Obama’s Legacy: ‘Not My Fault Obamacare Is So Darned Expensive!’ [VIDEOS]

Obama’s Legacy: ‘Not My Fault Obamacare Is So Darned Expensive!’ [VIDEOS]

Obama’s Legacy: ‘Not My Fault Obamacare Is So Darned Expensive!’ [VIDEOS]

Its the gift that keeps on giving. Its one of those gifts that you’d love to give back. Scratch that, its one of those gifts you’d like to throw back at the giver’s head! Unfortunately, starting November 1st, the gift that is Obamacare enrollment will land on the doorstep of many Americans once again. And once again the choices and the prices are enough to make anyone throw up.

Oh but hey! Don’t blame the President! He’s serious guys. Don’t blame him for this mess we are in.

Wait a minute! He’s the guy who said this.

So he lied??!! Well golly gee, here’s my shocked face. You know what Obama? We do blame you and we will. We’ll blame you for the following:

  • Wyoming is down to exactly ONE insurer across the entire state.
  • Wyoming has also requested premium increases over and above the percentages already requested.
  • Several counties in Arizona (Maricopa being one of them) will have only one insurer as well.
  • Furthermore Arizona’s rates are going to skyrocket as much as 75% in some areas. 75%!!
  • Nine other states in addition to Wyoming have requested rate hikes and we’ll know on or around November 1 if those hikes were approved.
  • In Tennessee Blue Cross will hike their rates by 62% in 2017. That’s a 50% increase from 2016!!


Hah! Find the healthcare coverage that works FOR you? Sorry guys, its more like find the healthcare coverage that will drain your bank account!


Meanwhile back to Obama’s whiny excuse laden speech from yesterday. He played the blame game very well. Lets take a look.

Individual insurance rate hikes?

How about those insurance costs for businesses?

Oh ok. So neither of the above are your fault? Then whose is it? Oh wait, he knows!

I bet the insurance companies were thrilled to hear that tidbit. And really folks, the insurance rate increases aren’t THAT bad…

Well, since we aren’t supposed to blame Obama for this, who should we blame?

One wonders why the media is still in the tank for Obama when he spouts crap like this. But I digress. Next up, blame the Republicans!!

Oh, so its the Republicans fault that millennials take one look at the insurance rates and run screaming from the room? Gotcha.

Did he have any ideas as to how to fix this problem called Obamacare? Why sure! But not before he said this.

During his speech, he pointed out that when smart phone companies released a product that had bugs in it, they fixed it.

“Unless it catches fire. Then they pull it off the market,” he admitted, likely referring to the disastrous exploding Samsung Galaxy S7.

But the president argued that companies weren’t trying to repeal smart phones, but rather fix the problems with the modern devices rather than return to rotary dial up phones.

Well that’s certainly a new twist on things. According to the great one, we should’ve realized that the debacle that is Obamacare is the same as Samsung’s exploding Galaxy Note 7 phones! In other words, since Samsung is yanking them off the market, Obama is suggesting that we yank Obamacare off the market…right? Wrong. His prescription?

Oh ok, that makes this all SO much better. Hey Obama? Republicans have been TRYING to fix this from the very beginning! How many pieces of legislation have been proposed? Far too many. Who has halted any reforms to Obamacare in its tracks? Why you and your Democrat pals Nancy “Botox” Pelosi and Harry “EyePatch” Reid! So quit your whining!

Obama, as you skip merrily out to the golf course on January 21, 2017, think about this. The beast called Obamacare is YOUR legacy. 24 million Americans won’t be insured this year or next. The sky rocketing insurance rates, the bankruptcies of Americans and insurance exchanges, the insane costs of medical care, its on you. You can try to pass the blame all you want, but we know and you know that you built this mess. Heckuva job Barry. Heckuva job.

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  • Heather says:

    We all saw this coming when Pelosi said pass to find out what’s in it. I lost my affordable insurance when the ACA took effect. I could have bought a similar policy for just over double what I was paying and a yearly 5 times greater. I seem to remember the Dems spouting off about this piece of legislation being Obamas crowning achievement. Now that as the Rebublicans said it would is crumbling it’s not his fault and I am willing to bet every single Dem that voted it in are trying to figure out how they can distance themselves selves from it.

    • Nina says:

      We did indeed. Many of us here, even before we joined with VG were yelling to high heavens about how bad it was going to be.

      Sadly and infuriatingly we have been proven right. And like you have experienced the trauma of dealing with Obamacare yanking the rug out from under us more than once.

      Obama is leading the Dems in the running away from responsibility for this pile of poo called Obamacare.

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