Obama Stumps For Slumlord Warnock In Georgia

Obama Stumps For Slumlord Warnock In Georgia

Obama Stumps For Slumlord Warnock In Georgia

The Georgia runoff is a tight race for sure. So, the Democrats bring in the big guns to help Raphael Warnock defeat Hershel Walker. No, not Biden nor Kamala, it’s Obama to the rescue!

You see, only Obama, the Lightbringer dude, can bring/drag candidates over the finish line. 

“If we want real progress, if we want lasting progress, we can’t be satisfied with one victory because victories are always incomplete. History doesn’t just move in a straight line. It moves sideways, sometimes it moves backwards when we’re not vigilant, when we’re not working. So we can’t allow ourselves to get tired,” Obama told the crowd.

Obama and Warnock reminded Georgians of Democrats’ track record in the Senate, pointing to legislation passed over the summer aimed at boosting the domestic semiconductor industry and scientific research, the bipartisan infrastructure legislation passed last year, the Senate confirmation of Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson — the first Black woman to serve on the Supreme Court — and a gun package passed earlier this year.

You see, it’s incredibly important that Obama stumps for Warnock given the fact that Warnock’s Senate record is mostly riding on the coattails of supposed Democrat accomplishments that will tank our economy. The infrastructure bill that will cost taxpayers billions is a prime example. 

However, Warnock’s other track records are why Democrats are so desperate to have Obama shill for him and hopefully drag him over the finish line. What track record? Can we say grifter slumlord? Yes, we can. 

A super PAC affiliated with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) released an ad on Friday that takes aim at Georgia Sen. Raphael Warnock (D) and his church for evicting residents from its low-income apartment building for as little as $30 in back rent.

Ebenezer Baptist Church owns an apartment building in downtown Atlanta that has been purportedly evicting tenants while the church pays Warnock nearly $7,500 a month in housing allowance for being its senior pastor. The church is a 99% owner of the Columbia Tower at MLK Village, which has been described as a place for the “chronically homeless” and those trying to cope with mental disabilities.

Not only is Warnock making bank off of his low-income tenants, he’s being paid a major housing allowance for being a slumlord! This has been news since at least September. So WHY in the wide world of Georgia peaches did he get the votes he did?? I don’t care what political affiliation voters are, I’d look at that info and decide to take ten steps back from supporting that candidate. 

It’s now evident that Warnock’s “accomplishments” as a Senator involved padding the bank accounts of the co-owner of his apartment complex! And no, the funds weren’t slated to clean up the mess in the building. Instead, the funds were for walking trails. 

Columbia Residential, which manages the apartments, has filed eviction proceedings since the start of the pandemic against over a dozen residents, including one tenant who owed just $28.55 in late rent, the Free Beacon first reported. The apartment building has also been hit with multiple city code violations over rodent and bug infestations, overflowing trash rooms, and mold issues, according to records obtained by the Free Beacon.

Yet here comes Obama to save the day. He’s famous for ignoring pesky issues and spinning the gaslight to an exceptionally high degree. I mean, he’s gotta help Warnock ensure his Mama doesn’t have to have Herschel Walker as her Senator! 

Here’s the thing, who else besides Obama will show up to go to bat for slumlord Warnock? Who knows? Yet, given this, it’s pretty sure it won’t be Biden nor Kamala!

“Obama is by far the most popular and influential Democrat nationally that we have. Him coming can only increase enthusiasm and focus attention on the task at hand, which is to get as many people as possible” out to vote, said Michael Thurmond, chief executive of DeKalb County and a Democrat. “You could have no better surrogate and motivator in chief coming to Georgia.”

I’ll admit it. It took me a good five minutes to stop laughing. Currently serving Presidents usally bring in the big crowds when on the campaign trial. And yet, Biden has essentially been sidelined, other than some VERY awkward appearances on behalf of John Fetterman. 

And then, during his speech on behalf of Warnock, Obama said something very profound. 

WHOA NELLY! That is going to leave a mark! Obama, trying to drag Warnock to the finish line just said an extremely quiet part out loud. Was it a slip or did he do it on purpose? It’s Obama, so I’d say that was a purposeful dig at his old pal Joey. 

The fact that the Warnock campaign had Obama come in, but hasn’t scheduled Joe Biden speaks volumes. However, having a major Democrat stump for a slumlord really just shows how desperate they are to keep Georgia in Democrat hands on the Senate level. 

Feature Photo Credit: Obama by DonkeyHotey via Flickr, cropped and nodified 

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  • Kevin says:

    You didn’t even mention who wasn’t stumping for the #1 abortion client in Georgia, Herschel … TFG. What a combination. Maybe Ye, Fuentes and Yiannopoulos can pull him over the finish line. Good lord, not even the republican Georgia Lt. Gov Geoff Duncan could stomach to vote for Herschel. But then again, I really don’t care, do you?

  • Cameron says:

    So breaking out the woman with the random accusation about Walker paying for an abortion failed so badly, they have to bring Obama in. Should have called in Christine Blassey Ford for pointers.

  • Lloyd says:

    Saw a pic of Obummer standing between Abrams (ugh!) and Warnock (ugh, again!) raising their hands to indicate his support of them…….My thought: “Birds Of A Feather!{

  • Dave Edwards says:

    Odildo is the least qualified person to ever be president. I’m embarrassed to say he was president. Where’s big Mike?

  • D3F1ANT says:

    None of this stuff matters…the DemComs are going to steal this one, anyway…

  • Ann Arbor says:

    Who carts this pig to market to squeal for yet, another incompetent?

  • LongTimeTexan says:

    And the feckless clown big eared moron Obumbler calls out “Uncle Joe”.

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