Octuplet mom is soon to be homeless

Octuplet mom is soon to be homeless

Apparently, octuplet grandma hasn’t been paying her mortgage. What’s Nadya Suleman going to do to get a free ride now?

Nadya Suleman may be out on the streets with her 14 kids. TMZ has documents showing the house she’s living in could go on the auction block because the mortgage hasn’t been paid in 10 months.

According to documents filed earlier this month, OctoGrandma (who owns the house) hasn’t made any payments on her home since May, 2008 — she’s behind $23,224.98.

The mortgage company filed a “Notice of Default and Election to Sell Under Deed of Trust” on Feb 5. Translation: “Pay us now or we’re selling your home and kicking you, your daughter and her 14 kids out on the street.”

The mortgage company tells TMZ the notice is still active.

I have to wonder if the reason Grandma hasn’t been paying her mortgage is because she’s had to pay for food, clothes, and toys for 14 kids, while her parasite of a daughter sits around contributing nothing, collecting disability payments, and dreaming up ways to get impregnated with a new litter. I mean, it would clearly be too much for her to go and get a job so that she could support her 14 kids, right? Putting her disability payments towards bills can’t happen either, because the little princess has manicures and pedicures to get… not to mention those disastrously overplumped lips. And I guess Grandma isn’t made out of money.

Of course, why be responsible? Barack Obama will surely swoop in and save the day, being the Messiah and all. And although Suleman claims she won’t take any welfare payments, I’m sure that once she’s homeless she’ll be singing a different tune.

Maybe now the state will see it fit to take her children away from her. How can anyone, anywhere, see this woman as a capable mother? I don’t think I’ve ever seen or heard of anyone so selfish.

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  • Bob says:

    Oh, this is where they’ll cue up the violins and go for the sob story angle, and the donations will come pouring in. And so far, it seems that mostly anti-abortion/pro-church groups are the ones that are stepping in to give her food & other donations. Cassy, while I do realize that you’re anti-abortion and respect your opinion, do keep in mind that similar groups are absolutely thrilled about this “miracle birth” and are glowing over this woman. The megachurch she claimed to attend in California says that they are not actively participating, but are directing its members to the organizations that have been established to provide the “octomom” with assistance. I highly doubt that the state is going to step in and take the children away. That would only be met with cries of “Evil Liberal California taking away innocent babies.” Any way you look at it, a bunch of people would be really angry.

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