Paladin’s AMERICAN GOMORRAH ™ “Math Has No Politics” Edition

Paladin’s AMERICAN GOMORRAH ™ “Math Has No Politics” Edition

Paladin’s AMERICAN GOMORRAH ™ “Math Has No Politics” Edition

In days long past Paladin used to say, “math has no politics” – this was of course before 2+2=4 became a white patriarchal construct. But whether math education professor Laurie Rubel thinks so or notevery 2 dogs that are added to another 2 dogs will inevitably equal 4 dogs – who are going to have their day. Which is another way of saying, if you really think 2+2 DOESN’T equal 4, you’re going to be in for a rude surprise.

Toilets will flush upwards, the hot water spigot will spout cottage cheese, food expiration labels will say 20/20/24 when your soybean curd is packaged, and when you take Imodium for ptomaine poisoning, it’ll just give you heavier diarrhea. Never mind rockets that explode on their launch pads, airplanes that only nosedive or anti-biotics that work about as well as bread mold. In which case Laurie, you really did build that.

You and many like you are in the process of deconstructing the greatest Gotham in the world – New York City. And ruining California, Illinois, Minneapolis – and every Blue City Sewer in your clutches.  You see, the math is really simple –when a city becomes expensive, dysfunctional and dangerousthe people who pay for the privilege of living in a Blue Sewer leave. How ironic that when Ole’ Joe talks about bringing light into the dark places of the world, California loses juice, with rolling blackouts. Sure, they got the lights on again, hurray, until the next time somebody decides to plug in a hair dryer. Dig this headlineCalif. Dem’s Taxes on Millionaires Could Spell Disaster in Golden State.  

Could? It’s already happening.

Mass abandonment of an idea, social practice, belief, or physical locale is the logical result of failure or catastrophe. Vesuvius explodes, Pompeii dies. Romans move elsewhere. Without modern air conditioning and refrigeration, half of California is unlivable 7 months out of the year. Can’t keep the lights on? People rush to places where they don’t need candles. That’s how it works. With the exception of Socialism, which is perennially born anew, despite the body count and widespread ruin it produces. And Socialism will always seek to control your choices and movements. Millionaires of California expect a penalty tax if you choose to leave. Get out now, before GuvKnowsnothing throws a lariat around your collective necks.

Naturally, the Prog Borg Left is in total denial. This silly woman thinks cursing at you will keep you in line with her beliefs.    

This clown expects the Federal government to bail out ruinously managed Blue Sewers, and that the loss of taxable population is a good thing. You see, “cities are for everyone” and he’s hoping for a “new golden age of cities — affordable for normal people, open to art and music and culture once again, and without Chase branches and tech bros littering the streets.

Get that?

You’re not “normal” if you don’t want to live in an expensive, dangerous, dark hole. Sorry bub, nobody wants art and music and culture when it’s been marinating in human dung and punctuated by violent crime. If you can afford to move out, you split. And what remains is rotten lettuce. The Chase cash machine keeps the lights on, and the arugula fresh. While the tech bros, for all their faults keep the cash machine working.

Will folks from Ames, Iowa bail out the boondoggled, underfunded Illinois public service workers pension program, or build more power plants for the Inland Empire or square the Big Apple’s yearly operating deficit? Not likely.

So, between bailouts that will never comeand if they dowill do nothing but keep a political criminal class in power—this clown hopes for events which cannot come about, unless 2+2=5.

But like everything else these days, black is white and good is bad. Remember that, the next time 911 hangs up on you or a social worker appears at a drive-by shooting while the blood is still warm, or the next time you flush the toilet by candlelight.




The stunning featured photo is “Hurricane Sandy New York Blackout 2012” by photographer David Shankbone. It was resized for our template, and used under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.


  • Teslaca says:

    Why do people in cities that are going down the toilet always expect those who don’t–and don’t want to–live there to send them all their money to save the city?

  • NTSOG says:

    Reading this article I am reminded of the young and arrogant graduate assistant, Jackson Kernion, who stated that rural people are bad people who made bad life decisions and “we should shame people who aren’t pro-city”. It seems that the aggressive and self-proclaimed virtuous socialist left are mostly city-centric groups and do not like or understand the independent minded folks who live in rural areas who cannot easily be manipulated for political purposes as can the mobs in cities. In short the socialist left like the pig sties they have created and manage to their own advantage and ‘glory’, and really would not want things to change.

  • NTSOG says:

    Following on from my initial post it has always been my belief that the left wing parties that traditionally supported blue collar workers, whether in the UK, Australia or the USA, were colonised by city-based intellectuals [like young Jackson Kernion] from the 1970s on. Those ‘intellectuals’ ignored, even reviled, those honest toilers seen in and shown with respect in Mike Rowe’s series ‘Dirty Jobs’.

    In today’s Australian newspaper a letter to the editor describes the problem perfectly:

    An old school Labor Party leader by the name of Kim Beazley Snr addressed a state Labor Party conference in the 1970s. He declared to his audience “When I joined the Labor Party, it contained the cream of the working class. But as I look about me now, all I see are the dregs of the middle class. When will you middle-class perverts stop using the Labor Party as a cultural spittoon?”

    And that sums up the problem: the ambitious, power-hungry city-centric academics using [perverting] left-wing organisations purely to enhance their own power and status.

    • Paladin says:

      Yes, that—and they take over once magnificent municipalities and turn them into graveyards

    • Paladin says:

      Yes, that—and they take over once magnificent municipalities and turn them into graveyards

    • Scott says:

      Truth is, those left wing organizations never gave a rats ass about the workers, just like Lenin and Stalin never did, they’re just as you point out, a means to end, that end being those “leaders” ruling things… look at most Union “leaders” these days, they are far more interested in enriching themselves than taking care of their workers.

  • wozzup says:

    Bailouts? Bailing out democrat led cities (now there is an oxymoronic phrase – Democrats leading anything – they just stand back and let chaos happen – or when it suits them, provoke it) is like bailing out a sinking boat using a bucket that has no bottom in it. Just like the democrat’s desire for other people’s money – there is no bottom to it. In a sinking boat you can bail forever and all you get is more water in the boat. In a Democrat city you can bail it out forever and all you get is more waste and more destruction and more money pouring in – just like the seawater in that boat. If people in those cities keep voting Dems into power then they have to learn the hard way what they should have learned already – Dems do not really want improvement otherwise they would do things differently. So I am for letting those cities stew in their own mess and using them as a bad example for any other cities that may be tempted to go down the same path and vote Dems into power.

  • wozzup says:

    On the subject of the new wealth tax. Who else here thinks it is cute how Democrats are convinced that wealthy people sit around in a great big vault full of coins and notes just like Scrooge McDuck. Say, maybe they occasionally jump off a diving board and go swimming in all that ill gotten loot just like him too. How disgusting they are. How dare they sell things that people want and are willing to pay money for. Rich b#stards. They deserve what they get. (in reality they invest in stuff – like companies that provide jobs so taxing them is a tax is not just a tax on wealth it is a tax on Joe Lunch pail and his job prospects).
    Well, that’s how the Dems think anyway – the party or greed, envy, avarice and judging by the shenanigan’s of its supporters like the Clintons, Geoffrey Epstein, and Harvey Weinstein, (and for that matter the Biden family) just about every other deadly sin on the books. Seriously folks is THAT the kind of people Americans trust with their hands on the levers of power? If so it will get what it deserves. But personally I think the Dems are fooling themselves.

    • Paladin says:

      Scrooge McDuck!!! Exactly!!

      • Russ Wood says:

        It’s not just the American Democrats – it’s all other socialist governments or quasi-governments (cf California). For example, the South African ruling ANC thinks that it can get out of the debt hole it’s dug for itself by “taxing the rich”. Being totally blind to economics, they DO seem to think that there’s a big “money box”. And they have been told (and told, and told…) that if they implement their ‘taking’ ideas, it will yank any financial underpinning that the country still has! Ah! But the rich have money, and we wants it!

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