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Montana State University to hold “Fun” Condom Fashion Show

Montana State University to hold “Fun” Condom Fashion Show

“Avoid a frown, contain your clown” – new MSU motto (because condoms are FUNNY!!!!)

From the Daily Caller article:

“We want the audience and models to learn about sexual health in a very interactive and fun way,” Alsberg, who is helping to organize the event, explained in an email. “How we provide the educational side of the show, is we have slide shows that have educational information about all aspects of sexual heath along with some fun and funny facts as well. Our main goals (sic) is to educate everyone in way that people want to learn more about this information.”

They can’t write an essay, but they’ll know how to make an outfit out of condoms.  Awesome.

And this is a PUBLIC University, funded in part by taxpayers.

More hilarity from the article:

At the end of the event — set to be DJ-ed by Missy O’Malley — five judges will select six condom-clad competitors as winners in six separate categories including: Most Safe and Sexy, Most Wearable, Most Colorful, Most Creative, Best Strut and Swagger and the Academy Award (an award based on models’ hair and make up).

Ok, how hard (no pun intended) is it to learn about condoms and “sexual health”?  Initially, it is about a 10 minute conversation with your kid, way before college, when you think it is appropriate, punctuated with frequent updates and opportunities for elaboration at the parent’s discretion and the kid’s need and ability to understand.  How do “fun and funny facts” at an absurd condom fashion show at a public university do ANYTHING helpful or meaningful?  Really…someone answer me, because I thought kids went to college to take classes and learn critical thinking and applicable skills that will enhance their future life and employment possibilities.  Not how to put together a snappy outfit made out of condoms.

Maybe there are college students that never had those conversations with a parent about condoms or anything sexual.  There is a place for sexual education at the university level, as much as it pains me to write that.  And, if necessary, it is best done in an office under the tutelage of a health care practitioner with privacy and a sense of seriousness.  And I’m willing to bet it’s a lot cheaper too.

But, as we know all too well, it’s not “cool” or “hip” or “progressive”  to manage some dignity when educating young adults about the consequences of sexual activity.  Not when your tax dollars can fund some extravaganza that promotes casual “fun and funny” sex in the progressive playgrounds so many of our public universities have become.

"I went to MSU and all I got was this dumb hat!"
“I went to MSU and all I got was this dumb hat!”


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  • Wfjag says:

    From Redneck Restrooms to College credit, French Ticklers have come a long way. Now, if like NASCAR, driving fast and swilling beer were student pastimes, then — Oh, wait.

  • Gothguy says:

    Ok, question here boys and girls…what college student nowadays does not know about ‘wrapping that rascal?’ Very few, I dare say, but I do agree with the author about those that do not know. My question remains is why do we need to spend taxpayer dollars on stupid crap like this?

    Instead of ‘Slouching towards Gomorrah”, we are “Accelerating towards Gomorrah at Warp Speed.’

  • ALman says:

    Here I thought “National Lampoon’s Van Wilder” was fiction! (big ole’ grin)

  • GWB says:

    “We want the audience and models to learn about sexual health in a very interactive and fun way,”

    Ummmm…. wouldn’t that involve actual…. Errr, isn’t that what sex is?!?

    And, this is why we can’t hav nice things………………….

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