‘Open Secret:’ Mark Halperin’s Years Of Sexual Harassment No Longer Under The Rug [VIDEO]

‘Open Secret:’ Mark Halperin’s Years Of Sexual Harassment No Longer Under The Rug [VIDEO]

‘Open Secret:’ Mark Halperin’s Years Of Sexual Harassment No Longer Under The Rug [VIDEO]

First news anchors, then the movie industry, after that celebrity photographers, and now the pendulum has veered back to news anchors. It doesn’t matter where you are, it seems that the dam has broken regarding the perversion of sexual harassment, assault, and even rape across high profile industries.

Mark Halperin, once a shining star of ABC news and mentored by the late Peter Jennings, has been exposed for the slime that he is. Well, there is more.

Dianna Goldberg was a young researcher at ABC News in 1994 when she asked a colleague, Mark Halperin, for some information about a story. He readily agreed to help her and asked her to come to his office.

Close the door, he said when she arrived. Come over here, he said, seated at his desk. Sit down and I’ll give you the information, he said. He motioned to his lap.

“What?” she remembers thinking. “I don’t want to sit on your lap.” But Halperin was the political director of the network, a rising star who was highly regarded by ABC’s management, including “World News Tonight” anchor Peter Jennings. Goldberg, who now goes by her married name, May, thought that refusing him could injure her career.

She reluctantly agreed and sat down briefly. Halperin, she recalled on Wednesday, had an erection.

I don’t know about you, but there’s a serious ICK factor in that account. Along with anger that any woman was put through that! Seriously, when he placed her and many others in the position of either walking away or giving in in order to keep their job or … for a young woman just starting out in her job, that’s a helluva dilemma whether she has high or low self esteem! Not only that, but if you don’t have a modicum of confidence that the company you work for would back you up? Yes, all the women Halperin preyed upon likely felt that they were on their own. 

Here’s the thing, what Mark Halperin did was unequivocally wrong. He knows it. He knew it when he said this:

He knew what he had been doing all those years was wrong when he put together this interesting little video:

Halperin KNEW what he’d been doing was wrong when he tweeted THIS in 2012!

He ALSO knew that what HE had been doing was wrong when he said the following regarding Trump just before the election.

Then there’s this:

Nope! NONE of that “bolstered” Donald Trump’s brand. He said stupid crap about women that was caught on camera and it was totally wrong. TOTALLY. Yet Halperin thought it was a great thing?? Now that we know what we know, the sewer slime surrounding Halperin is getting thicker.

Rightfully so, MSNBC has bounced him from his anchor chair.

HBO has called a halt to the miniseries directed by Tom Hanks that was based off his book Game Change that chronicled the 2016 Presidential Election. Gee, I wonder why? This little schtick from Showtime won’t help.

Multiple women have come forward telling their stories. It has been, from what many are saying, an “Open Secret” across the networks. Clarissa Ward, targeted by Halperin spoke up about what happened.

But yeah, it was an open secret alright, so open that everyone worked diligently to shove all accounts under the rug! Why else would ABC say this?

Here we have the media reporting 24/7 about Harvey Weinstein after they had no choice. The leftist media gleefully reported about Bill O’Reilly (whom I’ve personally never liked), Eric Bolling and many others. But NOW? When it was ‘one of their own?’ The reporting has been very measured. It’s like they are willing to kind of give Halperin the benefit of the doubt…

Yeah, I’d say that’s hitting the nail on the head. Due to the culture of those workplaces, the women who are accusing Halperin were scared of the repercussions against THEM.

Sexual harassment is very real, and it damages people. The corporate culture from movies to the news media and EVERYWHERE else must recognize that and step up for the victims. By not doing so, the media is as culpable as Halperin.

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