Drag Shows Are NOT A Republican Obsession

Drag Shows Are NOT A Republican Obsession

Drag Shows Are NOT A Republican Obsession

Amanda Marcotte types for Salon Magazine. She hates and despises anything, ANYTHING, that even touches on being Christian, Conservative or Republican. She saves her most flaming invective for MAGA Republicans. I consider myself a MAGA Republican. You know, limited government and regulation, low taxes, pro-life, free speech, strong military and little international interventions. Sounds awful right? It does to the readers of Salon. Now, Marcotte has accused MAGA Republicans of being obsessed with drag shows. Oof, here we go.

First of all, I have, in the past, enjoyed a drag show or four. I once saw a small woman transform herself into a very masculine man. He/she was amazing. I also used to be a fan of RuPaul’s Drag Show. Like most of that type of shows, it has become a caricature of itself. It’s not performance art anymore at all. Now, it is angry, in your face and very sexualized. It is not performative. It’s raw.

Marcotte’s latest for Salon is titled: “MAGA Republicans are obsessed with harassing drag shows — here’s why”, She is a one trick pony. After bleating about RuPaul and Beyonce, three paragraphs in Marcotte finally gets to her original premise:

Why the sudden right-wing obsession with drag shows? The simplest explanation is it’s part of a deliberate increase in anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and action from the MAGA movement in the wake of Donald Trump’s 2020 election loss. Conservative media now regularly flings false accusations that LGBTQ people and allies are “grooming” children for sexual abuse. Books that feature queer characters are being banned from schools and libraries. Florida passed the infamous “don’t say gay” law that is scaring teachers and students back into the closet. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott directed Child Protective Services to “investigate” families for accepting trans children. Republicans are attacking the right of trans people, especially kids, to play sports or receive gender-affirming care.

MAGA Republicans rarely FLING anything. We are not overly demonstrative that way. We leave that to the hyperbolic Left. We are fine with LGBTQ people. We have them in our families and we work and workout with them. If Amanda Marcotte thinks that LGBTQ people are grooming children, she is wrong. Groomers groom children. I will let Gays Against Groomers do the speaking for me:

There has never been a Florida law “Don’t Say Gay”. That is a lie. You know the rest is wrong too. Blah, blah, lie. Drag and Trans are two very different things, in case Amanda doesn’t know. Why are MAGA types against drag shows?

Even amid this onslaught, however, the paranoid focus on drag stands out, for the sheer volume of protests and vitriol. In addition to the now-regular protests and online threats, Republican-controlled state legislatures are threatening to ban drag and criminalize people who do it. Drag has become the focal point for right wingers intent on making homophobia great again after years of watching it recede in public life.

I have a theory as to why: Drag, probably more than any other cultural artifact of American life, exposes how much of femininity — and how much of gender overall — is socially constructed. The whole point of drag is to celebrate how much you did not wake up like this. The exaggeration of drag draws attention to the lesser, but still time-consuming, effort that everyday women and other femme-presenting people put into performing their identity. As feminist writer Simone de Beauvoir wrote in 1949, “One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman.” Drag, like Beyoncé, takes that concept out of the lofty world of academic theory and makes it part of the pop culture understanding of gender.

So femininity is all about make-up. RuPaul, Beyonce, Dolly Parton are lovely, but not my cosmetology idols. Simone de Beauvoir? Make-up and costumes do not a woman make. Most people are too busy living and paying for gasoline these days to get hung up on whether gender or biology are social constructs. We KNOW that most women are physically weaker than men. Y’all do y’all. Go examine your navels and let the rest of us work.

We are just telling you to keep your groomers away from our kids. You know who they are although you pretend you don’t. LTBTQ and drag shows are not necessarily grooming. Kids under say 12 don’t need to discuss sex or sexuality at the LGBTQ or drag levels. Family-friendly drag shows? Kitty DeMure explains why she won’t perform at a family-friendly drag show:

Heterosexual parents are doing this. They are booking the drag performers. I believe it. Drag leads to trans which leads to lifelong medical needs which leads to profit for the pharmaceutical companies. Thank you, Kitty DeMure.

Salon and Amanda Marcotte are like those heterosexual parents booking the drag shows. They think they are being inclusive, but they are sexualizing are children. Go away. Keep your prejudices away from us and our kids.

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  • Cameron says:

    Sweetie, you don’t have children so it’s rather hard for you to understand the level of viciousness that good parents have when it comes to protecting them.

    And your father says thank you for being absent for another Christmas. He loves the peace and quiet.

    • Fen says:

      I have conflicting principles about this article.

      Don’t get me wrong, I cut my teeth on Marcotte’s throat when first arrived at Althouse. You never forget your first kill. So I know what she is. I have a Bucket List for the day the walls come down. It’s full of names. Trust me she’s in there. I’ll probably be too busy to indulge a hunt, but if she comes through my tribe’s checkpoint, game over.

      And to author here, I love your fire. We need more of that. So I thought twice about even bringing this up.

      But I look at the passive structure of the headline and am reminded that the Right in general always seems to be on our back foot.

      And this meant to be a criticism of you, I’m thinking of the Right in general when I say this:

      We’ve caught the enemy red-handed trying to manipulate children into having sex changes without the consent of the child or the knowledge of the parents.

      Your daughters are being raped in the ladies room by mentally ill freaks. Your sons are being castrated to be molested anally by the Wicked (all the worst people of the bible)

      And our rhetoric is employed to DEFEND ourselves from false charges of bigotry? Marcotte has us explaining what Republicans are NOT,. when we should be outside collecting fist sized rocks.

      This frustrates me because conservatives always seem to err on the side of caution. There was a time when freaks didn’t try to play with children in public because they knew it would result in being best to death. Most of you saw that as Overplaying Your Hand, which I can understand. But I think we went too far in the other direction as far as permissiveness goes. because this is the consequence for airing on the side of caution – our children are being mutilated because we don’t have the will to kill child molesters. “I would rather have my child sexually altered I’m service to some perverse cult than beat to death a child molester” appears to be our position.

      CS Lewis has a good metaphor for this that I always seem to muck up. it’s about Chamberlain’s commit to peace being so strong that it blinded him to reality. He’s sitting across the table from Satan negotiating to keep his soul. Eagerly offering any alternative, and crossing off each one from his list as Satan to satisfy Satan’s demand. until suddenly he’s at the end of his list, and there’s a dining realization that he just traded his soul for the promise of future negotiations.

      See? Keeping is soul was the whole point of… of everything. it was never meant to be on the table, in fact it was the reason everything else was on the table to begin with. Our children are the same way. they were never intended to be chips that we throw to perverts to appease the Left. because what need is there to appease the left once we give them our children?

      I understand, not as well as most, but I get the point about making conservative mistakes, ie acting in a way that would do the least damage if we’re wrong. But we always seem to air on the side of caution. We’re going to make mistakes anyway, and I think a few of them should be from overplaying our hand. To me its a lot like a basketball metaphor: it’s bad if your team loses every single game. But what’s worse is if they lose every game without committing ANY fouls. Of course you don’t want to foul out, but if you have no fouls whatsoever?
      It means you’re not going for the ball.

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