Paul Pelosi Police Cam – Whoa!

Paul Pelosi Police Cam – Whoa!

Paul Pelosi Police Cam – Whoa!

As ordered by a San Francisco Superior Court judge evidence has been released in the attack by David DePape on Paul Pelosi, husband of Nancy Pelosi. The former Speaker has said that it would be difficult to watch the attack. My advice is not to watch it. It is difficult for anyone to watch. It’s brutal. It’s awful. And it happens in the blink of an eye.

I am not a fan of the Pelosi family. I think they are all arrogant bullies and grifters. I am a human being with empathy though. Last November, I wrote this and I stand by this even more after today’s releases:

It’s hard to imagine the terrifying time that Mr. Pelosi spent with his attacker. I am not a fan of the entire family; I think they are all cunning and weaselly. Think about this: You are sound asleep in your own bed in your own home in the middle of the night and you are attacked by someone you don’t know. Stay with me here. That comes from statements made by DePape. From the New York Post:

“…DePape targeted the Pelosi home and confronted Paul Pelosi who was asleep in his bed.

The intruder woke up the 82-year-old Paul Pelosi and asked where his wife was.

Paul Pelosi attempted to get into an elevator inside the home that has a phone, but DePape blocked him, Jenkins said. It was only after Pelosi asked to go to the bathroom that he was able to call 911, Jenkins said.

When DePape realized he made a call, he took Pelosi downstairs near the front door. Officers arrived two minutes after the call came in, Jenkins said.

At that point, DePape “violently struck (Pelosi) in the top of his head” after a brief struggle for control of the weapon, Jenkins said. It’s unclear which man opened the door for authorities or how many times Paul Pelosi was struck, she said.

It’s worse than we thought. Let’s start with the break in by David DePape. Here is the Fox News point of view:

David DePape really put his back into breaking that glass. The break-in was loud and brutal. For those of you wondering why Paul Pelosi didn’t wake up, he was on another floor and he is 82 years old. I am not trying to be ugly, but old men can sleep through anything.

The 911 call gave me an anxiety attack. Mr. Pelosi was trying to let the 911 operator know what was going on without spooking David DePape. When he asked if the Capitol Police were there and the operator said no, this is San Francisco, I wanted to scream, “Buy a clue.” Potentially, this human is the worst 911 operator in history. Paul says that the cretin thinks everything is good, but I’ve got a problem. Listen to this and decide for yourself:

Did you bang your head against the table listening to that? Listening to that was almost as painful as watching the video of the attack video up next. Before we watch the attack video, read this description from MSN:

The bodycam footage released Friday is graphic. It depicts officers arriving at the Pelosi home and, after knocking on the door several times, Pelosi answering while seemingly attempting to keep a hand on a hammer DePape is holding. An officer instructs DePape to drop the hammer, after which DePape says “Nope,” wrestles the instrument out of Pelosi’s grip and strikes him with it. The officers subdue DePape while Pelosi lies incapacitated on the ground.

If you are squeamish, be advised:

Paul Pelosi could not throw himself at the police, because he was holding on to the head of the assault hammer. For 82 years old, Pelosi has a very strong grip. David DePape’s quick moves are terrifying and he hit Mr. Pelosi with his entire body weight. Pelosi is out cold. David DePape is still struggling, while Mr. Pelosi lies there limp. I am not sure is Pelosi is snoring while unconscious or if DePape is growling.

This ought to put to rest any of the ugly rumors out there. Nancy should not watch or listen to any of this. Prayers for Mr. Pelosi’s continued recovery.

Featured Image: YouTube Screenshot/cropped/Public Domain

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  • Scott says:

    Sadly, this is just one of the side effects of all the political attacks on police, they’re afraid to do their jobs. Not that long ago, refusing to drop the hammer as DePape did would have bought him at least a Taser hit, if not a couple 9mm to the torso.. But now, the police try to talk to the criminal, with the results you see..

  • NTSOG says:

    “But now, the police try to talk to the criminal, with the results you see..”

    Police are now expected to be social workers and engage in counseling which, in the eyes of the omniscient press, is the immediate panacea for every situation, but if counseling is THE solution then social workers should be sent in first. However no social worker I have known over 40 years working in the welfare system would visit a potentially high risk family without Police present to control the situation first.

  • Kevin says:

    Toni Williams, thank you.

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