#Oscars2018: Zombie La-La-Land Of Contradictions and Hypocrisy

#Oscars2018: Zombie La-La-Land Of Contradictions and Hypocrisy

#Oscars2018: Zombie La-La-Land Of Contradictions and Hypocrisy

The sheer, laughable irony that has become the trademark of such awards shows as The Golden Globes and The Oscars has not escaped us here. Last night’s Oscars offered no exceptions. Take host Jimmy Kimmel for starters:

Kimmel dove right in and put the obligatory check in the box by throwing out criticism of Vice President Pence. Noted. Next on the agenda? Parkland, of course!

“….if you want to encourage others to join the amazing students at Parkland at their march on the 24th, do that.-Jimmy Kimmel

He also threw a little bit of snobby shade in the mix, too. We saw what you did there, Jimmy with your cheeseball Lake Havasu joke. Because (ha, ha, ha, oh Dior-wearing elites, it is to laaaaaaaugh) y’all would never be caught DEAD in Lake Havasu!

So, I would say the award for best lead jackass of the night goes to none other than your virtue-signaling host, Jimmy Kimmel. Who, once upon a time, dated the “queen” of virtue, Sarah “I would eat an aborted fetus” Silverman. You need to seriously question a man who stayed with THAT for seven years. Jimmy Kimmel, who stood up for #TimesUp and the #MeToo movement but was once known for “The Man Show” and its Juggy Dance Squad, a group of buxom women shimmying in skimpy outfits and boasted a skit featuring women who were given 10 seconds to “guess what was in his pants”. Classy.

The movie that supposedly “upset” Mike Pence? Call Me By Your Name-a movie about a grown man starting up a relationship with a minor. Because it’s “beautiful” or something (insert eye roll here). Yes, Hollywood. Please continue to make movies to upset Mike Pence! Our hope is that eventually, you will only solidify how out-of-touch and hypocritical you all truly are.

They “stand with women” (while a man hosts the show) and while Ryan Seacrest still appears on the red carpet despite allegations made against him one week ago.

At least Meryl brought some comedic relief to the evening this time around:

Private jets while they lecture on the carbon footprint. Armed guards and protective walls to separate them from “the commoners”. Glorifying an adult-child sexual relationship and violence in film. Mocking an American middle-class town. Rewarding men who behave badly with prestige as a host and giving yet another dunce a red carpet appearance all while they turn up their noses and tell us how uneducated and messed-up we are. Hollywood. Yep. That sounds about right.

I fell asleep halfway into last night’s snooze fest but on the bright side, was well-rested for my weekly guilty pleasure known as The Walking Dead. Seems I was not the only one in on this action:

And, for TWD fans, the moral of the story is….

Bam! Because brain-dead zombies are much more entertaining than this vapid, pretentious, boring, brain-dead bunch.

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