Obama’s Advice to #Kenya: Be Like Chicago!

Obama’s Advice to #Kenya: Be Like Chicago!

This is going to be filed under the category of “absolutely clueless.”

While speaking in Kenya, the president actually said this:

So, to sum up…

Let’s just say that people were slightly skeptical of Obama’s claims of a corruption-free Chicago.

You know, that would be the same place where four of the last seven governors have sent to prison for, um, corruption. And the last governor who went to prison, Rod Blagojevich, was convicted of trying to sell off the president’s former Senate seat for cash and favors, among other charges. Blagojevich made the news this week when five of the 18 convictions against him were tossed, but it doesn’t change the nature of his other convictions or his prison sentence unless he continues to appeal. He is still quite a guilty man.

And there is a reason “Chicago politics” is still a byword for corruption, and it doesn’t have anything to do with it all being in the past.

Either Obama is trolling, or he really is that deeply enmeshed within his own version of Chicago politics that to him, Chicago now looks as wonderful as he does. I’m voting for the second option.

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