Georgia Senate Debate – Raphael Warnock v. Herschel Walker

Georgia Senate Debate – Raphael Warnock v. Herschel Walker

Georgia Senate Debate – Raphael Warnock v. Herschel Walker

Last night, Senator Raphael Warnock met Herschel Walker, in Savannah, Georgia, for the one and only debate for this important Senate seat. With the Senate at 50/50 and VP Kamala Harris presiding as the tie-breaker, it is imperative that Republicans flip this seat to keep the Progressive Left from destroying America. That may sound melodramatic but it’s not. We are inches away from not having a Constitutional Republic.

True confessions here. Not only are we a Conservative household, my husband is a ginormous Herschel Walker fan. My husband got his undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of Tennessee, as did his late Father. But, in 1980, the Vols played the Georgia Bulldogs. Herschel Walker ran 16 yards in a play and took out two Tennessee players. Just ran over them into the end zone. The Hubs loves that play. AND, when our son was commanding the 151st Rigger Company at Fort Bragg, Herschel Walker came and talked to his soldiers about mental health. That is part of Walker’s ministry.

Our Carol wrote about Warnock and Walker the other day and the sordid details about their lives. Read it here. Both men are flawed as all men are. Herschel Walker has repented and has gotten help for his mental health issues. The Reverend Senator Warnock wraps himself in pastoring the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church once helmed by the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Bonchie over at Red State did a great write-up on the debate and I commend it to you. Of course the elitists think that Herschel Walker is STOOPID, just like they think all Republicans are STOOPID, but Herschel Walker also did a good job of lowering expectations this week.

Bonchie mentioned the Warnock-Walker portion of the debate on abortion. Warnock said that the hospital rooms are too small for a woman, her doctor and the government. Walker said that there was a baby in the room too. Walker’s answer was more nuanced and elegant than that. Watch the video of the back and forth below.

Warnock said that Walker supports abortion bans with no exception. Walker clarified that he does not support a Federal ban. He supports Georgia Governor Kemp’s “Heartbeat” bill that DOES contain exceptions. Warnock looked defensive. He argued that he is a Christian and supports choice and then switched the subject from abortion to maternal mortality. Herschel came back with Warnock told him that Black Lives Matter. Black abortions in Atlanta are huge. Walker asked Warnock if he believes Black Lives Matter why wasn’t he baptizzing black babies rather than supporting their abortion. This is the rest of this portion from CNN:

Warnock, as he did throughout the debate, didn’t directly answer Walker’s provocation. Instead, he repeated his position.

“There are enough politicians piling into the rooms of patients,” the senator said, “and I don’t plan to join them.”

Yes, Warnock did do that a lot.

Herschel Walker did just have to deal with Warnock. The debate moderators were against him too. From The Hill:

“I’ve never pretended to be a police officer and I’ve never threatened a shootout with the police,” Warnock quipped, also referring to a 21-year-old police report involving Walker that said the former football star talked about having a shootout with officers.

Walker then appeared to pull some sort of badge out of his pocket before flashing it to the audience. That drew a rebuke from the debate’s moderator.

“You’re very well aware of the rules aren’t you?” the moderator said, scolding Walker for violating debate rules by using a “prop.”

Warnock brought up law enforcement. A prop would have been Walker with a football or a big display. The debate moderator was a picky little control freak.

In my opinion, the best part of the evening was when the male moderator asked about renaming the Braves:

Warnock’s answer was exactly what a lame politician would say:

Boom! They think Herschel is STOOPID because of his thick Georgia accent. They should be advised that he will run over them as he did the Tennessee defenders 32 years ago.

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