MSNBC’s Joy Reid Takes A Jab At Christians on #TakeAKnee Sunday (And Steps In It Big-Time)

MSNBC’s Joy Reid Takes A Jab At Christians on #TakeAKnee Sunday (And Steps In It Big-Time)

MSNBC’s Joy Reid Takes A Jab At Christians on #TakeAKnee Sunday (And Steps In It Big-Time)

We love how Joy Reid’s Twitter profile features a quote from James Baldwin:

“Ignorance, allied with power, is the most ferocious enemy justice can have.”

In fact, MSNBC and the collective left are so ignorant, they do not even realize how ignorant they are when their own ignorant statements come back to haunt them. Joy Reid is no exception. Take this tweet from earlier yesterday morning:

Open (big mouth), insert foot:

But, but, but…

Maxine Waters even sounded off. More hot air. From The “Morning Joy” (Far from it and viewer warning: 9 minutes of painful video):

Of course, Ms. Waters has now made kneeling a sign of protest against Trump and throws around the word “impeach” for the umpteenth time this year. They are kneeling because our country is promoting a racial divide? Leaving Trump completely out of this equation, the only people I see here promoting a racial divide are Kaepernick, the media, some members of the NFL and now freaking Stevie Wonder! Very superstitious, writings on the wall…

And what, pray tell, was Reid’s and her cronies’ position on this?

And, remember when the left went nuts because Tim Tebow kneeled in prayer? Now, the left is encouraging the NFL players to #TakeAKnee! We just can’t keep up!

But it’s not about Trump, they say. It’s about inner-city racial profiling and unfairness, they say. (Even though some of them are kneeling now because of Trump’s most recent remarks.) What is it, really? We can go in circles trying to rationalize Joy Reid’s beyond idiotic remark from yesterday morning. Those in church kneel in reverence to God while those on the football field are kneeling in solidarity to a man who is not even employed by the NFL anymore? They are kneeling in protest of a President they do not care for? They are kneeling because of the peer pressure from their colleagues and their culture to kneel for fear of being blacklisted for not going along with the popular opinion? For the record, Joy…not ALL people in churches kneel. Some stand in worship. And some religions pull out their prayer mats in the morning to KNEEL for salat. But of course, Ms. Reid, only Christians who kneel at church but stand for the National Anthem are upset about a bunch of overgrown, overpaid children #TakingAKnee and promoting a racial divide!

Some of these players have come from very humble beginnings but they didn’t take a knee when they wanted to get out of poverty. They didn’t take a knee when they learned the art of the sport. They didn’t take a knee when they got offered college football scholarships. They did not take a knee when they got drafted to the NFL in protest to racism. They most certainly don’t take the knee when attempting to score a touchdown! It’s kind of hard to run when you’re #TakingAKnee. Remind us again, which country makes this all possible? And what was this about ignorance, the powerful people with a voice and the enemy to justice? Come again?

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  • GWB says:

    But it’s not about Trump, they say.

    Well, they’re right. It’s about virtue signaling and feeding their narcissism – “Ooooh, look at us, aren’t we so good?*”

    They’re protesting police profiling and killing black people with impunity. Is that not worth protesting?

    Joy, you ignorant slut. No, it’s not worth protesting, since it doesn’t exist the way you and your idiot followers claim. The racism just isn’t there, Joy – unless you mean the racism inherent in blacks committing more crimes per capita, especially against other blacks.

    Some of these players … didn’t take a knee

    Like that Steeler who was an Army Ranger officer. Now, there’s a man representing what’s good in the world. (He was even diplomatic about why he did what he did.)

    Loads of folks have mentioned when football used to be patriotic and rah-rah America and they just played football. And my thought was “you mean those bourgeois values?”

  • GWB says:

    Also, I have to ask Joy,
    “What god do you think they’re kneeling to?”

    I know the answer: it’s the twin gods of self and progressivism. Trust me, they go together inextricably.

  • Lisa Carr says:

    Bourgeois values! Hah! As always, GWB…enjoy your commentary!

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