Mattis and the Democrats: what is the core mission of the Pentagon?

Mattis and the Democrats: what is the core mission of the Pentagon?

Mattis and the Democrats: what is the core mission of the Pentagon?

General Mattis as Secretary of Defense. Seems logical from my armchair or couch. He has experience in combat, his Marines adored him and he has bipartisan support. Angering the Obama administration by fighting social re-engineering for his Marines is a feature not a bug to me. He has experience in the field and behind a desk which would balance out the inexperience of Mr. Trump regarding our service men and women. Some Democrats are still pushing their personal agendas ahead of all logic and common sense.

One big issue stands between Mattis and the Sec Def position: The National Security Act of 1947. Mattis retired in 2013 and the Secretary of Defense was required to be out of uniform for seven years.  However, Iran and Russia and ISIS are threats and Mattis is just the man to meet these threats.  Mattis gave his vision for the military here

Mattis vowed to strengthen the military if confirmed for top Pentagon position. He also acknowledged “an increasing number of areas where we will have to confront Russia.”

Given the instability abroad, having a combat ready military seems like a very logical, reasonable and rational idea, right? Well not to the democrats. Kristin Gillibrand is having a hissy fit over this appointment per this article from IJR.

The New York Senator holds a vendetta against Mattis ever since he and other general officers successfully fought off her attempts to appoint outside prosecutors to deal with sexual assault cases in the military. She claims that this was about maintaining civilian control of the military.

Sure, it is cupcake. The great womens rights advocate Gillibrand is quoted here

“I haven’t seen the case for why it is so urgently necessary,” Gillibrand said after the hearing.

Really? I guess the women in Iraq and Syria and the victims at the Pulse and Bataclan might disagree. Bataclan victims were raped and castrated by their ISIS captors. But that is not so important to Ms. Gillibrand. Her feels were hurt.

And if the waiver is granted, Gillibrand still intends to vote against Mattis.

War against women?

So, let me see if I understand this correctly. ISIS rapes and tortures women of all ages and that is okey dokey by Ms. Gillibrand. But the military and UCMJ are evil? Perhaps she needs a midol or some chocolate to calm her mind down and bring her into reality. Reality is that ISIS has a how to rape guide.

Islamic State monsters have been issued new guidance on the rules of rape. ISIS militants were issued the new advice following a series of reported “violations”.

Rules of rape. Not “don’t do it” but how to rape in accordance with their version of Islam. But does Gillibrand say anything about this? No, she is still pouting that her agenda was dismissed by our military in favor of you know fighting their battles.

The new rules set out how members of the terrorist organisation, which holds large swathes of land in both Iraq and Syria including major cities Raqqa and Mosul, may treat their “sex slaves”.

Ms. Gillibrand, ISIS rapes women of all ages and young boys. That is what a rape culture looks like. ISIS throws gay men off a damn building or stones lesbians to death. In other words, ISIS and the Taliban are truly waging war on women and LGBT people.

Abba Eban had a saying after the Yom Kippur War: “The Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.” We can change that quote from the Arabs to the Democrats. Ms. Gillibrand shows their vision for our military. I prefer General Mattis’ vision.

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  • OC says:

    Whenever I see a picture of Mad Dog, it takes me back to my youth, where, as a PFC I’m trying to answer the good Captain who just inquired of me, in an escalating voice, “What, exactly, is your major malfunction, Private?”

    Social engineering in the military – be gone.

  • joshm says:

    what is the mission of the pentagon—easy
    it is to kill enemies and break their toys.

  • jacmo says:

    Military mission under democrat rule is not meant for the defense of the country.

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