Justice Doesn’t Mean Judicial Destruction

Justice Doesn’t Mean Judicial Destruction

Yesterday, we were treated to a very clear picture of one of the main differences between the Trump Administration and what we can look forward to under a Biden presidency. The Trump Department of Justice expanded the means of execution for federal prisoners facing the death penalty. At the same time, the Washington D. C. Council announced it would consider the Incarceration Reduction Amendment Act. One side moved to make sure the law is enforced while another looked for more ways to put legally convicted violent offenders back onto the street.

#SCOTUS Issues Three More Rulings, all 5-4 Decisions on EPA, Lethal Injection, and Redistricting

Three more decisions were handed down by the Supreme Court this morning. All the decisions were 5-4, which continues to signify the ongoing swingy-ness of Justice Anthony…

Oklahoma Temporarily Suspends the Death Penalty

After the last ruckus in Oklahoma’s death chamber, where a sadistic rapist and killer had his execution “botched,” state officials have chosen to put a temporary moratorium…

What Disturbs Obama Should Bother Us All

There is no question that the execution of Clayton Lockett in Oklahoma last Tuesday was botched from a medical standpoint.  According to the state’s prison chief, officials…

Why do white people support the death penalty? Racism.

As much as liberals complain about the death penalty, the majority of Americans support it. This is especially true for white voters, who support it in higher…

Death Row Prisoners May Be Forced Into the Electric Chair in Virginia

A new bill in Virginia will allow the state to force death row prisoners to be executed in the electric chair, due to shortage of lethal injection…

Created Equal: The Double Standard of Abortion and Capital Punishment

When it comes to life and its value, there’s a double standard for liberals and conservatives alike.  What that standard is, however, depends on your abortion position. …

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