Noor Salman Trial: Pulse Nightclub Shooter’s Father Was FBI Informant For Ten Years [VIDEO]

Noor Salman Trial: Pulse Nightclub Shooter’s Father Was FBI Informant For Ten Years [VIDEO]

Noor Salman Trial: Pulse Nightclub Shooter’s Father Was FBI Informant For Ten Years [VIDEO]

An interesting and highly disturbing revelation just came to light at the Noor Salman trial in Florida. Noor is the wife of Omar Mateen, the Pulse Nightclub shooter. It seems that Mateen’s father was an FBI informant for YEARS!

Jurors today heard from FBI Special Agent Juvenal Martin, who was responsible for overseeing Mateen’s father, Seddique Mateen, as an informant after Martin transferred to the FBI’s Miami division in 2006.

Wait WHAT?!! That’s one heck of a bombshell! Oh but there’s more.

Attorneys for Noor Salman are calling for a mistrial after they say new details from prosecutors reveal that Pulse gunman Omar Mateen‘s father was an FBI source and is currently under a criminal investigation.

According to a motion filed by the defense, prosecutors sent an email on Saturday that stated Seddique Mateen was a confidential FBI source from 2005 through June 2016.

The email also stated that Seddique Mateen is being investigated for money transfers to Turkey and Pakistan after documents were found in his home on the day of the Pulse attack.

Salman’s attorneys claim the late disclosure of the information prevented them from exploring whether or not Seddique Mateen knew of his son’s plans to attack the nightclub on June 12, 2016. [Emphasis Added]

Given these revelations and more, which will be detailed below, it’s extremely understandable that Noor’s defense team wants a mistrial!

  • Seddique Mateen wanted to raise money in 2012 to attack the government of Pakistan. Goal was $50,000-$100,000
  • Defense team believes Noor Salman was never given a polygraph because FBI wanted to implicate her rather than her father-in-law so the FBI could hide it’s own failures in this case
  • FBI was involved in 2013 investigation against Omar when he threatened co-workers

Noor’s defense team alleges that:

“Mateen’s father played a significant role in the FBI’s decision not to seek an indictment from the Justice Department for false statements to the FBI or obstruction of justice against Omar Mateen” during its 2013 investigation into his alleged threats,” the motion stated.


For a reminder, Seddique Mateen was a very happy endorser of Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign.

After the Pulse Nightclub attack, he appeared on multiple shows and proclaimed that he was totally utterly unaware of what his son was planning.

Yeah, right.

That is a very very good question. Keep in mind this is the Florida office of the FBI. The very same division that also received the tips regarding Nikolas Cruz!

Now, I may not be an attorney, but given the scope of information just revealed regarding the FBI’s role in this case and the information they kept under the rug; it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the judge grants a mistrial.

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  • Wfjag says:

    And the guy who drove with the two radical Islamists to Garland, Texas, to shoot up Pamela Geller’s Draw Mohammad meeting, also turned out to be a FBI informant. Makes you wonder who else, and those who have encouraged them, have been on the payroll.

  • GWB says:

    I’m still trying to figure out, though, how the father’s informant status has anything to do with the WIFE’s culpability in the attack. Just pointing at someone else who is also responsible doesn’t erase your own.

    I say put a rope around both their necks.

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