Media Freak Out Over Trump At Daytona 500

Media Freak Out Over Trump At Daytona 500

Media Freak Out Over Trump At Daytona 500

The media has cried “wolf” so many times regarding President Trump that they have lost all sense of perspective.

If you missed it, President Trump and First Lady took a parade lap around the Daytona International Speedway race track before the start of the race yesterday. (The race ended up being called due to rain partway through; it will hopefully finish up today.) Trump also gave the “gentlemen, start your engines” command, being only the second president to do so in person (George W. Bush did it in 2004).

The crowd loved it, they loved the president’s speech, and they loved the parade lap in “The Beast.”

Which means, of course, the media hated it. As Victory Girl Toni said, they “spontaneously combusted.” Maggie Haberman of the New York Times, in particular, went for the hottest of all the hot takes.

I really hope Maggie didn’t hurt herself with that stretch, because that’s what presidents do. They get to use the trappings of the office to get around. After all, no one complained when Barack Obama took Jerry Seinfeld for a ride in the limo, did they?

Oh, but Maggie insists she would have TOTALLY called Obama out if he’d done that. Well, she’s been tagged more than once in Twitter replies to the above HuffPo tweet, and has yet to back off of her double down. So the answer is no, she did not call Obama out at the time, nor is she willing to criticize him now for using the limo in a non-presidential capacity. However, she is insisting that because Trump was named grand marshal for the race, that gives it the “appearance” of a political event.

So, when President Bush was the grand marshal at Daytona in 2004, did that make it a political event? No. When Charlie Crist, former governor of Florida, was grand marshal in 2009, did that make it a political event? No. When George Wallace was grand marshal in 1976, did that make it a political event? No. Wow, it looks like being grand marshal at the Daytona 500 is A Thing That Politicians Do (George H.W. Bush did it in 1978 as well). So, it’s only a “political event” now because Orange Man Bad.

The media just does not understand the NASCAR audience, or middle America – and they don’t want to.

And this is how you got President Trump, media elites. Regular people, who don’t live in your rarified bubble of the Acela corridor, or Los Angeles, are sick and tired of being continually crapped on by you. Trump’s election was a direct smack in the face to the media elites, and he continues to push back at you every chance he gets. You cry the loudest when it’s your own who get hammered. And given the massive backfire that a majority of the media are having to reckon with over the last few days with the conviction of their favorite anti-Trump lawyer and media sweetheart, Michael Avenatti, is it any wonder that the American people are simply ignoring you and your massive tantrums whenever President Trump does something that tweaks your noses out of joint?

The media have been cranked up to eleven ever since the election of Donald Trump. Americans have learned to tune out the hysteria and simply enjoy the show, which is making the media even crazier. Instead of trying to be even-handed, the insistence on sticking to the concept of a “basket of deplorables” is going to prove to be the media’s undoing.

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  • Scott says:

    Ms. Singer needs to FOAD… but please, keep that tweet going, so the roughly 9 million fans that were watching can see what these idiots think about those of us watching AMERICAS RACE!..

    BTW, the flyover by Air Force One, and the chants of “Four More Years” when the President was introduced were priceless!

  • Joe in PNG says:

    I hope that LBJ, in whatever corner of hell he’s currently in, is somehow getting to watch what his party is becoming.
    The man was a jerk and creep, but he knew politics- and the current Democrat model of “crapping on our old blue collar base” just doesn’t work on the majority of potential voters.

  • Obbop says:

    If President Trump mustered the militia to assist with fending off evil I would join the tens or twenties or more of millions and march to the gates of Hell and beyond to assist the USA and our elected leader.

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