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Why liberals want the Fairness Doctrine

Why liberals want the Fairness Doctrine

Straight from the horse’s mouth, liberal talk radio host Bill Press lets us know why the Fairness Doctrine is so important:

I know why I’m interested in it because I get up every morning at 3:45, I do three hours of talk radio every day from six to nine, that’s my life, it’s my business, I want to make money at it, and I want to be heard.

Of course. The truth emerges! (Not that any of us hadn’t already figured it out.)

This comes after an exchange between Press and Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, who completely pwns him.

Liberals like to blather on, trying to sound all noble. That’s why they named it the Fairness Doctrine, not the “Whiny Losers Want to Make As Much As The Free Market Winners Without Earning It Doctrine”. In reality, it’s about silencing the opposition and getting a paycheck from taxpayers, whether they like it or not. Capitalism is not something liberals are fond of. Competition in the market is horrible for them, and the thought that someone like Rush Limbaugh can be successful while Randi Rhodes (or Bill Press) cannot is just not allowable. Therefore, we have… the Fairness Doctrine!

It doesn’t take much to see that the Fairness Doctrine actually has nothing whatsoever to do with fairness. As Rob says,

You know, I’d like to make a living oiling up bikini models, but I’m not going to ask the government to implement a law requiring modeling agencies to fill a certain number of oil-boy jobs with hefty, bearded part-time bloggers.

It’s ok, Rob. Just throw in some vapid rhetoric about Hope ‘n Change, and how it’s for the children, and surely Obama will come through for you. With liberals, it never matters whether or not something is full of crap, as long as it’s wrapped in a pretty package.

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  • Scott says:

    Just like the leftist public education system, it’s about equality of outcome, not equality of opportunity.

  • 5kidsnadog says:

    Guess what Bill? If you were the only voice coming out of my radio, and my radio was turned on permanently by the thought police, I would not listen to you. You and your NPR-liberal mmm-hmmmm boring friends will not get one more listener by shutting up the more successful talk radio people.

    I pay for the podcasts of my conservative talk radio host of choice, and I will continue to do so as long as he provides them. Are you going to start controlling my iPod too? I don’t own a gun, but I do own a baseball bat, and I am not afraid to use it.

  • Cylar says:

    I find it very telling that the Fairness Doctrine would only apply to talk radio. Not print media, TV news and commentary, or any other venue currently dominated by the Left.

    It’s also rather telling that the people who are calling for this, are the same ones who spent the last eight years on national television(!) or onstage in front of thousands of people…complaining bitterly that GW Bush wasn’t allowing them to speak freely.

    I also find it deeply disturbing whenever anyone calls for the opposition to be silenced simply for peacefully airing its views on the public airwaves, or on some avenue owned by the speaker. (This therefore doesn’t apply to my desire to throw left-wingers off of conservative blogs.)

    The world is already full of countries where opposition voices are arrested and shot, opposition newspapers are shut down, and opposition political parties are banned. It’s underway right now in Russia, and is a fact of life of most of the rest of the former Soviet Union as well. Is that the kind of country we want to be here in America?

  • ShyAsrai says:

    notice how he continually uses the phrase “progressive”? ugh.

    if the license is FREE, what’s keeping liberals from swarming that market? lack of advertising money – greed and profits are the only true arbiter of success.

    free market – anaethema to liberals.

    the Constitution guarantees the only right to PURSUE happiness. yup. right there in black and ….. parchment.

  • ShyAsrai says:

    Honest to goodness: Palin/Kelly for Prez/VP

  • Connie says:

    I need help. I’m supposed to be using John Stuart Mill’s essay On Liberty to either to be a proponent of or a dissident of the US Fed. gov. bailout of major corporations being just or not. I’m in 9th grade and need help. This is all pretty deep. I am very much of a conservative and there are so many contradictions to me. Can anyone help me out here?

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