Libyan Ambassador Chris Stevens’ Journal Found

Libyan Ambassador Chris Stevens’ Journal Found

Seriously? CNN finds the journal of murdered Libyan Ambassador Chris Stevens on the floor of the Benghazi consulate, 3 days after he was killed? Unbelievable.

Journal of Ambassador Chris Stevens Found

So why wasn’t the Benghazi Consulate site locked down by the U.S. for evidence gathering purposes? Why was CNN allowed to pilfer through personal affects of a murdered United States Ambassador and most likely evidence as to what happened? Good grief.

According to this article, CNN notified the Ambassador’s family about the journal “within hours” after they found it and gave it — by way of an Italian diplomat — to his family. But of course they read it first. Who wouldn’t I guess.

And what was in the Ambassador’s journal? Apparently it was only seven pages of handwritten notes. CNN, in an uncharacteristic use of restraint, is saying through Anderson Cooper, that what they found written in the journal were simply “newsworthy tips” about the situation in Benghazi. “Tips” from the murdered Ambassador to exploit use another day? Probably.

It’s revolting frankly. Our feckless State Department isn’t happy about it either, thank god. Clearly this was CNN using tragic personal documents of a murdered Ambassador as a way to call attention to themselves. But this is Realville CNN. It only emphasizes your diminishing importance in the news industry.

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