Did Netanyahu change some minds?

Did Netanyahu change some minds?

CNN asked the question: Did this speech to the US Congress by Prime Minister Netanyahu change some minds? I would say that a rather honest and no holds barred speech did what neither Mr. Obama or Mr.Kerry could do: paint a realistic portrait of Iran and Daesh.

New Jersey Democrat Robert Menendez:

The leading Democratic proponent of ratcheting up sanctions on Iran, New Jersey’s Sen. Robert Menendez, called Netanyahu’s speech “very effective.”

“The value of his speech is that what many of us have been saying about the challenges of a deal with Iran and the nature of a deal with Iran, he had the Congress listening,” Menendez said after the speech. “That crystallized for people what I and others have been saying for some time.”

Then there is the atrocious behavior of Madame Pelosi who turned her back on Prime Minister Netanyahu:

“As one who values the U.S. — Israel relationship, and loves Israel, I was near tears throughout the prime minister’s speech — saddened by the insult to the intelligence of the United States as part of the P5 +1 nations, and saddened by the condescension toward our knowledge of the threat posed by Iran and our broader commitment to preventing nuclear proliferation,” Pelosi said in a statement Tuesday.

The irony is staggering and painful. I am not seeing a whole lot of love for Israel from the Botoxed One but I am seeing a ton of condescension from Madame Pelosi in the middle of her tantrum. Madame Pelosi your so-called “support” of Israel only extends to an Israel, which is a fearful, besieged state that can barely sustain itself. Although Madame Pelosi and Mr. Obama and Mr. Kerry are getting their information about the middle east from the likes of Marie Harf as opposed to actual experts who live in the region reporting.

As for the speech? Prime Minister Netanyahu laid out the impact of Iran on the world. Including Americans at home and abroad. Which was the last thing that Madame Pelosi, Mr. Kerry and Mr. Obama want the world to hear. In other words, the Iranians hate us all as much as Daesh does.  They are not friendly and are a more technological Daesh. And all the whining from Obama, Pelosi and Kerry will not change the facts. And I sincerely pray that this speech did change minds at home and abroad.

PM Netanyahu said clearly, concisely and succinctly: “The enemy of your enemy is your enemy.” And all the James Taylor sing-alongs with Kerry will not change that.


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  • Appalled By The World says:

    Pelosi is an utter disgrace. I wish Daesh would get their hands on that miserable shrew-that would be a video worth watching.

    As for changing minds-not likely. One hallmark of the Left is their closed mind when it comes to logic-to them, Israel is a Nazi state picking on those poor, oppressed, peace loving palestinians so anything Iran does to them is justifed. And if one day Iran shoots an ICBM at the US, well, we will have had that coming as well for all the “sins” the US has committed around the world (like being buddies with the Shah). I’ve completely given up on the Left-they are too far gone- like a case of advanced syphilis which destroys the brain. A few moderate Dems (are there any even left these days?) seem to have a clue about some things but their party is under the direct control of the far Left so their views count for nothing.

  • Gail Boer says:

    Not the hard left: they are done but the more moderate Dems might have caught a clue. At least I hope they did….

    • Appalled By The World says:

      One can only hope. Problem is, the moderates have no power. They have to behave and follow the party line or else they will be hounded right out of the party. Orthodoxy now, orthodoxy forever!

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