March for Life Proves Media Bias Again

March for Life Proves Media Bias Again

March for Life Proves Media Bias Again

Friday, January 27, 2017 saw thousands gather at the Washington Monument for the 44th Annual March for Life. Would the mainstream media cover the March for Life fairly and accurately? Or, would the media prove their bias against the Pro-Life movement yet again? Duh! Of course they would wave the bias flag.

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I personally took one for the Victory Girls team and watched the first ten minutes of ABC News with David Muir. He spent seven minutes on President Donald Trump, British PM Theresa May, NATO, Extreme Vetting and torture. Muir spent about two (2) minutes on the March for Life with correspondent Mary Bruce. After mentioning the historic speech by VP Mike Pence and the Tweet from President Trump. Mary Bruce talked to a Planned Parenthood representative about the “Anti-Abortion March”. Then, back to thumping Trump. I had to turn it off. ABC would claim they are fair and balanced. I saw bias, but we will come back to that.

Katie Yoder over at NewsBusters has written a post about how the legacy or mainstream media covered the “Women’s March” 129 times more than they have historically covered the March for Life. No bias there, right?

Before the women’s march even happened, the network news shows had devoted nearly 23 minutes to the event.

The networks first advertised the women’s march this year beginning on Jan. 6. NBC Today host Matt Lauer commented on an “embarrassing mistake” by the Washington Post’s Express for placing the male symbol on its cover for the women’s march.

By Jan. 19, all three networks had covered the women’s march, with NBC correspondent Stephanie Gosk predicting a “sea of pink” (a reference to women marchers planning to wear pink “pussy hats” to protest President Donald Trump) at the march during Nightly News.

Even up until Tuesday morning, CBS covered the march by playing clips of late-night hosts talking about the protest during This Morning’s “eye openers.”

Oh, yes. Those unfortunate pink knit caps. They don’t work on anyone over the age of twelve. My neighbor, a University Professor (!!!) wore pink plastic cat ears all day in solidarity with the Women’s March, even while we walked our dogs. The look on the face of the retired special forces Colonel was priceless. “Why is a 40 year old woman wearing pink plastic cat ears on her head?” was written on his weathered forehead. But, I digress.

The mainstream media didn’t call it the Nasty Women’s March on Washington, even though some of them proclaimed or displayed their nastiness. The legacy media didn’t call it the Pro-Abortion Women’s March on Washington, even though the March organizers uninvited Pro-Life groups. The alphabet networks didn’t call it the Trump-hating Women’s March on Washington, even though that seemed to be the only unifying principle. That, people of the world, is called bias.

The mainstream media covered the Women’s March as if it were serious and thoughtful and had a point. All of which it did not. Unless, the point was that we should end women’s suffrage now.

Last night, Peter Hasson of the Daily Beast posted “Liberal Media Bend Over Backwards To Avoid Describing March For Life As Pro-Life” and that is where the bias of the media really truly shows. The media focus solely on the procedure, the act of aborting the fetus.

“Anti-Abortion Groups Hold Triumphant Rally After Obama Years” was how the Associated Press titled its coverage of the march, later referring to the pro-life marchers as a “politically ascendant anti-abortion movement.”

“Vice President Mike Pence told the crowd at the March for Life that anti-abortion policies were a top priority of the new administration,” was how the AP story described Pence’s speech, which referred to “pro-life majorities” in the House and Senate. NPR described Pence’s reference to “pro-life majorities” as “emphasizing the electoral victories of anti-abortion candidates.”

When I say that I am Pro-Life, I mean conception to natural death. Kellyanne Conway has made that point also in speaking to the media. Media bias yet again.

MSNBC (gak) entitled a video on the March for Life “Vice President Mike Pence Set To Appear At Anti-Abortion March”. I told you above how ABC allowed Planned Parenthood to call it an “Anti-Abortion March”. CBS entitled their March for Life coverage as “Thousands march in anti-abortion rally in Washington”. Media bias.

And earlier today, CBS This Morning gave us this report “Anti-abortion gathering looms over Supreme Court pick”.

Yes, the lower third title says Pro-Life. Why not title the video package Pro-Life rather than anti-abortion? Is it any wonder President Trump prefers Twitter to talking to a reporter.

Here is the bottom line:

I am Pro-Life. Conception to natural death. Full stop. Back in 1973, if people believed that codswollop about a “clump of cells”, they could be forgiven. That is not a clump of cells. That is a human being. An individual.

Abort the baby because it won’t have a good “quality of life”. What the freak is that? I know some respected members of society who have a dreadful quality of life, in my opinion. And, death with dignity? Does not exist. Pure fantasy. Therefore, I am Pro-Life. I am anti-abortion. Yes, it kills a human being. Most important though, I am proudly Pro-Life.

Until the mainstream media grasp the difference, cut the bias and cover the news in a straight forward manner, people will continue to look to other platforms to get their news. Newsmakers will look for those platforms to get out their stories without the bias of the mainstream media.

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  • Mike says:

    How can pro-abortion liberals call themselves “pro-choice”, when they reject anyone who makes a different choice, like the pro-life feminists, whom they refused to be associated with?

    The Left seeks to control the debate by controlling the language of the debate. If the media were honest and unbiased, they would let both groups name themselves: Pro Choice and Pro Life.
    By continually forcing the “anti-abortion” or “anti choice” nomenclature on the pro life movement, they have taken sides and cannot claim to be unbiased reporters. They become lobbyists.

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  • GWB says:

    Back in 1973, if people believed that codswollop about a “clump of cells”, they could be forgiven.

    Actually, even then, I can’t forgive them. Even a basic high school understanding of science would tell you the embryo is a new, distinct life.

    (And, I’ll reiterate: go read the Roe v Wade decision (and the dissent) and see just how badly they lie and obfuscate the actual science.)

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