One Mom’s Warning, Stop Othering Boys

One Mom’s Warning, Stop Othering Boys

One Mom’s Warning, Stop Othering Boys

It makes my teeth hurt to watch today’s feminist women attempt to raise their sons. They are so neurotic in their wokeness that they lose all perspective. They may claim to love their boys, but they love feminism first. They other their boys. One such mother is Joanna Schroeder. Back in October, 2019, CNN posted a warning from Miss Schroeder to mothers of white teen and tween boys.

The CNN article: “A mother’s warning: If you have white teen sons, listen up …” is an example of a mother “othering” her sons and confirmation bias. Miss Schroeder is terrified that her boys are going to be recruited by Nazis. When she looked at her two sons online browsing, she found Nazis. From the article:

Joanna Schroeder has a warning for parent

s of teen and tween white boys: If you don’t pay attention to their online lives, the white supremacists will.

“They’ve studied the way that our young men interact online, and they have looked at what these boys need,” she said. “And they have learned how to fill those needs in order to entice them into propaganda.”
That’s what she found when she asked her own teenager if they could go through some of his social media together.
“He was scrolling quickly, really quickly,” she said. “It was so fast, and he slowed down, and I saw an image of Hitler and I stopped him, and I said, ‘Wait, is that Hitler?'”

It was. A meme depicting Hitler and implying a time traveler would have tipped him off about the future to keep him alive had popped into the boy’s Instagram suggestions.
“I know my kids understand Hitler, but as I scrolled through his [social media] I saw more memes that joked about the Holocaust and joked about slavery,” Schroeder said. The impact, she said, seemed to be “desensitizing our kids to things we should be sensitive to.”

I first wanted to verify Miss Schroeder’s claim that white supremacists have studied how our “young men interact online”. I am sure lots of groups have studied how all of our citizens interact online. I, of course, Googled “white supremacists study how to recruit online”. I asked the question several different ways. Every time, the top results came back to Miss Schroeder’s “warning”. I believe all kinds of groups are trying to “recruit” our children. I can make that claim, as Schroeder does, but I cannot verify it, outside of my own fears. And, speaking of fears…

Schroeder writes:

Schroeder decided to dig deeper with her sons, one a teen and the other a tween, when she heard them saying words that had been used by trolls against her.
…But she was jolted when she heard her elder son talking about being “triggered.”
“You’ll hear this from your conservative uncle, and you may also hear this from a kid that’s getting a lot of alt-right messaging online — that everyone’s too sensitive today,” she said. “That is entryway kind of terminology. It’s not racist. No, it’s not. But it’s often used against people who are calling out racism or sexism or homophobia.”

“Triggered”? Oh my stars and garters, send that boy to re-education camp. He just used “entryway kind of terminology”. He might just grow-up to be an electrician who studies mixed-martial arts.

Miss Schroeder looked online for signs of white supremacy and found white supremacy. Yes, confirmation bias.

Just how far gone into Fruit Loop City is this woman? Here she dumps a garbage can on her to support “Black Girl Dangerous”:

Forget boys and girls, I am not sure this woman should be raising a guppy. If you are done laughing, let’s get back to the problem of how she is raising her children. I have read quite a bit from Schroeder’s website the Good Men Project. One post that hurt my heart the most was titled “I Keep Trying To Make My Son Cool”. The subtitle asks if that makes her a cool parent or a jerk? Shout out from the back that we all know the answer. You are a feminist, boy-othering jerk.

There is something that Miss Schroeder gets right. Plugged-in parenting. I just had this conversation with my son, my daughter-in-love, and her mother. Our granddaughter is ten. My son doesn’t want her online at all. Period. Paragraph. End of conversation. He, along with the rest of the adults in her life are trying to walk a fine line. I told my co-grandmother that my theory of parenting is like playing Chess. If you are not thinking two or three moves ahead, you are losing the game. Linn got on Tic-toc and the first video to pop-up was a shoplifting tutorial.

If Miss Schroeder would see her boys as good people, not as potential Nazis, she would see that there are all kinds of evil out there. Be aware. Maybe a good therapist could help her with her issues with men.

And, to all you feminist mothers out there, please just love your messy, farting boys. Please don’t other your boys. Hug on them as long as they will let you. Take pride in their farts and burps. Help them find their passion. Be aware of the pitfalls they will face and guide the boys through them.

Someday, you might just get a beautiful, farting and burping, horse-loving granddaughter. Life is a big circle. Lighten up.

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  • Scott says:

    WOW.. I couldn’t even make it through the whole video.. this dumb bitch needs to be sterilized, and have her kids taken away from her! I agree with you that she should not be allowed to raise a guppy, let alone a child. She is a perfect example of the forces that are destroying our republic from the inside.

  • GWB says:

    “desensitizing our kids to things we should be sensitive to.”
    that everyone’s too sensitive today,
    And she sees no irony at all in those two statements.

  • — If Miss Schroeder would see her boys as good people, not as potential Nazis… —

    Miss Schroeder cannot see her boys — or any man — as “good people.” It would destroy her most cherished beliefs, which she has made integral to her concept of herself. This is a special case of the Leftist syndrome generally: the elevation of counterfactual beliefs to unassailable, quasi-religious precepts that define the person who holds them, such that the holder’s identity cannot be separated from them.

  • GWB says:

    Linn got on Tic-toc
    Be like the military and ban that app.

  • Russ Tibbitts says:

    Whoa, those poor boys are going to need years of therapy.

  • Windy Wilson says:

    “being ‘triggered.’”
    I first heard the whole “triggered” concept from Leftists who claimed that thanks to their experiences, certain discussions were to be preceded by a warning, and a special, softer approach was to be taken in any discussion, mindful of the terrible memories a classroom discussion might bring to one’s mind.

    “‘“You’ll hear this from your conservative uncle, and you may also hear this from a kid that’s getting a lot of alt-right messaging'”

    So since triggering has accrued such contemptuous reactions from the people of reason and intellectual discussion, she wants to pretend that the word in that usage came from conservatives.

  • Richard says:

    She has children so she knows that male persons exist. Except for those encounters, apparently she ignored all other ordinary male behavior, therefore she is not observant. Boys are not defective girls, a fact that she does not accept. Predictable consequences occur.

    As far as I know, “triggering” is a concept invented by hyper-sensitive liberals swooning over history or other facts that they find offensive. To claim that “triggering” is alt-right is further evidence that this woman is nuttier than a fruit cake. And CNN printed this story. It is laughable what passes for “printable” in their hallowed halls.

    • Scott says:

      The only thing that “triggering” means to me is the proper application of finger pressure…in a smooth and controlled fashion.

  • Facts says:

    Good luck to these boys. Their mom is completely indoctrinated by a man-hating, truth-hating, life-hating ideology that can only exist due to massive censorship of truth and social intimidation.

    Sounds like they are breaking at least some of the programming. That’s good. They might have a chance at a relatively normal life.

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