From The VG Bookshelf: Mama Bear Apologetics

From The VG Bookshelf: Mama Bear Apologetics

From The VG Bookshelf: Mama Bear Apologetics

The quintessential “helicopter mom” has gotten a bad rap over the years but what about the “mama bear”? There are differences and Mama Bear Apologetics highlights them.

Mama Bear Apologetics is a collaborative project spearheaded by General Editor, Hillary Morgan Ferrer that shines a spotlight on the challenges women of faith have in our current cultural climate. What is apologetics, specifically? In short, defending Christianity against modern-day objections. And yes, there are plenty.

Whether you’re a mom of a Kindergartener or you’re like me and helping a teenage boy find his place in this world and helping him distinguish truth from fiction, Mama Bear Apologetics approaches the common dialogue of our current culture with practical solutions for dialogue and discernment with respect to talking with our children.

As Mama Bears, our job is to separate the good from the bad, accept the good, and reject the bad.”

How do we do this? There is the concept of ROARing like a mother:

Recognize the message.
Offer discernment (affirm the good, reject the bad).
Argue for a healthier approach.
Reinforce through discussion, discipleship and prayer.

So, what are these challenges our youth are facing? Mama Bear Apologetics breaks them down accordingly:

Linguistic Theft: The purposeful hijacking of words, changing their definitions and then using the same words as tools of propaganda. Some words that are being hijacked? Take a look.

Love. In our current climate, love is to blindly accept whatever the person believes defines love, as defined by that person.

Truth. It goes without saying that the “living my truth” epidemic has run rampant.

Authenticity. Goes hand-in hand with truth. We are living in a society that is all about “the feels”. If it is uncomfortable and doesn’t “feel” right, it is inauthentic.

Tolerance. The biggie that encourages excessive political correctness. The biggie that states that in order for one to be “tolerant”, he or she needs to possess blind acceptance to everything versus living in peace despite disagreement. There is no room for intellectual discourse or polite rejection of the ideas of others. If one’s opinion does not align with the popular opinion, that person is deemed as “intolerant”.

Justice & Equality. These two go hand-in-hand. The trend in our current society is that if one is against any of the justice and equality movements trending on our planet today, then one is content with injustice and inequality and therefore, a….here comes the big one…that person is a big, fat…


As defined by Merriam Webster, a “bigot” is a person who is “obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices”. The Mama Bears point out this irony many times in this read.

Along with linguistic theft, come the lies that are being told to our youth. The concepts of self-helpism (God helps the ones who help themselves) or the “if God were real, wouldn’t HE help you?” The concepts of too much self-reliance (too little prayer and foundation), religious pluralism, (think those “COEXIST” bumper stickers”), feminism, progressive Christianity (watered-down, feel-good, prosperity doctrine), naturalism and post-modernism all tied in with skepticism (there’s no evidence of God, therefore He does not exist) and nouveau-atheism are bombarding our kids today.

Mama Bear Apologetics also highlights moral relativism-a concept where one is wrong to tell another person they are wrong.

Our kids are now being bullied for the wrong beliefs! We cannot underestimate the extreme pressure to fit in. To survive the junior high jungle, our Christian kids often disconnect their public beliefs from their private beliefs. The soul, however, cannot abide a ruptured worldview for long. It seeks to patch it back together, but it can’t do it correctly if it never knew how it fit together in the first place.”

The Mama Bears also point out the lies of emotionalism and leaving reality completely out of the equation. Remember the “feels” and the concept of “living my truth”? Facts don’t matter. Reasoning doesn’t matter. Reality does not matter in the realm of emotionalism. In the cultural current of emotionalism today, we have a bunch of triggered, offended individuals who are just “following their hearts” and shame on any naysayers who tell them they cannot do so because…reality. When the real world comes crashing down, these individuals have no foundation with which to look upon to cope.

Which brings us to our next lie, and possibly one of the most gargantuan of them all. Marxism. Yes, Mama Bear Apologetics goes there and KUDOS to them for doing so because it’s downright scary.

While our daughters are reading Teen Vogue whicht depicts anal sex and Marxism in a favorable light, there exists the dark side of Marxism our media and current political “it girls” neglect to talk about and that concept is the dissolution of all hierarchies to include the family unit, faith and morality. From Marx’s Communist Manifesto:

Communism is that stage of human development which makes all existing religions superfluous and supersedes them. (Communism) abolishes eternal truths, it abolishes all religion and all morality.”

Then, there’s this:

Blessed is he who has no family.”-Karl Marx to Friedrich Engels

Yikes. Think of the power in the hands of our government, our education systems. Think of the power being taken out of our hands to mold and shape our own children and their character and their morality and there you have it, Marxism. If you think that our society, our politicians, our educators, our celebrities (admittedly, some of them are so dumb they drank that Kool-Aid), do not have an ongoing love affair with the miserable human being who was Karl Marx, think again. If you’re not seeing this, look harder because I promise you, this is no tinfoil conspiracy, the clues are there.

In short, if you want to raise a man or woman to love God, exercise discernment in all matters and have an intelligent conversation or debate with others (while standing firmly on their foundation), Mama Bear Apologetics is a worthwhile read and possibly a great women’s study for your next group book discussion. It is also packed with references and further reading for Mama Bears to better equip themselves and each other for the road ahead. Purchase the book or visit their website, which is chock full of blog entries and podcasts and you, too will ROAR like a mother!

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  • GWB says:

    Justice & Equality. These two go hand-in-hand.
    In a just world, the only equality connected to justice is equality under the law. Otherwise, ‘equality’ is, by definition in a free society, often at odds with ‘justice’ – human beings are different and erasing different outcomes denies certain people their just desserts.

    progressive Christianity … prosperity doctrine
    Worse yet, pure social gospel, centered entirely on achieving Heaven on Earth in a humanistic sense.
    (Once again, prepending “social” to something – ‘gospel’ here, or ‘justice’ – makes the thing preprended not really what it was, anymore.)

    Blessed is he who has no family
    Well, I’ve heard something akin to that after a Christmas dinner once or twice. So, he might have just been having a bad holiday. 😉

    Think of the power in the hands of … our education systems.
    Honeschool, homeschool, HOMESCHOOL!
    You CAN do it, no matter your circumstances! (At least, in a homeschool-friendly state.)

    One of the problems with marxism is it appeals to one of the things we raise our kids to believe in: fairness. While we might admit that real life isn’t fair, we train our kids to want to be fair and to share – that ‘fairness’ is a virtue. Marxism plays off that one virtue (and plays it well) and adds to it an attitude of grievance (“you know that guy wasn’t fair to you and, well, goshdarnit, that’s just not right!”). It cooks those together with some overheated prose, and VOILA! you have a destructive political/economic theory with appeal to the masses everywhere!

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