Omarosa and the Ugly Liberal Women

Omarosa and the Ugly Liberal Women

Omarosa and the Ugly Liberal Women

Omarosa Manigault is leaving the employ of the Trump Administration. The legacy media types are hyperventilating wondering whether Omarosa quit or was fired. Various reports have Miss Manigault being fired and causing quite a scene.

The Daily Beast reported:

Multiple sources with knowledge of the incident recounted a “ruckus” on Tuesday night involving Omarosa, the reality TV villain turned the communications director of the White House’s Office of Public Liaison. One White House official said she had even tried to “storm the residence” after learning that she was being forced out less than a year into Trump’s White House tenure. She was ultimately thwarted by staff. Reports later emerged that she had to be escorted from the campus on Tuesday.

“It was actually the closest thing to reality TV [I’d experienced] since getting here,” a White House official told The Daily Beast.

Omarosa Manigault and Donald Trump

If you ever saw Omarosa on “The Apprentice”, that does sound like a stunt she would pull. Trump kept her on because she got ratings. That is, he kept her on until he didn’t need her and then he fired her. History repeats.

Just so you all know. I don’t like Omarosa. I quit watching “The Apprentice” when Mr. Trump had her back on the show. I think she is a manipulative bully. She is a user and a race-baiter. I don’t feel happy that she is leaving the White House and I don’t feel sad. Normally, people like Omarosa wouldn’t even be on my radar. That is until I watched “Fox & Friends” this morning and saw this little montage.


I should have warned you that you don’t have to watch the whole thing. Just the first couple minutes.

Have you ever seen that much ugly in one place. I don’t mean ugly in the sense of unattractive. I mean ugly in the sense of “mean as the Devil”. I am talking middle school girl ugly. Yeah, that ugly.

I have no need for Omarosa in my life and I don’t watch any of the shows that those heinous liberal women are on. I try not to let ugly in my life.

Joy Behar of “The View” is positively giddy that Omarosa is leaving the White House, but why? Omarosa is not going to disappear and is now more free to verbally slap Behar around. Behar’s View co-host Sunny Hoskins informs us that Omarosa is a pariah in the African American community. Did Hoskins take the time to poll the nearly 47 million self-identified black people in the United States? She is fast. Or, perhaps, Miss Hoskins is talking about the African American circles with whom she lunches.

Robin Roberts and Omarosa Manigault

I haven’t watched the ABC network in years, but I know that Robin Roberts had a life-threatening illness and beat it. One might think that, having faced the abyss of mortality, Miss Roberts might have a teenchy little bit of empathy. One would be wrong. No empathy and no class. “Bye, Felicia”.

Not since Sarah Palin have I seen this much ugly coming at one woman. These are the women, who like Madeleine Albright, lecture us that, “there is a special place in Hell for women who don’t help other women”.

I don’t need women to help other women. I would be thrilled if they would pull in their claws. When I would act catty growing up, my late father would say, “Get that girl a saucer of milk.” These women are over the top with their ugly cattiness. I have one more quote for these vicious women. It’s a quote from that late, great sardonic wit, Dorothy Parker.

“Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes clean to the bone.”

Y’all are ugly, clean to the bone.

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