Media Always Blames Glass Ceiling When GOP Women Make Choices

Media Always Blames Glass Ceiling When GOP Women Make Choices

Politico is hyperventilating all over itself that Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) decided not to run for any higher leadership position in the House than she already has. Obviously, something is to blame.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA)
Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA)
Back to the old “glass ceiling” canard.

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers found out what generations of Republican women before her have discovered: The glass ceiling on Capitol Hill is real.

The Washington Republican’s bid for House majority leader was over before it even started. After just a few days of phone calls, McMorris Rodgers, 46, formally decided against running for the No. 2 leadership slot, virtually ensuring the top three posts will be held by white men.

McMorris Rodgers will remain as House Republican Conference chair, but that looks like as high as she’ll go in the GOP pecking order. It’s also as high as any woman has ever reached.

While there are more women serving in Congress than ever before, for female Senate and House Republicans, there is no sign that any of them will be party leader anytime soon.

Politico is awfully quick with the whining, though this is for their own purposes. They could not care less about McMorris Rodgers as a person. As is typical of the left, they see special category (in this case, gender) first, person and qualifications second.

Cathy McMorris Rogers is, by all accounts, a nice lady. But she’s also one with a busy life outside of Congress.

In 2006, Cathy married Brian Rodgers, a Spokane native and retired 26-year Navy Commander. In 2007, she gave birth to Cole McMorris Rodgers. Since Cole was born with Trisomy 21, Cathy has become a leader in the disabilities community. She has also welcomed two daughters into the world – Grace Blossom (December 2010) and Brynn Catherine (November 2013). She is the only Member of Congress in history to give birth three times while in office.

You mean, that like millions of other mothers who work, McMorris Rodgers MADE A CHOICE about her job??? Why, I’m shocked, SHOCKED!!! It’s CRAZY to think that a wife and mother with a 8 year old, almost 5 year old, and an almost 2 year old might not want to take an even more demanding job! Let’s leave out the fact that her 8 year old son has Down Syndrome. Politico is displaying its absolute snobbishness and elitism by assuming that all women must want what they want. They never stop to consider that maybe, just MAYBE, McMorris Rodgers is doing enough of a balancing act between life and work, and doesn’t wish to tip the scales any further.

While McMorris Rodgers probably did make a few phone calls to see where her support lay, it frankly doesn’t surprise me that there was not a groundswell of support for her. Back in 2014, she was tapped by the GOP to give the Republican response to the State of the Union address. She did a perfectly respectable job, but there was no “AHA!” moment that made voters and potential voters say, “Wow, where has she been all this time?” Where there is no buzz, there is no groundswell of support.

Yesterday, there was an open groundswell of support for Trey Gowdy from other members of Congress. Gowdy, later in the day, firmly declined to enter the race for Majority Leader, just as McMorris Rodgers has. Yet Politico isn’t spending its time wringing their hands over Gowdy, someone with open support and quite a lot of buzz around him, not deciding to run for the position.

How very sexist of them.

And as for that “glass ceiling” within the GOP… I just ran a search on Politico looking for any kind of complimentary article on Carly Fiorina. Can’t really find one. For a media organization bemoaning the “glass ceiling” for Republican women, they certainly don’t have any qualms about being disdainful and critical of Fiorina. And, after all, the Republican field has just as many women in it as the Democrat field.

Politico, get a grip. And stop projecting your sexism on the GOP.

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