#ImranAwan: Debbie Wasserman Shultz Says FBI’s Racial Bias Is The Real Scandal [VIDEO]

#ImranAwan: Debbie Wasserman Shultz Says FBI’s Racial Bias Is The Real Scandal [VIDEO]

#ImranAwan: Debbie Wasserman Shultz Says FBI’s Racial Bias Is The Real Scandal [VIDEO]

Many have been wondering what Debbie Wasserman Schultz has to say about her pal Imran Iwan and the massive IT scandal. Yesterday she spoke in an exclusive interview with the Sun-Sentinel.

“I believe that I did the right thing, and I would do it again,” Wasserman Schultz said Thursday in an exclusive interview with the Sun Sentinel. “There are times when you can’t be afraid to stand alone, and you have to stand up for what’s right.

“It would have been easier for me to just fire him,” she said.

But she didn’t. WHY NOT?

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (R-Fla.)

Luke Rosiak of the Daily Caller, who has completely owned this story from the beginning, has shown in great detail that Imran’s arrest isn’t about piddly “bank fraud.” It’s about a suspicious group of supposed IT “specialists” who were paid exorbitant salaries, had access to information—classified or otherwise from multiple US Representatives (all Democrat)—had Debbie’s DNC passwords, was moving money around in such a way that red flags should’ve been blaring, and were best friends with a major Hezbollah sympathizer. Not only that, as soon as it became clear they were under investigation in February, their IT access was revoked and Imran’s wife scuttled off to Pakistan with $12,000 undeclared cash in hand.

But never mind those pesky details. You see, Debbie has THE answers excuses for her Imran Awan IT problem. Are you ready? 

Imran’s arrest is only because he accidentally claimed that the property used as collateral for a line of credit was their primary residence when it was in fact a rental property.

Imran and the rest of his group were “shared” employees with each office paying part of their salary. I guess that’s why a 20-year-old was making $160,000 a year.

Debbie kept Imran on payroll because they “needed” his IT expertise. In what? Stealing classified info?

That laptop that she so desperately wanted returned? This one?

There won’t be anything to find because it was just a random personal laptop that Imran accidentally left somewhere. Uh huh….RIGHT.

“Procurement violations and data transfer violations” shouldn’t be of concern. Debbie says none of it involved anything sinister. OH, REALLY?

That data transfer thingy? It’s a big nothing burger because it was either the fault of the apps used or Dropbox. Blaming technology is the new defense now?

I could go on. But here’s the TOP LINE excuse Debbie is making on Imran’s behalf?  Anti-Muslim Racial Bias.

Wasserman Schultz said there still hasn’t been any evidence presented that he’s done anything wrong involving his work for Congress.

And, she said, she believes he may have been put under scrutiny because of his religious faith. Awan is Muslim.


“I had grave concerns about his due process rights being violated,” she said. “When their investigation was reviewed with me, I was presented with no evidence of anything that they were being investigated for. And so that, in me, gave me great concern that his due process rights were being violated. That there were racial and ethnic profiling concerns that I had,” she said. [Emphasis Added]

There you go. When backed into a corner the Debbie whips out the racial bias card in hopes that everyone, including the FBI and Capital Police, will drop the case.

As mentioned above, the shadiness of this story is unreal. Kimberley Strassel, writing in the Wall Street Journal, says this is ‘The Scandal That Matters.” She is correct. In the real world, corporations could be sued into oblivion because of something like this. Yet the silence from the Democrats and the media regarding Imran is deafening.

Debbie’s charge of racial bias is ludicrous and dangerous. Furthermore, using that as an excuse provides more evidence that Debbie has something to hide. As for Debbie’s excuse as to why she hasn’t discussed the case prior to now? She was on “vacation.” Really? Where? Walking in the woods with Hillary?

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