Media Fails: Narrative Above Everything Else

Media Fails: Narrative Above Everything Else

Media Fails: Narrative Above Everything Else

There’s a reason that the media is seeing its poll numbers on trust sink like a rock in a pond. They continually prove, again and again, that their narrative is more important than facts.

Two stories in the last 24 hours have again proved this point of narrative über alles.

Yesterday, Project Veritas dropped a bomb on ABC News, revealing a hot mic video of journalist Amy Robach complaining that the story that she had THREE YEARS AGO on Jeffrey Epstein had been spiked by the network.

Let’s think about what was happening three years ago, shall we? This video is from this last August. Was there anything important happening in the summer of 2016? It seems so long ago, she says sarcastically…. Oh yes. Hillary Clinton was running for president. And there is Clinton buddy George Stephanopoulos, sitting in the anchor chair at ABC News – who had no problem with socializing with Jeffrey Epstein himself, too.

ABC News and Amy Robach both released statements yesterday. ABC News attempted to cover their ass; Robach probably had to sit down with HR and craft a statement that contradicted nearly everything she said on the hot mic. But the real scandal is that almost no other major media outlet covered Project Veritas’s video.
Brian Stelter of CNN, who is a joke, tried to spin ABC News spiking a story about a well-connected pedophile into a “conservatives pounce” moment.

Pathetic cowards, all of them. And then they have the NERVE to wonder why the public doesn’t trust them and is seeking news from alternative sources.

But the second story is so gutless and cowardly that it makes me want to scream. Nine women and children – all American citizens – were massacred in Mexico, as we covered yesterday. The youngest victims were eight-month-old twin babies.

First, the New York Times decided that bringing up the family’s fundamentalist Mormon history was a great way to frame their murders. Then the Los Angeles Times decided to one-up that hot take.

What the actual hell is this??? This is disgusting beyond belief. So, the LA Times really thought “hey, let’s go dig up dirt on the family in order to blame mothers and babies for getting themselves killed in Mexico. After all, can’t have people thinking we need a wall or anything…”

These two stories are proof positive that the media has failed in its primary duty – finding the truth. And that journalism is dead because those who call themselves “journalists” think that peddling this shit, and covering for evil if it disturbs their narrative, is a virtue.

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  • Michael Jarman says:

    Still waiting from Mitt Romney to comment about anti-Mormon bias (which has a real and violent history in the US, unlike the made-up histories of violence against some media-approved “victim groups”). Hey, Utah, want to re-think the Romney thing?

  • Mongo says:

    Amy Robach is pissed because she didn’t get credit for the story.
    No word on what she thought of the victims of Epstein and his comrades.

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