimed her young grandson wanted to be brown like his friend?

Pelosi doesn’t want us to look behind the curtain. She doesn’t want to talk about how she and her husband filed their taxes early to take advantage of extra savings by doing so. She doesn’t want to talk about her own wealth while condemning others for having money – just as she does. Hypocrite doesn’t begin to describe the former Speaker. Isn’t it time we pulled back the curtain and revealed the wizard for what she is: a bitter, power-hungry woman who doesn’t want to give up her status or admit she might not know what is best for the average American citizen?

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  • Kate says:

    I love it when she’s heckled.

  • Tim says:

    Unfortunately California is full to the brim with people JUST like Pelosi. When I lived in that state My wife and I belonged to a mutual water and homeowner’s corporation. A group of liberal self serving people managed to get elected to the homeowner’s board and wanted to install a play structure “for the kids” of course, at the association’s small recreation area . Overwhelming sentiment among other homeowners was very much against the project because it would have raised the annual assessment substantially, many retired people simply could not afford the raise in assessment and let their feelings be known during many board meetings. The one board meeting that caused the eventual election loss of some of the board members was a classic. When one homeowner got up to speak he was told “well, if you can’t afford this raise in assessment, perhaps you should think about selling you home and move somewhere else”. Unfortunately it takes the commitment of the affected voters to put a stop to this kind of thing, but California voters are by and large too drugged out to even care anymore. Sure glad I sold out and left that cesspool of a state, one of the best things I ever did.

  • Appalled By The World says:

    ALL of these Bolshevik hypocritical frauds need to be heckled and hounded at every opportunity. They are all a national disgrace with all of their antics.

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