Oh Theyby, Theyby! New Absurdity as Parents Raise Gender-Neutral Babies

Oh Theyby, Theyby! New Absurdity as Parents Raise Gender-Neutral Babies

Oh Theyby, Theyby! New Absurdity as Parents Raise Gender-Neutral Babies

Absurdity Alert! There has been an increase of progressive parents raising their young children as “theybies,” or, as explained, not revealing their children’s gender to other parents and peers until the child is old enough to voice the gender they be identified with.

Nate and Julia Sharpe, a couple from Cambridge, Massachusetts, said that over the course of Julia’s pregnancy with fraternal twins, Zyler and Kadyn, they were bothered by gendered stereotyping and indoctrination that begins even before birth:

“We read about how from when they’re 20-week fetuses, they’re already starting to be gendered, and people are calling the little girls ‘princesses,’ and buying certain things for different children. We wanted to prevent that, so that’s how it started. And then about a couple weeks before they were born, Nate just said, ‘What if we didn’t tell people ever?’”-Julia Sharpe

At least they acknowledged that the babies were fetuses but that’s a story for another day. The “Liberal Sherpa,” Cathy Areu (who has two children of the decidedly female persuasion), breaks it down for us:

Forbes even provided parents-to-be with 10 Science-Backed Tips For Bringing Up Your Child Gender Neutral back in 2017:

1. Make gender less important …
2. ….but point out sexism in the world around them.
3. Remember that toys do not have a gender.
4. Protect your children from the “pink and blue tsunami” as early as possible.
5. Do not try to erase gender.
6. Encourage boys and girls to play together.
7. Let them express themselves — and feel safe in doing so.
8. Make difference a positive attribute.
9. Introduce them to “Purple Rain.”
10. Focus on your child as an individual.

Some of these make sense. Every normal parent wants their child to be free to express him or herself. Of course. Boys and girls should play together and difference should be a positive attribute. All of these go without saying. But the carelessness in defiance from grown adults of simple, scientific biology and a child’s well-being is careless and self-serving at best.

But according to the “theyby” mob, we’re the self-serving, careless ones who lack compassion. The be-all, end-all solution to not screwing your kid up with notions of toxic masculinity or a princess complex? A birth certificate that is gender-neutral, access to boys’ and girls’ clothing for the young “theyby,” names that embrace gender ambiguity, neutral room colors and a combination of boy and girl toys until they are four years old or so and able to look down at their parts and say, “Gee, Mom…I think I am a boy!” To think we have been doing this wrong after all of these years! I have scarred my 12 year-old BOY with the dreaded blue tsunami: the onsies, a baby aviator-themed room with blue walls with the words “delirious burning blue” (from one of my favorites: John Gillespie Magee Jr.’s High Flight poem) coming out in the flames of the fire from a deep blue jet engine. Bad enough my husband wants to brainwash him into being a pilot, we brainwashed him into being a boy! I think we’re going straight to hell in a Moses basket. We were supposed to ignore the simple fact that our son, on our very first gender-reveal ultrasound proudly, all boy and unashamed, showed us his “turtle,” as we called it. Nope. He got hit with the “blue tsunami” and we threw him right in front. Somebody call CPS on us.

News outlets such as NBC news and The Cut magazine have bought into this delusional style of parenting. They call their children “gender creative” or “gender opening” or “gender affirming.” Doctors claim that this style of parenting *may* “prevent gender dysphoria” down the road. Which *may* prevent bullying down the road. Really? These parents believe gender to be a social construct and not a biological imperative and are now imposing this lunacy on their children. What happens when the rest of the world does not comply with their ideas? What happens when it comes time for said child to use the restroom or change into PE clothes in front of his or her peers? How about that English and Language Arts question on pronouns? Or when it’s time to do a simple math equation? X + X equals or X + Y equals? Or when the lessons of fact versus fiction rear their ugly heads to these poor kids? Anyone? Anyone?

If there were a time to book that Virgin Galactic flight off this planet, it might be now. They be crazy.

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