Losers Gonna Lose: Ohio, Other Government Websites Restored After ISIS Sympathizer Hack

Losers Gonna Lose: Ohio, Other Government Websites Restored After ISIS Sympathizer Hack

Losers Gonna Lose: Ohio, Other Government Websites Restored After ISIS Sympathizer Hack

In case you missed it, over the weekend some state government websites in Ohio, California, New York, as well as government websites in the Middle East, were hacked by a group calling itself Team System Dz:

After the hack, the homescreen of governor.ohio.gov, Kasich’s official website, displayed a black background and an Arabic symbol, and the top of the screen said “Hacked by Team System Dz.”

The text on the screen read: “You will be held accountable Trump, you and all your people for every drop of blood flowing in Muslim countries,” and “I Love Islamic State.” The militant group Islamic State is largely made up of Sunni militants from Iraq and Syria but has drawn jihadi fighters from across the Muslim world and Europe.

When accessed, the websites affected displayed this ominous screen:

Photo Credit: ScreenShot (click to enlarge)

Scary right? Maybe in a cloak-and-dagger Hollywood film kind of way. But no. Not really.

After hitting the sites on a Sunday when the hackers—purportedly a bunch of ISIS fanboys who fancy themselves terrorists—knew no one would be around to quickly discover their handiwork, the sites were back up and running by Monday afternoon:

The Ohio Department of Public Safety was working with federal agencies to investigate the hacking “to make sure nothing like this happens again,” said Tom Hoyt, a spokesman for Ohio’s Department of Administrative Services, on Monday.

Technicians are scanning websites and data banks but have found no services that have been disrupted by the hack, nor any evidence that information about employees or private citizens was accessed or disturbed, said Hoyt.

In other words, yeah it was a nuisance; no, your “jihad” is far from Jedi Master.

Meanwhile, it seems these America/Israel-hating trolls are not done harassing targeted sites just yet. On its FaceBook page, the group, who are not new to cyber blitzes like these, continues boasting about hacks of additional government websites as of this posting:

To borrow Trump’s word: losers.

It comes down to this: Mattis and his forces are busy annihilating ISIS over in the Middle East. So getting their internet-creeper on seems to be the only thing their mini-me’s have left to lob at us. Will we see more downed sites. Most definitely. Should we remain on alert? Absolutely. Is it a big deal? No. “Team System Dz” (is that internet slang for “d-bagz,” fanbabies?) is no more threatening to us than the common cold. And by the way, see what you can accomplish when you dedicate yourself to eradicating, not containing, ISIS, and actually allowing your military experts and highly capable military forces to do their jobs, Barack Obama?

Yes, we’ll take dangerous freedom over your bastardized ideology, losers. So hack away, ISIS symps; your days are numbered. And methinks you know it. Here’s hoping our intel folks hunt you down, ransack your parents’ basement, confiscate your tech toys, and throw a fresh copy of the Quran at your pathetic arses.

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  • Scott says:

    Jodi, nice post, but remember, it’s their dads basement.. as muslims, mom is basically a non-entity, more property than person… and yeah, they’re probably just pissy because daddy took away their goats…

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