Minnesota Dealing Major Measles Outbreak Due To Immigration And Quran [VIDEO]

Minnesota Dealing Major Measles Outbreak Due To Immigration And Quran [VIDEO]

Minnesota Dealing Major Measles Outbreak Due To Immigration And Quran [VIDEO]

For those who advocate that vaccinations are EEEEVIL, perhaps this might be the clue bat you need to finally understand that vaccinations DO help and are necessary.

According to reports from the health commissioner’s office, there are now 30 cases of children in Hennepin County who have been diagnosed with measles, and 28 of them are Somali children who have not been vaccinated. All of the cases involve children 5 years of age and younger.

There have been 10 new cases of measles reported in Hennepin County in just the last four days. [Emphasis Added]

Yes, that’s correct. Hennepin County, Minnesota is facing a major health crisis due to a measles outbreak that shows no sign of abating. This is now the worst outbreak since 2015 when 26 children were involved.

Keep in mind, the one in 2015 ALSO involved Somali immigrants. Just five days ago there were only 20 cases.

Here’s what is also happening with this outbreak. 

Elderly and cancer patients are now either canceling their treatments or doctors visits to the hospitals involved or attempting to move their medical care to another city altogether. Let me make this a little more clear, CANCER patients and the ELDERLY are at risk because of this measles outbreak.

Instapundit asks a very good question.

Why aren’t all refugees/immigrants vaccinated as soon as they reach America?

That’s a great point. Especially since…

A. When my daughter and I visit Children’s Hospital for her appointments we are ALWAYS asked if we’ve traveled out of the country recently and where.

B. We have to be up to date on our vaccinations for school etc, and my husband had to have many vaccinations while in the service – especially every time he went outside the US for deployments or medical missions.

So again, why aren’t refugees vaccinated before they walk through our doors? Answer: The Quran. In other words, their beliefs in the Quran/Islam supposedly puts them at risk, and our immigration policy is to give them a pass.

Keep in mind this map when someone talks about how BAD and EEEVIL vaccines are.

Not only that, but many of the Somali refugees end up bringing more diseases with them because of the conditions of their country along with the conditions in the refugee camps.

Do I blame the refugees for being fearful of something that is antithetical to their beliefs? No. Do I have a major problem with not requiring the men/women/children who wish to enter this country to be vaccinated? Darn right I do!!

The risk this poses to those who are suffering from cancer or other major auto immune diseases is major. The risk this poses to the elderly who are dealing with medical issues such that measles would kill them is equally horrifying. Especially when you consider the following:

Stinchfield said health officials stress vaccination against measles “because there is no medicine” that can cure it. Hospitals try to stabilize patients by giving them intravenous fluids to counter dehydration. They are quarantined in special hospital rooms that prevent the virus from infecting others in the hospital. [Emphasis Added]

Hey anti-vaxxers… do you understand that? There is NO MEDICINE of ANY KIND (homeopathic or man-made) that will cure measles. Period.

Open borders will cause major problems in this country for multiple reasons. Our health is a major one. So again, I’ll ask the same question that Instapundit did.

Why the HECK aren’t we immediately vaccinating those who arrive here and wish to reside in our country??!!


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  • GWB says:

    There have been 10 new cases of measles reported in Hennepin County in just the last four days.

    Ten cases? In four days? After 20 previous cases? Yep, that’s a downright epidemic there. Quarantine the families, test those in contact with them, and ride it out. In America, barring other severe complicating factors (like auto-immune issues), measles shouldn’t be anything more than an inconvenience.
    I wonder why these patients are cancelling or shifting their appointments? Is it because there’s an honest-to-goodness threat to their health? (Are the infection protocols that bad at this hospital?!?) Or is it because of an over-abundance of caution that leads to panicky pronouncements of peril from the authorities?

    Also, the fact there’s no drug to cure it isn’t that unusual. Much like the flu (or LOTS of other things), you get over it in a couple of weeks (assuming a normal immune system).

    Also, look again at your map. It’s NOT predominantly muslim areas that are without vaccination. It’s sub-Saharan Africa (which is a LOT of animists, including in Somalia), and a lot of war-torn hellholes. If it’s a “muslim thing”, it’s not a very consistent one.

    I’m not an anti-vaxer, but I sure as heck do question people – even medical authorities (you know, the same folks who have told us for years that eating butter will kill you) – when they try to use their special knowledge to insist I have to do something and I should just shut up and do it because “science!” or “medicine!” Especially after the HP-C vaccine crap (you know, insisting that little girls get vaccinated against something you could ONLY get through sexual contact, because if they ever got HP-C in the future, it might cause cancer). I don’t have a problem with the measles vaccine. But I also understand that folks are right to at least question demands to stick this and that needle into your children’s bodies.

    Besides, the big disease most of these ‘refugees’ and ‘immigrants’ bring with them isn’t one you can vaccinate for – it’s ideology. That’s where the real danger lies.

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