On 4-20, Hollywood Hypocrites Launch #NoRA Cultural Warrior Collective

On 4-20, Hollywood Hypocrites Launch #NoRA Cultural Warrior Collective

On 4-20, Hollywood Hypocrites Launch #NoRA Cultural Warrior Collective

On May 3-6 the NRA is coming to Dallas. And so is the #NoRA – the newest activist collaborative hell- bent on ending the NRA. Prediction: Life time membership in the NRA soars.

But this is not something to take lightly. These people are fanatics and have brainwashed themselves into believing that there is a lack of gun control in this country, and that gun violence is entirely due to a lack of law. Some on the Left know better, and know they are lying to their followers, but most followers really do believe they are trying to do the right thing. They are useful idiots, but their innocence makes them powerful spokesmen, especially now since the face of the movement has become more youthful than ever. These fresh faces have managed to pound the “NRA has blood on its hands” message without much push back, primarily because no one wants to be seen criticizing a kid who was so closely affected by a school shooter. Substituting these kids in as the face of the movement is sick and creepy. But it’s also working.

Thankfully, Colion Noir is not afraid to call out these kids. He makes the point about how blacks will be disproportionately affected by more gun laws. He’s not wrong.

The #NoRA group is not hiding who they are:

#NoRA is a new kind of collective action.

We’re a culture hack. We’re for moving culture into a less violent place by counteracting the influence of NRA money in the American political system. And we’re going to win.

Andrew Breitbart said politics is downstream from culture. They are dedicated to changing the culture.

We’re part festival, part protest, part art installation. We’re culture-focused, but results-driven, and will inspire new policy. We’re going to plaster the nation with the faces of those who take NRA blood money with posters created by iconic artist Bradley Theodore. We’re going to show up at the NRA convention in Dallas and make them wish they stayed home. We might just sue the pants off the NRA.

They are nasty people intent on acting nasty.

And we’re going to lift up and celebrate survivors of gun violence in the process.

It is halfway into their screed before they discuss survivors, but it is very unclear how they will help them. This more clearly reads as, “And we’re going to put innocent faces on our campaigns and you can’t do anything to criticize them.”

We’ve already partnered with local, national, and international organizations. We have hundreds of intersectional activism leaders and social media and cultural influencers ready to jump in. We’re bringing celebrities. We’re supporting survivors. We want you, too. Imagine, a campaign that brings all activists and organizers together in a call to action. A call to hope.

“A call to hope” – on a final draft someone realized this sounds really militant, we need to soften the message a bit. Ok, throw “hope” in their somewhere.

#NoRA will be in Dallas during the NRA convention. But we’ll also be at your dinner table, in your Representative’s office, and all over your social media. We’re no longer going to let the NRA drive the conversation. We’re hacking their car and joy-riding to a better place, for a better life.

They don’t intend win their causes by making cogent arguments, they intend to bug, harass, and overly involve themselves into your lives until you relent. But we must show them we are relent-less. It will not work on us.

We hope you’ll help us take the wheel.

No way. You at the wheel does not mean a less violent society. It means a society in which it is even more difficult to live freely and responsibly. Until all the celebrities and removed-from-reality elites start living what they are trying to make the rest of us live, they have no credibility. You should actively dispute them. Ignore them no more; they will not go away.

Here is the vile letter #NoRA published in Time on April 20, 2018, the nineteenth anniversary of Columbine. They are commandeering tragedy to force their agenda – forcing themselves onto people, but always remember what they are not doing. They are not making coherent and rational arguments about what to do to reduce gun violence. The fact that they think Parkland is a perfect case for pushing their agenda shows how warped they are. They are perfectly comfortable ignoring massive government failure in order to push for policies that will create more government.

Make note of all the public figures that signed this letter. Here are some unsurprising notables:

Alec Baldwin, Chaz Bono, Georgina Chapman, Don Cheadle, Minnie Driver, Jennifer Esposito, Jon Favreau, David Hogg, Ashley Judd, Cameron Kasky, Jimmie Kimmel, Shaun King, Debra Messing, Alyssa Milano, Isaac Mizrahi, Julianne Moore, Michael Moore, Patton Oswalt, Piper Perabo, Jason Ritter, Annabella Sciorra, Amy Shumer, Brittany Snow, Amber Tamblyn, Michelle Trachtenberg. You know, the usual suspects.

Make no mistake, this is borderline violent (a call to arms if you will):

We’ve a diverse, non-partisan coalition of activists, artists, celebrities, writers, gun violence survivors, and policy experts. We’re going to shine a bright light on what you and your organization do to America. We’re going to make sure the whole world sees your bloody hands.

We’re coming for your money. We’re coming for your puppets.

And we’re going to win.

Message: We are coming for you. Not: We have a better argument.

Sure, these people are nuts, hypocrites, and only of average intelligence. But they have a mob mentality gene that is dangerous nonetheless. This is something that conservatives lack, and why generating mass movements on this side of the political spectrum doesn’t happen all that often or very successfully. But do not underestimate the power of the pod.

Conservatives, libertarians, those respectful of the Second Amendment – the time to stand up is now. No more thinking they will get tired and go home. They have found the perfect frontmen for their fascistic goals and they are not letting go this time. They have been waiting for this and they are mobilized. They will not leave you alone. Against their unrelenting harassment, you must be Relentless.

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  • Russ Wood says:

    I don’t know if you’ve heard it, but the following statement has been around in the UK since the time of Robin Hood: “When weapons are outlawed, only outlaws will have weapons”.

    • Jenny North says:

      Yeah, seems familiar! It should be obvious to a conscious listener that nothing they propose will have any effect on gun violence, therefore, their goal must be something else, right? Too bad very few people go that far with the logic. And it’s not that far that they have to go!

      • Scott says:

        Guns? I used to have nice guns… too bad they were all lost in that tragic boating accident…

      • Jim says:

        Correct: the ethnic thugs here in Australia [Lebanese and Sudanese, et al] and the motor cycle gangs [actually they are large ‘corporations’] will never lack for weapons as they either steal ‘legal’ guns, import guns illicitly or manufacture their own, yet we legal, registered gun owners are subject to constant scrutiny and strict regulation with the socialist-left Greens aided and abetted by PETA, other animal rights groups and VEGANS wanting to ban private ownership completely.

  • GWB says:

    the newest activist collaborative
    You mean “collective”, right? All the communist groups are “collectives”. Also known as “soviets” when they’re running (or trying to run) something.
    #NoRA is a new kind of collective action.
    See? Definitely communist.
    (But, no, they really aren’t new – in type or purpose. It’s always about taking away freedom.)

    They are useful idiots, but their innocence makes them powerful spokesmen
    Sorry, but I refuse to call willful ignorance “innocence”. But you’re right about many of them being idiots.

    We might just sue the pants off the NRA.
    For what, dingleberry? You have to – at least in a nation of laws – have a cause of action, and the NRA hasn’t broken any laws. Nor has it harmed you.

    We’ve already partnered with local, national, and international organizations.
    Local: some stoned hipster on College St who once registered a website.
    National: Soros-funded jerks like Watts’ idiocy.
    International: Soros.

    We’re bringing celebrities.
    Oh yay. Because just what will move people to your side is more pretty faces with decent memories and with scarcely a brain worth being called Abby Normal between them.

    But we’ll also be at your dinner table
    If you want a close encounter with firearms, you do that. I really hope you mean that metaphorically (though I’m not sure how), or someone is going to get very hurt.

    We’re hacking their car and joy-riding to a better place, for a better life.
    So, you admit to being thugs and criminals? Nice.
    (Again, try to carjack me in RL, and you’ll find out why we carry.)

    They are commandeering tragedy to force their agenda
    Meh. The social justice puritans always do this. It’s actually kind of boring. *yawn*

    non-partisan coalition

    They will not leave you alone.
    I have plenty of rope and plenty of ammo. They should come ’round and “not leave me alone”.
    They might want to have the local hospital plugged into their smartphone’s GPS – they’re gonna need it.

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