Liz Warren Promises Nonsense to Anti-Israel Group

Liz Warren Promises Nonsense to Anti-Israel Group

Liz Warren Promises Nonsense to Anti-Israel Group

Liz Warren has an Israel policy which has been “evolving” over the years, as liberals like to say. First, in 2012 she said she would work as a senator to “ensure Israel’s safety and success.” Then, in 2014, she voted to increase aid to Israel during the war on Gaza.

But that was then. Now she wants to be President.

Last year she called on Israel to use restraint against Palestinian protestors. Furthermore, a few months ago she opposed a bill which would fine businesses that participate in boycotting Israel.

Apparently Liz Warren could see the anti-Israel writing on that Democrat party wall, so she flipped to the Israel Bad playbook.

On Tuesday, she told a group she would make Israel end its occupation of the Gaza Strip. She also beamed when young Jewish millennials told her they were thrilled with her promise.

Except there’s one teensy little problem with that information: Hamas took over control of Gaza in 2007. Israel no longer officially occupies the Gaza Strip. However, Palestinian apologists maintain that because Israel still controls borders, airspace, and territorial waters, Gaza is still “occupied,” according to their pretzel logic.

Now why would Israel be so downright mean to their neighbors?

Maybe it’s because the terrorist Hamas government is running a Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel. And because the Palestinians in Gaza continue to lob rockets into Israel. — most recently at the rate of 700 within a 48-hour period.

What’s more, despite both Israel and Egypt blockading Gaza, terrorists have been increasing their rocket arsenal.

But, since the Democratic party continues its leftward lurch, led by radicals, Liz Warren is following along like a puppy dog. She’ll kiss up to the anti-Israel millennials, too — hey, she’s hip like them!

liz warren


So who is this group calling itself “If Not Now” that are now Warren’s BFFs?

They’re a group of millennial self-hating  Jews who oppose the supposed “occupation” of Gaza. Furthermore, they love Rep. Ilhan Omar. . .

. . . and Rep. Rashida Tlaib — both of whom despise Israel.

They also dub themselves the “Jewish Resistance” and “resist” AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. They also oppose the “Jewish Establishment” for its support of the so-called “occupation” of Gaza.

Never mind that the same rocket-launching Hamas terrorists would just as soon cut these kids’ throats. “If Not Now” believes that if Israel would just roll up in a passive fetal position then peace would ring out throughout the Middle East.

They’re a bunch of naive schlemiels, of course. “If Not Now” is yet one more voice making noise in the ever-more radical Democrat party. And Liz Warren doesn’t mind sucking up to them if they can help her win the nomination. The Jews in Israel be damned.


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  • The alliance with Islamists is perhaps the single most bizarre aspect of contemporary leftism. It’s plainly suicidal. Every place where Islamists rule, one of their first acts is to kill leftists.

    Great picture of Warren, BTW. She looks even better in a keffiyeh than Indian headdress. But if her new friendship with Islamism works out, I’m betting she’ll be donning a burka soon.

  • […] Liz Warren Promises Nonsense to Anti-Israel Group […]

  • If Elizabeth “Fauxahontas” Warren were denied the privilege of spouting nonsense, she’d have nothing to say.

    (Be kind to the intellectually challenged.)

  • Lewin Wickes says:

    Jews throughout history have three choices: They can run, they can fight, or they can grovel in the misplaced hope that they will be spared a bullet in the head. What the people in If Not Now have chosen is to grovel. It never works out in the end. Whenever Jews fight back against their tormentors, it is the Jews themselves who are blamed for the violence. “They brought it on themselves!” Those who grovel may be the last to be lined up at the ditch, but they will end up in it with the rest. Pathetic fools.

    • Arie says:

      The “Good Jews” of “If Not Now” couldn’t even find a full quote to represent their ideology.
      Their butchered quote is from Ethics of the Fathers, chapter 2. The full quote is “If I am not for myself – who will be? If I am only for myself – then what am I? And if not now – when?”

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