Media Panic at New Planned Parenthood Video

Media Panic at New Planned Parenthood Video

The second damning video of a Planned Parenthood official haggling over the body parts of aborted unborn children was released today through the group called the Center for Medical Progress. Like the first video, abortion apologists and the media are scrambling to convince the public that there is no there, there; that these are not the Droids you are looking for; and to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.


Senator Harry Reid, good Mormon that he is, admitted that “These politically motivated videos raise questions, but nothing I’ve seen indicates that Planned Parenthood violated federal law,” and that this should not “take away from the important work Planned Parenthood does.” Politico went into a default mode of ‘heavily edited videos’ when it quoted Eric Ferrero, vice president of communications at PPFA: “This morning, another very heavily edited video was released by activists who have been widely discredited and who edited a video last week to twist its meaning completely and support false claims.” quoted various experts who claimed that ‘no one is making a profit here,’ including Carolyn Compton, the chief medical and science officer at Arizona State University, who dismissed the $30-$100 price for the aborted specimens. “I would say that whoever opined about ‘profit’ knows very little about the effort and expense involved in providing human biospecimens for research purposes.”

I wonder, did Dr. Joseph Mengele get properly reimbursed for his medical experimentations?

And, on cue, the High Priestess of the Cult of Molech appeared on social media to defend the ghoulishness that is Planned Parenthood.


Yes, Amanda Marcotte showed up on Twitter.

To which came these replies:

And. . .

So how did Marcotte ‘debunk’ the video?

Why, by hysterical reaction, which is typical of the strong feminist she is. In Slate, Marcotte sputtered:

With the same, dishonest crew claiming to have another “shocking” video, you can guess that it’s probably the same kind of hoax: Misleading editing, outrageous claims not held up by the evidence, and attempts to titillate people with gross details of medical procedures to distract from the fact that they have no evidence of wrongdoing.

She continues:

. . . .this all fits the Live Action pattern: The release of a supposed exposé of Planned Parenthood causes a splash in the media, there’s an inevitable debunking, followed by less successful attempts by Live Action to publicize more videos making similarly fishy claims.

Marcotte expends her verbal energy into a histrionic hissy fit but provides no evidence to actually debunk the video. She merely stamps her foot and points her finger at those horrible, horrible people who want to deny the Planned Parenthood saints the joy of using a “less crunchy” abortion method in their annihilation of unborn children. You know, to give their treasured clients more intact specimens.

Appropriate charges, reimbursement for shipping fees, legal to “donate” aborted fetuses — all these pale in the fact that Planned Parenthood is a fiendish enterprise that regards the unborn as a junk yard owner regards abandoned cars for their parts.

Greg Gutfeld asked in a monologue on The Five after the first video was released, “What if Planned Parenthood harvested dolphins?” Yes, what if it was dolphins?

We have descended into the horrors of the futuristic H.G. Wells novel The Time Machine, where innocent humans called the Eloi were provided for by the Morlock, another race of people. And then the Morlock would arbitrarily prey upon the Eloi for food.


This is what abortion has wrought: a macabre world where unborn human life can be snuffed out at the whims of its mother and at the hands of an abortionist, and then its tiny remains bartered away by Planned Parenthood. And the media wonder what the problem is when Americans wince at watching a woman sip her iced tea while talking about “less crunchy” methods of annihilating those unborn children.

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  • Appalled By The World says:

    Re: Dr.Mengele- he got paid a lot less than these ghouls do. Plus he probably kept his mouth shut about his awful work and likely didn’t joke around about it either. It says a lot for these darlings of The Destroyers that anyone would be able to compare a Nazi monster favorably to these creeps.

    The only way these cretins sleep well is because they are totally devoid of conscience. A lifetime of lying probably helps.

  • OC says:

    I truly believe that when these monsters die they will be brought before all the souls of the babies they murdered.
    And the babies will hear the Lord, our God, banish the monsters to hell.


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