“God’s Child”: Illegal Immigrant Beheads 13 Year-Old Special Needs Girl, Kills Grandmother

“God’s Child”: Illegal Immigrant Beheads 13 Year-Old Special Needs Girl, Kills Grandmother

“God’s Child”: Illegal Immigrant Beheads 13 Year-Old Special Needs Girl, Kills Grandmother

…But let’s abolish ICE and let everyone in, they say.

Two men beheaded a 13 year-old girl after witnessing the murder of her grandmother:

The grandmother, 49-year-old Oralia Mendoza, was allegedly connected to the Sinaloa Mexican drug cartel. Mendoza reportedly worked with the cartel in facilitating the trafficking of methamphetamine. She had traveled to Georgia for the pickup when one of her partners, Israel Palomino noticed something was amiss:

Palomino suspected that something went wrong during the drug pick up when he discovered after the alleged drug pick up that Mendoza removed the SIM card from her phone.

According to investigators:

He (Palomino) also found a text message sent to an unknown woman during the Georgia drug run, investigators said. In that text, Mendoza asked the woman to pick up her granddaughter from Palomino’s wife because she was afraid for their lives.

Israel Palomino, 34, Yoni Aguilar, 26, then woke Mendoza during the evening and told her they were going to take her and her granddaughter, 13 year-old Mariah Lopez to a “safe location”, a cemetery, where they stabbed her to death. Palomino and Aguilar continued on to another location where they allegedly decapitated the 13 year-old girl because she witnessed her grandmother’s murder.

While Israel Palomino holds a Green Card, ICE has lodged a detainer with Yoni Aguilar who is in the country illegally. Yes, I said illegally. Thirteen year-old Mariah Lopez was also on the autism spectrum and was suspected to have special needs.

As mentioned, Oralia Mendoza, 49, had ties to the Sinaloa drug cartel (think El Chapo). To complicate things further, Mendoza was Lopez’s legal guardian and was also rumored to have dated Palomino (34) in the past. She was currently living with and dating Aguilar (26) though news outlets claim there is no “direct evidence” that either one of these poor excuses for men were tied to the cartel. The murders actually occurred in JUNE but are now just hitting the news outlets, ironically.

Forgive me as I unwrap this further. We have a 49 year-old woman shacking up with with a 26 year-old guy who is in the country illegally and she is solely responsible as the guardian for a special-needs child. We have said 26 year-old in a video clip above, smirking at the cameras, with not an ounce of remorse. Yet, we have news outlets not “assuming” anything (because we all know what happens when we assume) about Palomino and Aguilar both being tied to the cartel?! I guess this little tidbit of information was not a topic of pillow talk between these two men and Mendoza?

So, we have here a woman with a questionable revenue stream, questionable ties outside of the country and perhaps questionable taste in men who was placed in charge of the well-being of a child who innocently ended up being on the losing end of poor decisions made by an adult who was entrusted to protect her and care for her. These men and this woman were assisting in the transport of methamphetamine. Riddle me this: do we know anyone, anyone in this free country who has enjoyed the benefits of meth?! And, how are these people improving our society again? How is this a better life for a child?

But by all means, these are all God’s children and they are entitled to a life in America, and a fair trial should they come here illegally and screw up-beheadings and all.

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  • Jim says:

    ”… these are all God’s children.”

    Hitler and Ted Bundy were God’s children too. Some people make choices to be good, others to be evil, though the concept of ‘evil’ seems not to be part of the Left’s playbook – unless it suits them, to use the term for their own political gain, otherwise any self-indulgent and vicious act is excused on their ‘sliding scale’ of selective morality as they seel absolute power of the rest of society.

    • Scott says:

      Only those of us on the right can be evil Jim…(according to the leftists)… shitbags like these guys are just misunderstood, and oppressed by the white law abiding “man”…

  • Skid Marx says:

    Cue Lil’ Jebbie Bush and his act of love quote while enjoying a delicous taco bowl. Meanwhile Catholic family services, Jewish family services, Lutheran family services aka Religion Inc. are enjoying the boatloads of money from future lifetime democrat voters aka immigrants.
    Those true conservative Koch Bros. own the immigrant holding centers and they are doing very well indeed.
    Ol’ Gleen Beck has some soccer balls and he is on his way to pass them out to the poor downtrodden crying foreign children. Do you feel the pain of the future lifetime democrat voter? *sniffle*
    RINO RATS in the chamber of commerce love that $3 an hour labor. The democrats hope to apply what they did to Chicago on a national level. Furious redistricting is going on right now for the George Soros owned election 2020. Sure to be the biggest baddest (s)election evarz!

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