Equal Does Not Mean What You Think It Means…

Equal Does Not Mean What You Think It Means…

As I sit here sipping my hot (but cooling much too rapidly) cup of mate vana while gazing longingly out the window at the sunshine………scratch that, my tea is in my Imperial Shield travel mug, the window is separating me from a receptionist whose interaction with other humans should be limited to a guard telling her not to spill anything from the tray shoved under her cell door, and the sunshine is the glare from her omg-use-a-toner-you-overprocessed-whore’s bouffant. (My tea IS cooling much too rapidly, though.)

As I was saying, I’m sitting here listening to some ID 10 Tango proselytize on the sins of mankind as the impetus for the downfall of civilization, namely The Gheys wanting to marry. Natch, Henry Rollins has to be interviewed because, well, he’s important and stuff, right?

Which brings me to the cause of my ire this lovely morning.

I really don’t give a damn who marries, frankly. I find the whole “government telling you what you can do on a personal level” thing to be utter horseshit. It’s a social contract in the eyes of the courts, whereas to me it’s just a tad bit more than that and why my faith treats it as reverential and binding. Not everyone is Christian and subscribe to the tenets of The Bible, and even all Christiansread. The Word in different incarnations. If the belief system of a person allows for two persons of the same sex to marry, so be it. They can enter into their own personal application of the ball and chain through their institution of higher powers or whatever. (I do find it fascinating, however, that the same people who are screaming so loudly about wanting the government to stay out of their business are the ones demanding that the government do so regarding marriage. Funny, that.) And if you don’t believe that God wants The Gheys to marry, don’t go to a church that does. Simple, really

Now that I’ve laid that out, on to Mr. Rollins and how he has drawn my ire. I believe his words were, “if you don’t want gay marriage, don’t enter into one.” Those words were followed by, “just like if you don’t believe in abortion, don’t have one.”

Wait, what?????? How in the holy shiitake mushrooms does abortion equate to marriage? Now, if you look at marriage as the end of life like a lot of people do, I can see that. That isn’t how it’s supposed to be, however. Why do idiots constantly feel the need to lump abortion in with societal issues as if it’s just some decision about one’s life and not the taking of one??? I’m afraid I just don’t understand that.

That said, the fact that the difference between taking a life and entering a union even needs to be addressed is ridiculous- and that does not make me feel gay.

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