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Members Of Parliament Told To Travel In Packs To Avoid Brexit Attacks

Members Of Parliament Told To Travel In Packs To Avoid Brexit Attacks

Members Of Parliament Told To Travel In Packs To Avoid Brexit Attacks

After months of wrangling and delays, Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May has signaled that she is finally willing to Brexit without a deal in place. That’s quite a concession from her on multiple levels. However, at the same time this was announced, members of Parliament have been advised to travel in packs to avoid what is being termed as Brexit abuse.

British Members of Parliament have been advised to take taxis or travel home together to avoid the risk of abuse over Brexit.

Lindsay Hoyle, a deputy speaker of the House of Commons, wrote to all MPs saying the Metropolitan Police had been “left in no doubt” that they must ensure “Members of Parliament can vote in Parliament without fear.”

Hoyle, a Labour MP since 2010, wrote: “Personally, I have never felt this level of tension during my time in the House and I am aware that other colleagues feel the same.

“Many colleagues have already been subject to widely publicised abuse and intimidation.”

He advised MPs to take “simple steps to improve our personal safety” such as traveling home by taxi or with colleagues, as “tensions and emotions are running at an all-time high.”

Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle said on Thursday that a man had tried to assault him and had branded MPs “traitors.”

Also on Thursday, Tobias Ellwood, a Conservative MP and defense minister, tweeted a letter he was sent, threatening him and pledging to “bring London to its f***ing knees.”

Wow. That’s quite something! Especially when one considers that May has been blaming Parliament for all the delays. And yes, they’ve been delaying for a multitude of reasons. Except that the citizens of Britain voted to LEAVE the EU, so the delay is political at all levels. 

If the Commons had not signed off her withdrawal agreement by April 11, the prime minister would step up preparations for a no-deal exit, working with the EU to try to mitigate the inevitable economic shock. Chancellor Philip Hammond has put aside £26bn in an “insurance fund” to cushion the immediate impact of the UK crashing out of the EU.

In deciding she is willing to take the UK out of the EU without a deal, Mrs May has sided with Eurosceptic members of her cabinet and the pro-Brexit European Research Group of Tory MPs, who are sanguine or even enthusiastic about a “clean break” with the bloc.

What kind of impact would the Brexit departure have? Evidently one strong enough to make the members of Parliament fear for their safety. Not only that, but the UK has set up a Brexit bunker.

A military operations center based in the Ministry of Defence will coordinate deployments of any troops required to help with a no-deal Brexit, the U.K. government confirmed.


“We have committed to holding 3,500 troops at readiness to aid contingency plans. We will consider any requests from other government departments if they feel defence capability could contribute to their no-deal planning,” the spokesperson said.

What does Theresa May have to say now that Brexit is imminent with or without a deal?

May is saying that it’s better to leave the EU in an orderly manner. Well, some folks aren’t happy with that.

Will Britain implode in the next week or so? Who knows. What is clear is that Parliament is on edge as is law enforcement, when they aren’t going after people about knives and supposedly misgendering someone.

Will this move by May and the EU help? Or will Britain end up in a situation that Beege discussed here regarding Boris Johnson? There are two options available now.

Who knows. What is clear is that no matter the decision within the next few days, people are going to throw tantrums. Will those tantrums throw the country into chaos or will reason prevail? We are just going to have to wait and see.

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  • GWB says:

    In deciding she is willing to take the UK out of the EU without a deal
    They make it sound like it’s up to her. The people said “We want OUT!” and she has to get out or destroy any remaining illusion of a meaningful franchise in Britain. Everything else is imposed by the EU – and Britain is stuck with it because they joined that hydra in the first place.

  • GWB says:

    any troops required to help with a no-deal Brexit
    Yumpin’ Yiminy! That sounds like something out of 1984 or Clockwork Orange.

    And those extensions are still basically the EU saying “We will give you extra time to see it our way.”

    Brits should be calling their MPs and insisting on a no-confidence vote against May. Heck, they should be petitioning the Queen to dissolve Parliament and elect a new one – one that values the sovereignty of the English people and their queen.

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