“OneVoice” Nonprofit Forms New Entity After Congress Says It Violated Law

“OneVoice” Nonprofit Forms New Entity After Congress Says It Violated Law

Well, now that the Israeli election seems to be over, Congress can add this to the never dwindling pile of criminal malfeasance that needs addressed from the “most transparent administration in history.

The PeaceWorks Network Foundation—a nonprofit linked to Obama campaign figures and also known as OneVoice—was identified in a January letter authored by U.S. lawmakers as having funneled money to campaign-related activities in the upcoming election despite being incorporated as a 501(c)(3) organization. Such organizations are forbidden from engaging in foreign or domestic political campaign activities.

So, not content to attempt to rig elections in America, it seems the Democrats and their fellow travelers needed some new ground to tackle the issues of the day in the Holy Land, all while camouflaging their anti-Semitism as mere electioneering and issue funding.

However, multiple sources familiar with the controversy said the establishment of that new organization would not shield the earlier activities of the original 501(c)(3) organization from U.S. law.

“This isn’t difficult. If you do something illegal, like [OneVoice’s Israel-based campaign] V15 did, you can’t erase that illegality by suddenly deciding to comply with the law,” said one D.C. based source familiar with a congressional inquiry into OneVoice’s activities, which was first reported by Fox News late last week.

So they tried to legitimize their drug dealing by making sure to pay every penny of their taxes.  Who was on their advisory panel?  Bernie Madoff?  And I hate to go over it again, but can anyone imagine what this news would look like if this was done with a Republican president in office?  Isn’t anyone at the NYT, WaPo, or MSNBC concerned what this lack of focus and actual bias makes them look like?  Is their newsroom so invested in Chicago Jesus that they are willing to ignore every possible news story about political scandals?  They can’t talk about climate change, record snowfalls and Ferguson Missouri forever.  At some point, they are going to have to actually do your job. Even if they hate Fox News, The people over at Fox seem to believe in actually being journalists instead of an American version of Pravda.

To point out how weary many of us are of turning on the interwebs every day to see this and the unending stream of scandals is becoming old and busted.  New and Hot would be someone actually addressing it, which is likely going to happen during the next presidential election.  PINO Obama seems to be singlehandedly doing to the Democrats what RINOs like Mitch McConnell and John Boenher have been unable to do; move them toward irrelevance.

Maybe Democrats aren’t familiar with this concept; but when violations of the law become this blatant, even someone with the politics of Eric Holder has to respond.  If only to keep up the appearance that upholding the law is important to them.  Which means, in short, that when the dust settles on this, someone is going to jail.

I do hope that this lands on Trey Gowdy’s desk.  There does however, seem to be no room in his in-box for more of the same from the “most transparent administration in history.”  Does anyone else laugh uproariously when they hear someone say or write that?

OK then, it isn’t just me.

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