Operation Trojan Horse: ISIS Plans to Cross Turkish Border as “Refugees,” Launch Attacks in Europe

Operation Trojan Horse: ISIS Plans to Cross Turkish Border as “Refugees,” Launch Attacks in Europe

Operation Trojan Horse: ISIS Plans to Cross Turkish Border as “Refugees,” Launch Attacks in Europe

In September, thousands of refugees fled Syria’s Kobane region into Turkey. And now ISIS is close to overtaking that strategic region—yeah, those airstrikes on the Khorasan Group, aka Al Qaeda Not-on-the-Run, are working great, General Obama—erecting its flag over the region, while reportedly closing in on Baghdad’s Green Zone. The Kurds, not surprisingly, are placing the blame for the loss of the territory squarely on the shoulders of one Barack Hussein Obama.

Kurd Tweet

If the shoe fits…

But that’s not the only disturbing news emerging from the conflict. As expected, the porous border between Syria and Turkey is not awash in only Syrian refugees, but ISIS terrorists hell bent on spreading their Death Cult to the West. Dubbed a “Trojan Horse” tactic, their plan is to carry out “devastating terrorist attacks” in Europe. From Mail Online:

“ISIS is plotting to smuggle militants into Western Europe disguised as refugees so that they can launch devastating terror attacks, according to US intelligence sources.

Encrypted communications unraveled by American military intelligence have revealed that Islamic State leaders are planning to take advantage of the ‘chaotic conditions’ on the Syria-Turkey crossing.

Relaxed border controls would allow IS militants to blend in with the thousands of genuine refugees spilling over the border in search of safety, reports International Business Times.”

And because hundreds of Syrian refugees pour into Turkey every day, ISIS fighters could easily blend right in, making their way through Turkey and into Europe unchecked, fake passports in hand, slaughtering “infidels” their single-minded goal. And given that much of Europe has embraced political correctness that tolerates the intolerable—just as the liberals in our own country are pushing so vehemently, placing us all in peril—the threat is very real. And just may cost them dearly.

ISIS terrorists plan to blend in with Syrian refugees crossing into Turkey, then make their way to Europe.
Kobane Map
ISIS looks to overtake the Kobane region, threatening new waves of massacres, seeking to push its caliphate into Turkey.


Last week, we reported on the bulletin released by the U.S. Army to military personnel of ISIS’ threats to military families worldwide. This Trojan Horse operation, if proven successful, could be just the method by which to carry out those very tangible threats overseas.

In case you missed it, Leon Panetta, who somehow found his voice after leaving the Obama Administration, is warning that this fight with ISIS, and the plethora of other competing terrorist organizations, could last upwards of thirty years. And given the fact that Barry O. refuses to do everything it takes to vaporize these vile creatures into tiny shards of glass, it may very well escalate into World War III before it’s over, dragging Russia, Iran, China, and every other willing power-vacuum filler into the fray. But then, we were warned that a second Obama term would result in the very state the world finds itself in today. But political correctness (oh, and that 47% Mr. Romney cited) demanded we reelect the reactive Barack Obama over the competent candidate. And we caved. The question is: Have we learned our lesson? Or will we make the same egregious mistake, and cast our votes not for competent leadership in 2016, but for gender, and elect Barack Obama in a Pantsuit to clean up the worldwide chaos she helped her former boss create? I fear the answer.

Stay watchful. And keep your powder dry. Because the pothole-filled road, paved with liberal lies and dubious intentions, is getting bumpier by the hour.


UPDATE: [9:00 am 10/7] FOX is reporting that the fall of Kobane is imminent.

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  • Kim Quade says:

    Yikes. What next?

  • Appalled By The World says:

    The Left is to blame for much of this insanity-they aid their ally in the Axis of Evil-the believers in the Koran-at every turn. Until Western nations finally roll back these treasonous cretins the global jihad will continue to advance. What the Left doesn’t seem to know is that their allies will one day show their usual gratitude by exterminating them. I just hope we’ll be around somehow to enjoy that day of reckoning because the Left will deserve it.

    • Jodi says:

      Agreed. And I’d argue they are at least tacitly aware of the threat of Islam. But ultimately they’re cowards, so focusing on benign issues like a statue, or the color of a bra, is easier, and safer if you like your head attached to your neck, than addressing the real War on Women: Islam. Until they start screeching about the treatment of gays and women in the Muslim world, then they are complicit in the continued brutal oppression of the two groups they say they most care about.

      • Jodi says:

        *they* being feminists and other Leftist maroons.

      • Appalled By The World says:

        So true. The Lefties say not a word about how any group gets poorly treated in the ummah but they’ll screech to high heaven about perceived slights to those same groups in the West. But then that’s how that crowd always is-always playing it safe.
        As for them knowing the danger of getting into bed with the jihad crowd-many are blissfully unaware while the rest know it’s dangerous. But in their heart of hearts they condescendingly feel they are superior to those 3rd Worlders and are using them for their own purposes. In reality, it’s the jihadists who are playing the Left for fools in using them to further their goal of one world under their blood god. In a war between Mo’s minions and the Left I’d put my money on the Mo’s minions-they breed like rabbits and as ISIS shows they will do whatever it takes to win. The Left, with its PC based population reduction schemes and squeamishness about “collateral damage” stands little chance against such a ruthless enemy.

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