Oklahoma Temporarily Suspends the Death Penalty

Oklahoma Temporarily Suspends the Death Penalty

After the last ruckus in Oklahoma’s death chamber, where a sadistic rapist and killer had his execution “botched,” state officials have chosen to put a temporary moratorium on all executions until they can finish an investigation into what went wrong.

First of all, I fail to see what went wrong.  He didn’t live through it, he died.  Therefore, in my mind, it didn’t get botched at all.  As we’ve mentioned several times here, it’s not like he deserved some painless, perfect, peaceful sleep that never ends, like some well-loved family pet who’s gone blind and started peeing in the house.  We’re talking about someone who raped two women, shot one, and buried her alive.  There is no universe where his continued existence is a positive thing…but enough about that.

This moratorium means that another despicable human being—a man who beat, raped, and murdered an 11-month-old infant—gets to live another six months at least.  Another six months of Oklahoma voters paying this piece of trash’s room and board, medical care, dental care.

What’s wrong with the firing squad?

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  • VALman says:

    What? So, a few hours or so to learn what happened. The rest of the time for political maneuvering.

  • Xavier says:

    Please choose one:

    ☐ Firing squad
    ☐ Heroin
    ☐ Chain, tree, gasoline

    Signed ___________________, convicted murderer

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