Lab Leak: What If That Theory Isn’t True Either?

Lab Leak: What If That Theory Isn’t True Either?

Lab Leak: What If That Theory Isn’t True Either?

What if I were to tell you that the lab leak theory of Covid-19 wasn’t really true? And that it was just another ploy to control our lives? Would you think I was wearing a tinfoil hat much too tight?

Yet that’s what a neurobiologist from the University of Pittsburgh says. Dr. Jonathan J. Couey was one of the founders of DRASTIC, the “Decentralized Radical Autonomous Search Team Investigating Covid-19.” Composed of an online cadre of international scientists, DRASTIC has maintained the lab leak theory of Covid origin, and have been rewarded by being published in prestigious media outlets.

But now Couey has broken with DRASTIC, insisting that he was fooled into believing that Covid emerged from a lab leak. He now believes that the theory is controlled opposition, or a “double bluff.” Why? It’s so elites can maintain a perpetual state of pandemic emergency.

For that Couey says he was kicked out of DRASTIC. He lost friendships among his former colleagues. And Dr. Robert Malone — a major player among the anti-vax crowd — snubbed him and invited another colleague to his ranch to hobnob and confer on Covid.

Attorney Michael P. Senger, a longtime Covid-watcher and author of the book Snake Oil: How Xi Jinping Shut Down the World (which I highly recommend; Senger brings receipts) presented Couey’s theory in his Substack “The New Normal.”  Senger wrote:

“The testimony of DRASTIC founder J.J. Couey provides powerful firsthand insight into the perpetuation of the lab leak theory as a controlled opposition narrative.”

So are you ready to take the red pill?lab leak red pill


If Not a Lab Leak, Then What?

In a podcast, Couey talked about how he had been a strong believer in the lab leak theory, even from February, 2020. He thought he had solved the mystery of Covid’s origins. But then he said he was “Scooby-Doo’d.”

“They essentially made us believe that by censoring the lab leak it had to be true, because the emails say that Fauci was covering it up, the furin cleavage site says that it must be a lab leak … before I realized what I think happened to me and a lot of us is we were tricked into believing something that’s not biologically true…”

Couey now believes that the coronavirus pandemic is an illusion. Numbers and data had been fudged by recoding ordinary mortality as “Covid deaths.” And then there’s the PCR test for Covid — the supposed gold standard diagnostic tool — which was so non-specific that it was vulnerable to false positives.

Remember how the late Dr. Kary Mullis, who had invented the PCR test, said it was no good for diagnosing anything?

Remember how people diagnosed with Covid were put on ventilators left and right, only to have them die? Yet some doctors were figuring out early on that Covid itself was a giant deception.

As Senger wrote in his Substack article: “essentially, the entire response to COVID has been one giant fraud.”

So why then did people die? According to Couey, the increase in “Covid” pneumonia deaths were caused by ventilators and poor medical protocols that public health organizations rolled out. That also included the World Health Organization.

Couey said:

“What I’m suggesting is, it seems to me from a wide variety of data sets, that the change in protocol, the lack of protocols, the ridiculous suggestive protocols, the horrible pharmaceutical protocols that were enacted, could easily explain why we went from a very steady number of pneumonia-based deaths to a doubling or tripling of pneumonia-based deaths.”

One physician also said during Couey’s podcast:

“But I agree with you: there wasn’t a pandemic in the world, it didn’t go around the world, it never had the capacity to go around the world.”

While another physician agreed, and added:

We’re being sucked into this idea of “what’s good for the public.” That’s socialism, that’s communism, that’s dictatorship. “All of you sacrifice your lives for the good of ____.”

Haven’t a lot of laypeople come to that conclusion, too?


Biological Reasons Against the Theory

Couey goes into a lot of information as to why biologically the lab leak theory doesn’t make sense. For example, he claims that gain-of-function research is overhyped:

Gain-of-function is exaggerated on purpose at all levels because natural zoonosis is a ghost… The chimeric paper that they combine a SARS virus with a new bat spike protein and it kills more cells than the other clone did is also just a story.

He added that all these magical powers of the powerful Covid virus are only the attributes of a clone. A clone which could not propagate enough to circle the globe:

“Why do we keep talking about the original spike when we know that there’s no conceivable way that if this virus was released in Wuhan, then the virus could both circle the Earth and also maintain a fidelity that didn’t slowly but surely erode the toxicity of whatever the spike protein was originally….”

“Most of all, we can’t assume that there’s only one virus—one source of respiratory disease is absurd. Before 2020, this would’ve been considered absurd.”

Financial Interests Further the Lab Leak Theory

The lab leak theory is controlled opposition, says Couey, cooked up and promoted by media to convince us that gain-of-function viruses are deadly, so there must be a biosecurity state to take care of us:

“I believe that by convincing you that there was a gain-of-function virus, and that gain-of-function viruses are possible, and that serial passage can lead to a pandemic, is a narrative which allows the biosecurity state to exist in infinity and the global public health security state to be fundable, to be justifiable, and to be supernational, dissolving national sovereignty for all intents and purposes.”

And looky here: just a few months ago Bill Gates warned of other pandemics lurking. For which we all must prepare properly, following his directives, naturally.

Not only that, but Senger reports that billions have been spent to keep the lab leak theory alive. Now enter FTX fraudster Sam Bankman-Fried, whose cryptocurrency theft partially financed lab leak reports at ProPublica and Vanity Fair. All to further the gaslighting of the population.

Couey also admits:

“So all these people are part of a machine that wants to convince you that there is a national and indeed global security health threat from gain-of-function viruses that will never go away… The sustaining of that narrative is being done by people that I thought were good guys. The matrix is real ….”

“It’s a very incredible play that they’ve done to us, and I believe the play is still being executed on all sides that we can see.”

And Senger agrees, adding “the lab leak narrative is false, and in fact was never anything more than a part of a broad totalitarian psychological operation to usurp our national sovereignty.”


Is This Tinfoil Territory? Or Not?

Personally, I remain agnostic on this. As far as conspiracy theories go, I’m an Occam’s Razor kind of girl. I’ve lived to see all sorts of deceptions, from QAnon and the 9/11 false flag theory all the way back to Paul McCartney-is-Dead and the granddaddy of all 20th century myths — the JFK assassination theories.

But I look back at the past two-and-a-half years of Covid and see how so much of what we were told has been bunkum. Remember “two weeks to slow the spread?” And that at first we didn’t need masks, and then we did? That Covid-19 came from a wet market, and if you said it came from a lab you were a racist? Then they told us that a vaccine would fix everything, and stop the spread, only to tell us that we needed a booster. And another. And now a new version of a vaccine to cover Omicron — which is little more than a bad cold.

Twitter user @LLadany compiled the evolution of the pandemic idiocracy in a long thread which you can see here. It’s truly brilliant. Fortunately the Twitter censors didn’t ban it, like they did the accounts of others who strayed from the pandemic narrative.

So no, I don’t know if Dr. Jonathan Couey is correct — I don’t have the credibility to scientifically assess what he says. But after the bullshit we’ve endured for nearly three years, I wouldn’t be surprised if he were that lone voice crying truth in the wilderness.


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Kim is a pint-sized patriot who packs some big contradictions. She is a Baby Boomer who never became a hippie, an active Republican who first registered as a Democrat (okay, it was to help a sorority sister's father in his run for sheriff), and a devout Lutheran who practices yoga. Growing up in small-town Indiana, now living in the Kansas City metro, Kim is a conservative Midwestern gal whose heart is also in the Seattle area, where her eldest daughter, son-in-law, and grandson live. Kim is a working speech pathologist who left school system employment behind to subcontract to an agency, and has never looked back. She describes her conservatism as falling in the mold of Russell Kirk's Ten Conservative Principles. Don't know what they are? Google them!

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  • Deborah B says:

    I was born and bred in NYC. Cynicism is in my DNA. As a healthcare professional I had serious doubts about the SARS 2 from the start. I remember the first one… barely. I wondered where the flu had gone. Why was everything labeled Covid? I remember telling my family when the news first came out that we would need to wash our hands with soap and water, don’t touch your face and stay home if you felt sick. Thanks to the hysteria generated it became much more than that. As you say there were likely several respiratory viruses around but Covid was the money shot, so to speak. I will be very interested to see where this goes.

    • GWB says:

      The “disappearance of the flu is easily explained by the incentive the gov’t offered to call everything and anything “Covid”. Remember they offered “aid money” to help with the “crisis”. You don’t have to actually direct bureaucrats to take advantage of that; it’s in their DNA (SWIDT?).

      They definitely lied about how “deadly” the virus was (though most often non-specifically) and might have lied about how virulent. But that was easily overcome simply by looking at the available data. I think the power trip was primarily opportunistic (witness the “go enjoy Chinese New Year!” to “ZOMG! Everyone lock yourself inside!” flip-flop).

  • GWB says:

    which was so non-specific that it was vulnerable to false positives
    Ummm, almost any test is vulnerable to false positives. The question is how vulnerable.

    the increase in “Covid” pneumonia deaths were caused by ventilators and poor medical protocols
    Ummm, that’s something we know, AND which fits with the lab leak theory.

    So far, this is sounding a lot like “my previous tinfoil hat theory simply was not tinfoil enough.”

    it never had the capacity to go around the world.
    OKAY, definitely tinfoil hat territory here. Given the number of Chinese (nationals) around the world, and modern air travel, it most certainly did have the capacity to go around the world. And to spread.
    Did anyone address the Diamond Princess numbers?

    Before 2020, this would’ve been considered absurd.
    OK, I’m not an epidemiologist, but that seems bogus, given the worries about bird flu and other zoonotic viruses in the 3 decades prior to 2020.

    I believe that by convincing you that there was a gain-of-function virus, and that gain-of-function viruses are possible
    OK, so, because gov’ts can exploit it, therefore it must be that that is the purpose of it? That is not a very good chain of logic. It excludes a LOT of Occam’s Razor potential by throwing out opportunism.

    billions have been spent to keep the lab leak theory alive
    Billions more have been spent to try and cover it up.
    This theory (again) totally ignores the concept of opportunism. Once the lab leak theory has taken enough hold, then you may as well leak it and give it credence so you can now turn the screws a little more. But it certainly does not mean the lab leak theory is wrong. Some false choice fallacy going on, it seems.

    It’s a very incredible play that they’ve done to us
    And evidently a triple-cross sort of play. Which never works – we know this. There’s too many people with competing interests to reliably pull it off. (Which, also, is why this will get traction; as people point and say “See? This is the guy where the triple-cross falls apart!”)

    Is This Tinfoil Territory? Or Not?
    Yeah, I think it is. There’s too much of this guy involved.

    Having said that, we have a smallish number of people nowadays with way too much power and control. And some of those people (way too many of them, as a matter of fact) think they can should run the world. Because they’re so much more successful than the rest of us, they obviously deserve to. (Interestingly, the problems we’re seeing today are the exact ones for which God scrambled the languages at Babel.)

  • Chris says:

    Makes as much sense as The Woof !

    One thing is for sure….
    We will never get the truth.
    At least anyone alive today wont.
    Maybe your great times 10 grandchildren but us?

    We been had. Thats a Fact.

  • DEEBEE says:

    Couey, in this article through you, did not address how he is not a deep state plant out to overthrow the lab leak theory, now that it is taking hold.

    GWB has touched on other Hmm’s I had.

    BTW, the first First-World country to take a beating was Italy with the “largest” Chinese connections.

  • tfourier says:

    It was lab leaks. Plural. First one March / April 2019. Second episode looks in the August/September 2019 time-frame.

    To understand the dynamics of CCP coverups start with Karl Taro Greenfeld’s book “China Syndrome”. Published in 2006 about the first SARs CoV 1 epidemic in 2003. Its all in their. The CCP coverup game plan. What happened in 2019 was almost a repeat of 2003.

    Once the cluster outbreaks outside China (all spread by medical workers) ended in 2003 then then SARs CoV 1 mysteriously “disappeared” in mainland China. Immediately. A good indication of how seriously the Chinese government took the SARs 1 cover up look at the official WHO IFR/CFR numbers published for SARs CoV 1. The Infection Fatality Rate and Case Fatality Rate. The published value is IFR = CFR. Which is quite simply impossible.

    The reason for this fraudulent number is the Chinese government never allowed the normal post epidemic studies to determine the actual attack rate in the general population. How many have signs of prior infection. WHich is how you calculate the actual IFR. All information like this has always been a state secret in China. For all other pandemics these post outbreak studies are done and published.

    Turned out SARs 1 looked like having a lower IFR that even SARs 2. Whose IFR < 0.14. About the same as the other four general circulation HCOV's. Those "really bad flu" bugs which all of us get many infections from during our lifetimes. Dozens. The fact that the WHO, CDC etc published this ludicrous and obviously fraudulent IFR for SARs 1 for two decades tells you all you need to know about their veracity. It was a politically motivated lie. And they kept on lying to hide the initial lie.

    The very brave whistle-blower in mainline China in 2003 who destroyed the official CCP coverup, Dr. Jiang Yanyong, was arrested in April 2019 and has not been heard of since. Which gives us the first lab leak timeframe given how CCP officials think and act in these situations.

    SARs CoV 2 was an engineered virus. Natural viruses dont have those very low probability (i.e impossible) infection characteristics. SARs viruses are one of the prime biological warfare agents of interest for bio-warfare research. SARs gets detailed coverage in the standard academic reference book on the subject published in 2018. More space than even anthrax.

    The first government to go public about SARs CoV 2 was the Taiwanese government. On December 30'th, 2019. Based on intelligence collected by the National Security Bureau. The former chief of the NSB said during a Taiwanese parliamentary hearing a few years after the 2003 outbreak that there was very strong evidence based on internal CCP chatter and Chinese government documents the NSB had seen that the SARs CoV 1 outbreak in 2003 was most likely a lab leak.

    Then we have the fact that the initial Omicron SAR CoV 2 variant, the most infectious form of SARs 2, was a lab leak as well.

    You wont get an honest answer from any of the people working in the virology, microbiology, etc area because they know that if the general public knew just how dangerous their research is almost all of it would be shut down. Ending their research careers. They are dealing with very dangerous agents and they dont have a clue how most of it works.

    You should read the standard textbooks on current mRNA science. They cannot even answer the most basics questions with any degree of certainty about how, where, and why of what they are manipulating and how it interacts with human cells.

    The image of toddlers playing with chainsaws comes to mind. But in this case when they screw up they destroy millions of lives and tens of millions of livelihoods. I'd start by putting on trial and throwing in jail all the senior Public Health officials who proved to be total charlatans. Lying through their teeth to protect their very lucrative careers. Only then would I move on to the most egregious of the senior bio-science researchers. Who are equally guilty. Of much more dangerous activity that has killed millions. Mostly through secondary effects.

    SARs CoV 2 is actually a not very dangerous respiratory infection. Little more than one of low mortality rate pneumonias. When its actually the primary infection. SARs 2 in the period 2020 / 2022 has been the texbook casedemic. Analytic accuracy is not the same as clinical accuracy for a test and when the False Negatives / False Positives are that high then 98% plus of the published SARs CoV2 cases fail even the most basic criteria of a True Positive Clinical Diagnostic Test.

    In other words, they just made it all up. Medically and mathematically speaking. Even the most junior doctor should know this stuff.

  • Jc86pilot says:

    I caught a disease unlike any I have had before that kicked my butt for three weeks in September 2021 (not flu season). I am not in agreement with this theorem.

  • Jane says:

    I tested positive for the alpha version of Covid, which I caught from my daughter and son-in-law. I lost my taste and smell, as did my daughter.

    I am a very healthy 50-year-old woman.

    I wasn’t breathing well after a few weeks. No cough, just lung damage.

    I also had an MRI a month later which showed the *typical* ground glass opacities in my lungs as a result of this virus. Look up “cruise ship” and “ground glass opacities.”

    My doc gave me some pnuemonia antibiotics and I turned around.

    It is two years later, and my lungs are still damaged. I can function, but I can no longer sing like I used to because I have to work a little harder at taking deep breaths. I am 50+ and I have never had a virus permanently damage me like this.

    My teen son caught the Delta version months later and also lost his taste and smell for months. What other virus could have done this, then?:

  • George says:

    Be very careful with anything Michael Senger writes. The double-bluff, and controlled opposition, is much more likely to be Michael himself, as he’s spent a considerable amount of time over the past 3 years making the argument that either there wasn’t a lab leak, or that it doesn’t matter.

    I’ve been active in anti-lockdown circles from the beginning. Caught the virus around a year ago. Before that I did several tests for antibodies, myself, my family, relatives, friends. All who never had it came back negative. Then I had the virus, and the antibody test turned positive. Same with family, relatives, friends, after they had it the test turned positive. During that time we also had colds and flu, but none of that changed the antibody test to positive.

    In my book that’s sufficient proof that the virus exists, and that it elicits an immune response.

    On the topic that it’s simply a cold or flu, it isn’t. COVID is, and this might be a coincidence, a CVD: a cardiovascular disease. That’s how it felt to me and everyone I know who had it. Very mild cold-like symptoms, but very strong impact on blood pressure and blood oxygen levels.

    Michael is likely being paid by US agencies to create the illusion that the virus came from China and that Xi Jinping is weaponizing germs, in order to lay the groundwork for the next pandemic which again will emerge from China. Most likely they’ll claim the reopening came too soon and this bred a new variant which really is a new virus and no vaccine exists and so we all must go back into lockdown until a new vaccine is developed, only this time they’ll stall it and lockdowns are extended over and over again until the markets crash and they’ll, or so they claim, save everything by rolling out CBDCs and vaccine passports at scale. A digital ID combining a wallet and identity. And the vaccine subscription will be an employee badge dividing the vaccinated from the unvaccinated, who will lose everything and be cast out of society.

    In that big picture everything Michael does makes sense. He’s a distraction. He’s amplifying, like puppet Trump did before, an imaginary rivalry between the US and China when in reality they’re synchronized. He wants you to believe that China is the Great Satan so that people don’t realize that, in reality, it’s the US who rolled out vaccine passports in NY and LA, it’s the US who still makes vaccination a condition for entry, it’s the US who had a vaccine mandate for federal employees and soldiers, and it’s the US who financed and ramped up vaccine production.

    Just watch the Youtube video of Event 201 from October 2019. During the live panel Gao Fu, China’s head of their CDC and a coronavirus resaearcher himself, and an ally of Fauci and Farrar in the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board which orchestrated all of this since 2018, sat right next to Avril Haines, one of the leading Deep State actors in all this.

    Michael wants you to believe that the US and China are competing and that the US is chosing a different path, but in reality they are all in this together. Avril Haines, Ron Klain, Matt Pottinger, they and their sponsors have decided a long time ago that liberal democracy in the US and Europe must die and that the future is a blend of China and Singapore.

    Biden or Trump have no say in any of it.

  • Tom B says:

    Whether it was a lab leak or not, the mere existence of the pandemic cannot honestly be denied. I worked in the hospital, on the isolation wards. Nothing we did, no treatment we gave, could have caused the mass suffering and death.

    It was not a case of blaming all deaths on Covid, nor was it a case of poor tests. We tested for flu and other viruses and did not find them. Something new and different was causing what we saw, regardless of any test.

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