No Holds Barred Debate Gauntlet Thrown Down By Trump

No Holds Barred Debate Gauntlet Thrown Down By Trump

No Holds Barred Debate Gauntlet Thrown Down By Trump

Donald Trump has been uncharacteristically quiet since the debate that sent the liberal media into a tizzy and had them transmitting their tears all over the airwaves.

Yes, Donald Trump is being very smart right now in staying quiet, allowing Biden to fizzle out even more since the debate. However, he has spoken up with perfect timing to throw down the gauntlet for Joe to prove his mental acuity with a no-holds-barred debate.

Former President Trump late Thursday challenged President Biden to another “no holds barred” debate.

“I have the answer to the Crooked Joe Biden Incompetence Puzzle — Let’s do another Debate, but this time, no holds barred – An all on discussion, with just the two of us on stage, talking about the future of our Country,” Trump said in a Truth Social post. “The ratings were massive for the First Debate, record setting, in fact, but this one, because of the format, would blow everything away!” – The Hill

Now, there is a debate coming up in September. But since old man Joe is out there refusing to go anywhere and his team keeps telling us that nothing is wrong, nothing to see here, why not take up that challenge before September.

Here is what we know so far about the September debate.

ABC News will host the Sept. 10 debate, with “World News Tonight” anchor David Muir and ABC News Live Prime anchor Linsey Davis serving as moderators. – ABC7NY

That’s all we know for now; more details about the format and rules will be revealed as the debate approaches.

Oh, and by the way, I will leave this X post here for you. It’s kind of unrelated, but sort of not. Is the New York Times trying to backtrack on their earlier doubt of Joe Biden’s mental health now that they’ve heard from the man himself that he isn’t going anywhere?

It is brilliant for Trump to challenge Joe right now. Either Joe will ignore Trump, which makes Joe look scared, weak, and frail. Oh, wait. We already know he is all of those things.

Of course, Joe Biden will refuse it. He knows he can’t keep pace with Donald Trump on the stage. Let us not forget that Joe is the candidate who supposedly beat Trump by running his campaign out of a basement.

Who Will Trump Debate?

But the real question should be, who will Donald Trump debate in September?

Donald Trump is being very gracious with his offer. Again, with Joe Biden being adamant about staying in the race and now with his liberal media heads doubting him, he should take Trump up on the offer and not wait until September’s debate. Do it now. But he won’t.

Trump, 78, claimed his format would allow Biden, 81, to explain the many policies he has enacted during his first term have been seen as bad for the American people.

“Let Joe explain why he wants Open Borders, with millions of people, and many violent criminals from parts unknown, pouring into our once great Nation, or why he wants Men Playing in Women’s Sports,” Trump said. – New York Post

Wouldn’t that be grand? However, we’ll have to wait until September. If Joe doesn’t cancel before then or resign.

The list of Democrats and liberal media pundits who want Joe off the ticket keeps growing by the day. Are Joe Biden and his team tone-deaf? They are all whistling in the wind at this point.

One day, you think Joe will call it a day, and the next, you take a sigh of relief when you hear he’s staying in the race. Because Joe can’t beat Trump. He just can’t; it would be ridiculous at this point. And have mercy on us all if he does.

Feature Image: Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of AmericaCC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons/The White HouseCC BY 3.0 US, via Wikimedia Commons/edited in Canva Pro

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  • rbj1 says:

    The first debate, Trump agreed to China Joe*’s demands, now it’s Trump’s turn.

  • draigh says:

    I don’t see how Biden can ignore this. Especially since they were the ones saying they wanted two debates! Mr. Trump, ask Megyn Kelly to be the moderator!

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