McConnell: No Chance of Unnecessary Spending In Emergency Bill

McConnell: No Chance of Unnecessary Spending In Emergency Bill

McConnell: No Chance of Unnecessary Spending In Emergency Bill

Democrats want to add unnecessary spending to the latest emergency funding bill. They see the lifeline for small businesses as another opportunity to overspend on pet projects.

Never skipping an opportunity to gorge on the trough of public money, congressional Democrats want to double the proposed emergency spending bill. Like professional extortionists, if they can’t get their $250 billion added to this latest emergency bill, they are threatening to block the $250 billion for small businesses.

Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell yesterday evening tweeted,

Tomorrow morning, I’ll ask unanimous consent to pass standalone emergency funding for the hugely popular Paycheck Protection Program that is saving small-business jobs as we speak. As the rest of the CARES Act continues to come online, this key part is already low on funds.

Senate Republicans want a clean funding bill to quickly pass and keep small businesses afloat. Who can blame them after the last bill was passed? The Democrats stuffed it so full of crap that it was like a congressional piñata. The phrase “Kennedy Center” is now synonymous with unnecessary and extravagant spending abuse. If you need a refresh of the SPAM that was the last bill, VG’s Toni Williams has an excellent overview.

McConnell knows that there is always another opportunity to spend our tax dollars. He’s not opposed to additional direct funding, but not on this bill. He continues on twitter,

Nobody thinks tomorrow will be the Senate’s last word on COVID-19. Other crucial parts of the CARES Act, like its historic funds for hospitals and healthcare providers, are still coming online and have not yet been exhausted. The PPP is where the lights are already flashing red.”

Hospitals, Local Government, and SNAP… More Important Than Small Businesses

The beneficiaries of Dems desired extra largesse with our tax dollars are…. Hospitals, state/local governments, and SNAP. reports,

Pelosi and Schumer also called for:

  • *$100 billion to bolster hospitals and community health centers, with funds going toward the production of coronavirus tests and protective medical equipment
  • *$150 billion for state and local governments (some officials such as New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who is managing the epicenter of the U.S. outbreak, said the last congressional bill did not do enough for states battling coronavirus)
  • *A 15% increase to the maximum Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefit.”

Hospital Funding From CARES Act is Virtually Untapped

On March 27th, hospitals were approved to receive close to $200 billion dollars. An amount the Kaiser Health News reported as,

… a massive funding bill that would steer an unprecedented amount of cash to the nation’s hospitals that are or soon will be struggling to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Most of the “unprecedented amount of cash” has yet to be distributed, but like senile grandparents…. Pelosi and Schumer want to give them more. Even if they don’t yet, or ever, need it.

A State Has Rights, and Responsibility. And Its Own Tax Base.

$150 billion for state and local governments…. No. They raise tax monies from their state residents, and on the local level property and sales tax. If they need funding, let them approach the federal government and negotiate a loan or bond. Like the citizens in America, states have rights and responsibilities. Let them fully embrace both.

CA Governor Gavin Newsom was on NPR talking about COVID-19’s impact on the state. He said,

We’re going to need substantial increase in a fourth stimulus above and beyond what they’re currently even offering in order to protect the state and the most vulnerable citizens in the state and to protect cities and counties that have been entrusted to do the same.”

Did he forget the January 2020 CAL MATTERS article touting California’s,

sunny reality check: record low unemployment of 3.9%, 117 months of consecutive job growth, an average of 3.8% economic growth over the last five years, a $19 billion rainy day fund with millions more tucked away in other pots of savings. The governor and lawmakers will be able to fund homeless, health care and education initiatives through a $5.6 billion surplus.”

If your state has the 5th largest economy in the world, maybe you got this boo. $19 billion goes a long way.

STOP!! If a Program Has a Shortfall, Legislate a Solution. Don’t Ram it Through As Emergency

15% increase for SNAP. This is a regular budget item, not an emergency funding issue. Stop the unnecessary cramming of issues that should be debated… Do your jobs and stop using “emergency” funding bills to load up your crap. We all care about feeding families in need. Especially when schools have traditionally filled the food insecurity many kids face at home. But history has shown us that Congress uses fear and emergencies to ram through legislation that should be debated.

The long term success and budgeting of something as important as feeding poor Americans deserves debate and consistency. Do your fracking jobs, and budget enough so that families who need this support can count on it. Don’t rely on emergencies to bolster the coffers. If more Americans are going to need long term assistance, make it a priority and give it a separate bill. Ramming it onto an emergency bill makes it look like unnecessary pork.

Senator John Warner Goes for the Soft Sell on CNBC

He highlights the necessary aspects of the pending bill. The benefit to small business etc. Then he rolls into the unnecessary parts being pushed by Democrats.

We Deserve a Clean Bill

Small business runs this country. These business owners are cutting corners and costs at every turn. They are innovating in ways they (and I) never thought possible. My local restaurants now sell mixed drink kits, and full take out menu items. Local hair salons are delivering hair care products and selling hair color kits (this is really vital to those of us with a “touch” of grey….). I’m impressed and frankly thankful that they are doing this in an effort to keep payroll for those employees who are feeling the loss of hours and pay.

The very least Pelosi and Schumer can do is support a single item bill, without unnecessary additional funding requirements.

Update 10:58 : The Dems refused to support the stand alone bill, and emergency funds.

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Edit to reflect the updated tweet from Leader McConnell and an earlier tweet by the Senator.

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  • Kathy says:

    “Community Health Centers” = code for Planned Parenthood. No! No! No!

    No support for small business.

    Dems are digging their own graves.

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