No word from the race hustlers.

No word from the race hustlers.

“I would ask everyone to bear in mind that Marquise or De’Marquise ‘Markie’ Elkins is himself a child,” Gough said. “His favorite television shows are cartoons, especially Tom and Jerry. He misses his family. He would like to go home.”

You know who I blame for that outrageous statement?  Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Barack Obama.  The biggest race hustlers on the face of the earth.  We have now descended into such cultural madness that it is perfectly acceptable to ask for pity for the vile “child” that cold-bloodedly shoots a toddler in the face.   Because….?  He’s black.  Disadvantaged.  Poor kid….didn’t have all the advantages those evil white kids have. de-marquis-elkins

I blame leftist Democrats for creating and sustaining the ghettos that spew out these monsters.  I blame a government that continues to kowtow to welfare cheats and crooks in order to keep their voter rolls robust.  I bIame elitist liberals too insulated and smug to understand there are consequences to sympathy without responsibility.  I blame every last damn liberal who answers every challenge to policy with “You’re a racist”.  I blame a culture that abandons God and morality and embraces subjective ethics and deifies governmental leaders.

Liberals…take a look at what you have spawned.  Hell on earth.  When a toddler is shot in the face and the very first news reports are full of sympathy and quotes NOT FOR THIS DEAD CHILD, but for the bastards who did it….we have moved beyond simple red and blue politics.  Liberals – own it – you have created, supported, nourished, and excused the petri dish from which these monsters come from.  Own it, Obama….take a look at this “child” who did this….does he look like the son you never had?  Because he does belong to you….and your fellow leftists who would excuse ANYTHING to further your calculated agenda to bring this country down to a level that certainly is the Seventh Circle of Hell.

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  • Michelle says:

    If white boys had shot a black toddler in the face during a robbery, there would be riots. Cities would be burning. And the usual suspects would be on the news decrying the racism inherent in the system.

    But, a poor little white baby is murdered, and the outcry is for the “child” that shot him.

    We are screwed.

    • Dionysius says:

      Yes, Michelle, we are truly phuqued and we have been since Lyndon Johnson and the Great Society. They created a mother lode of psychopaths.

  • Barbara Gomez says:

    Isn’t it amazing there’s been nothing on the news about this poor baby since the initial report? But we got days and days of news when Trayvon Martin was shot. Both tragedies.

    • jeff says:

      Sorry Barbara, but I must disagree. Trayvon Obama, Jr’s shooting was not a tragedy. Trayvon was under the influence of a popular concoction of Arizona Tea, cough syrup, and skittles that he learned from his gang buddies. He felt “ten feet tall and bullet-proof”, as they say. And he picked a fight with an armed citizen. In self defense, that citizen shot the gangbanger.

      The phrase you should embrace regarding THAT episode is: Trayvon Martin…dead criminal…end of story.

      How about this: don’t you wish Mr. Zimmerman would have been on the scene to help show poor little Demarquise his way “home”? Right after, or preferrably just before he shot a baby?

      I do.

  • Threads says:

    When, oh when, will there be the outcry that must surely be, to cause the return to morality and personal responsibility and yes, the return to Godliness that this country so desperately needs?

  • Dana says:

    The murdered baby was white, and the alleged shooter is black. That this case is contrasted with the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case exists at all because of the racial angle, but would you have heard of it at all had both the shooter and victim been black?

    Think about Chicago and Philadelphia, where we have a murder a day, and in the vast majority of cases, both killer and killed are black. Other than the morning news, those stories just disappear.

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