Mike Pence Enters the Trump-Khan Feud, and He is Brilliant [VIDEOS]

Mike Pence Enters the Trump-Khan Feud, and He is Brilliant [VIDEOS]

Mike Pence Enters the Trump-Khan Feud, and He is Brilliant [VIDEOS]

The Trump v. Khan family feud isn’t going away anytime soon, mainly because Trump continues his penchant for counter-punching.

In an interview with an Ohio TV station on Monday, Trump claimed he was “very viciously attacked” by Kzhir Khan. While he claimed to hold “great honor” for Khan’s son, an Army captain killed in Iraq, he surmised that the elder Khan was “bothered” by Trump’s proposals to stop “radical Islamic terrorists” from entering the country.

As a result, many top Republicans and veterans’ groups, including the Veterans of Foreign Wars, have joined in the chorus of disapproval for his statements.

Trump’s running mate, IN governor Mike Pence, also faced the continuing onslaught of criticism aimed at Trump’s conflict with the Khans. However, Pence handled the controversy with grace and aplomb.

Mike Pence at Carson City, NV rally. Credit: heavy.com

At a Monday rally in Carson City, NV, a woman identifying herself as an Air Force mom challenged Pence with Trump’s comments.

“Will there ever be a point in time when you’re able to look at Trump in the eye and tell him, ‘Enough is enough’?” She was booed by the crowd, but continued. “You have a son in the military. How do you tolerate his disrespect?”

Pence’s response was masterful. Watch the full exchange below. (Apologies for the poor audio quality.)

John Sexton, writing at Hot Air, listed the statesmanlike qualities Pence employed to diffuse the dispute in three short minutes:

He respected the woman’s right to free speech.
He reminded the audience that that’s what America sounds like, i.e. disagreement shouldn’t get shouted down in America.
He praised the woman’s son for his service and praised the family.
He acknowledged the controversy.
He praised Captain Khan as a hero.
He said we honor his family as we do all gold star families.
He demonstrated that he sincerely respected Captain Khan’s service by recounting his story for the audience.
He called Khan a great leader and an American hero.
He said he cherished Khan’s gold star family.
And then, having said all that, he actually answered the woman’s pointed question about how he can still respect Donald Trump.

That’s what ‘Presidential’ looks like.

Compare that to Sunday’s interview Chris Wallace had with Hillary Clinton, when he asked her pointed questions about two of the parents who lost their sons at Benghazi. Instead of being open and respectful to her critics, Clinton obfuscated and tried to turn the accusations back on these parents, insisting that they must have been confused. And she lied about that video claim. Again. Even though Wallace caught her dead in the lie.

As I wrote on Sunday, Trump is a tone-deaf jackass. With his initial counter-punch to the Khan family, and his continuing feud with them, he has walked straight into the public relations trap set for him by the Clinton cabal. But Trump has done one thing well: he has picked a decent and honorable man to be his vice presidential running mate. Mike Pence packs more character and integrity in his little finger than Hillary Clinton has ever known in her entire conniving career.

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