Loretta Lynch’s actions being probed by bipartisan Senate Judiciary Committee

Loretta Lynch’s actions being probed by bipartisan Senate Judiciary Committee

Loretta Lynch’s actions being probed by bipartisan Senate Judiciary Committee

Oh sweet Lady Justice, will you finally turn your sword toward righteousness? The Senate Judiciary Committee has announced a probe into former Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s actions during the election.

Loretta Lynch

Thanks to former FBI Director, James Comey, we know that Loretta Lynch inserted herself into the investigation of Hillary Clinton. She reportedly assured those close to Clinton that the FBI investigation wouldn’t “push too deeply into the matter.” She also told Comey that he should not call the investigation an “investigation” but a “matter.” Yes, words do matter. Ask George Orwell. But this rose by any other name still smells rotten.

“At one point, [Ms. Lynch] directed me not to call it an ‘investigation’ but instead to call it a ‘matter,’ which confused me and concerned me,” Mr. Comey said during his June 8 testimony before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. “That was one of the bricks in the load that led me to conclude I have to step away from the department if we are to close this case credibly.”

Acknowledging that he didn’t know whether it was intentional, Mr. Comey said Ms. Lynch’s request “gave the impression the attorney general was looking to align the way we talked about our investigation with the way a political campaign was describing the same activity.”

Mr. Comey said the language suggested by Ms. Lynch was troublesome because it closely mirrored what the Clinton campaign was using. Despite his discomfort, Mr. Comey said, he agreed to Ms. Lynch’s language.

What is even better about this investigation is that it appears to have bipartisan support. Diane Feinstein (D-CA) and Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) have signed onto the letter to Lynch, along with Senators Grassley and Graham, both Republicans.

The Democratic and Republican leaders of the Senate Judiciary Committee sent letters to Lynch, Clinton campaign staffer Amanda Renteria, and employees of the Open Society Foundations seeking more information about media reports that Lynch privately assured Democrats the investigation would soon stall out.

The panel cited reports in The New York Times and the Washington Post that the FBI obtained hacked documents that suggested Lynch assured Renteria would not “go too far.” The alleged assurance was indicated in an email from then-Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz to Leonard Benardo of the Open Society Foundations. However, the Post reported the documents were viewed within the FBI as unreliable and possibly fake, and Renteria has said Russians used her to spread the false information.

Amanda Renteria has received a letter from the judiciary committee, as have others, Leonard Benardo and Gail Scovell of the Open Society Foundations. The Open Society Foundations was established by George Soros in 1979.

Amanda Renteria, highest ranking latina in the 2016 Clinton campaign as the National Political Director

Benardo supposedly mentioned Renteria’s name as being the person who Lynch communicated with on the Clinton campaign. Rentaria denies knowing or speaking with Lynch and says the whole email chain is a fake by the Russians (according to her the FBI thought it was a fake, but somehow also relied on it).

Kamala Harris

Rentaria is now working in the California Attorney General’s office (formerly the office of Kamala Harris, now junior Democratic senator from California – these people ALL know each other, who does Rentaria think she’s fooling?). And who says women are so oppressed – look at these top women, all up to their elbows in dirty tricks. Clearly, men hold no monopoly on corruption. Perhaps we need just one more woman to break this thing wide open:

Bring it, Lady Justice.

In any event, this is good news. Finally something that should be investigated, and all thanks to that diligent and conscientious self-serving public servant Jim Comey. Heckofajob!

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  • ejism says:

    I’ve got a strong feeling that Lynch will weasel out of this somehow. Possibly pleading the fifth several hundred times during a hearing (if one ever comes to fruition). After which the story/trial will simply fade away. There is no possibility of a conviction because that would publicly expose the corruption of the obama administration, and that just won’t do.

  • Scott says:

    Though if she does talk, she’ll probably be found dead of suicide, by three shots to the back of the head… that’s how most folks that cross the clintoon machine end up… Just saying..
    And yeah, The obama admin was corrupt from top to bottom, the media just likes to ignore it, because he was their “chosen one”

  • Kevin R says:

    I am hoping that Trump is a two term president and that after winning the second election, he directs Trey Gowdy and others like him to investigate and bring charges to Hussein, Lynch, Rice and others.

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  • Skillyboo says:

    Who will crack first, be given immunity to expose the corruption and subterfuge that seems so obviously to us? Lynch, Rice, Renteria, Wasserman Schultz, Abedin or someone else not in the limelight but fully aware of the treachery and criminal corruption goings on?

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