Mark Kelly And Guns: Project Veritas Starts Digging

Mark Kelly And Guns: Project Veritas Starts Digging

Mark Kelly And Guns: Project Veritas Starts Digging

The Arizona Senate race is rated a “toss up” by Real Clear Politics, where astronaut and sympathetic figure Mark Kelly is looking to unseat Senator Martha McSally.

After narrowly losing a Senate race two years ago to Kyrsten Sinema, McSally was appointed to finish out the remainder of the late John McCain’s Senate term. Now, she’s running for a Senate seat again, and her challenger is Mark Kelly. Kelly is a familiar figure in Arizona politics, as the husband of former congresswoman Gabby Giffords. We all know Giffords’s tragic story, which led her and her husband into gun control activism. Now, Project Veritas, coming off of a huge scoop on ballot harvesting in Minnesota that looked to tie the Ilhan Omar campaign to paying cash for ballots (which has since pushed the Minneapolis Police Department to issue a statement saying that they would be looking into the allegations), now has a new video out on Mark Kelly’s campaign.

We all know that the Second Amendment is a huge issue for Mark Kelly, and not in a good way. However, the Senate candidate has paid lip service to gun ownership and has focused on being anti-Trump more than anything else.. His supporters, however, are a little more willing to be direct.

The video reveals Mission for Arizona Field Organizer, Angelica Carpio, who candidly reveals that Kelly must seem friendly to the 2nd amendment because Arizona is a “purple state.” She expresses how the plan is to get “elected first.” and then implement gun control.”

Now, does Angelica Carpio accurately represent the Mark Kelly campaign stance here? Well, I guess the candidate will have to address that himself. But don’t worry, as always, Project Veritas doesn’t come with only a single serving.

Mark Kelly should not only be pressed on his stance on gun control, but also on his ties to China.

Tencent, a Chinese tech company, has invested in World View Enterprises, a Tucson-based company which Kelly helped launch in 2014.”

While Kelly has claimed to have dropped ties with World View, his daughter is still with the company according to her LinkedIn profile.”

Kelly served as a strategic adviser to World View until launching his Senate campaign last year. He maintains a personal financial stake in the company of between $100,000 and $250,000 worth of non-public stock and $15,001 and $50,000 worth of stock options, according to the financial disclosure records Kelly was required to file in his Senate bid.”

Additionally, Kelly’s campaign has accepted at least $5,000 from David Wallerstein, who serves as Tencent’s chief exploration officer, responsible for the company’s operations outside mainland China and overseeing business initiatives with multinational partners.”

You may have heard of Tencent. It not only has video games to its credit, but it also runs the Chinese messaging app WeChat. WeChat, which also allows for the transfer of funds, was targeted along with TikTok by a Trump administration executive order regarding the amount of personal data being collected by the Chinese Communist government from the users of the apps. The Department of Commerce announced that as of September 20th, neither app could be “distributed or maintained” through any “online mobile application store in the U.S.” and no financial transactions would be allowed through the apps, though the use of both apps can continue without penalty for now, especially as a legal challenge is pending.

And yet Mark Kelly still has a financial interest in Tencent. His only explanation has been to counterattack Martha McSally via surrogates for raising the issue. Considering that the current state of the WORLD can be solely laid at the feet of the Chinese Communist party, it would certainly be a smart idea for Mark Kelly to divest himself from a Chinese company with a few fingers in data gathering. Will part two of Project Veritas’s examination of the Kelly campaign look into his Tencent ties, or will it be more of his ducking and dodging on campaign issues?

We shall see.

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Featured image: Mark Kelly via Gage Skidmore on Flickr, cropped, CC BY-SA 2.0

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  • GWB says:

    Huh. Not sure “ties” is as blockbuster as big as some would like.
    I saw something about other astronauts not liking him, but didn’t read that post.
    I have begun to wonder if there’s not a large senility component in the electorate in that state.

  • Rick says:

    Open letter to Democrats and Republicans,

    Your PRIVATE organizations run the government of the hijacked republic badly.
    The private organizations and their supporters are 100% responsible.
    You who vote Dem/Rep placed the dysfunctional individuals in Dem/Rep “control” of the republic.
    Dem/Reps have violated EVERY Constitutional principle.
    The MAJORITY of the republic have rejected your corrupt system.
    No president or government in the history of the USA has ever had the formal consent of the majority of the adult population.
    Democrats and Republicans have been rejected because they are bad for the republic.
    Trump was a reaction to Obama and the corrupt system.
    Biden will be a reaction to Trump and the corrupt system.
    This is the best you Dem Rep supporters can do out of 350,000,000 Americans.
    ***** you BOTH very much

    • GWB says:

      WHICH “private” organizations?
      Those who voted for dysfunctional individuals are responsible for much, but only for those for whom they voted.
      What “majority” do you mean? The super-majority that doesn’t bother to vote?
      Which “corrupt system”? The Republic (federalism, electoral college, etc.)? Or something else into which they have changed the Republic?
      No President has ever had even a majority of the adult population vote. But that’s not their problem or the system’s.
      Biden as a reaction to the corrupt system? Say what? “Hey, the system still sucks, let’s elect a man who can’t find his shoes in the morning, because that will be SO much better!”?

      And of course, that whole harangue is a classic of the current “You people suck! Vote for me!” Dem mentality. I’m not sure what your intent was, except to set off a grenade in the middle of the hand-to-hand skirmish.

  • Rockhound says:

    Let’s not forget this little gem back in 2013. He bought an AR-15 – or tried to – without background checks. Then lied about how easy it was. The gun shop owner did the right thing.

  • Melissa says:

    It seems the whole of the Demonrat party and almost 1/2 the Republican are bending over to allow China “easy access”. Trump, at least, isn’t on the Chicoms payroll.

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