The Democrat Clown Show

The Democrat Clown Show

The Democrat Clown Show

Pass the popcorn, kiddos. The Democrat Clown show is in full swing at the Kavanaugh Hearing.

Victory Girl Nina Bookout highlighted many of the absurdities here.

Don’t be confused by the honking and hand waving, Democrat obfuscation and outright deception is nothing new.

How did we get here? If you’re over the age of 45 and paid attention to politics in the 1980s, the tone will seem familiar to you. “This” started, many court watchers and pundits agree, with the confirmation hearing of Robert Bork and, specifically, Ted Kennedy’s “Borking” in June, 1987.

There’s even the willing crowd of Democrat-clown-ophiles ready to engage in all manner of hysterical conspiracy-mongeringDemocrat Clown Show follower

There are a ton of liberals on Twitter today saying that former White House aide Zina Bash, sitting behind Judge Kavanaugh this morning with her fingers formed into the “okay” pose, was making a deliberate gesture of white supremacy. I’ve never heard of Zina Bash before, but it turns out she is of Mexican-Jewish heritage, and is descended from holocaust survivors. Yet liberals run with this insanity.

They aren’t insane, they are Leftists. Their goal is power. There is nothing they won’t do to get it.

My only question is, at this point, is the Democrat Clown Car chauffeured?

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  • askeptic says:

    Probably by an Illegal Alien.

  • NateWhilk says:

    “They aren’t insane, they are Leftists. Their goal is power. There is nothing they won’t do to get it.”


  • vlad says:

    Imagine living a life so free from reality that, in your mind, people walk around, even in congressional hearings and when televised, making “white power symbols” (I know; “whatever that is”) in public, on videotape, for all time — during a hearing for your boss to be on the Supreme Court!

    First, they believe that race is that important? Because truly, most of us do not spend our time plotting how to show our supremacy over other races. We work, we care for our families, we try for the American Dream, but no, we do not fill our minds with thoughts of other racial groups.

    Second, they believe there are that many who act that way? That it’s so prevalent…that it’s not uncommon to see such a thing right out in the open, exposed for all, even at such a time as SCOTUS hearings?

    Third, they think that it’s whites who band together to prove “supremacy” when right before our eyes, we constantly see BLM blocking streets without caring who they interfere with – along with muslims, whose very “holy book” says they must be in a superior position and that others are unclean — while women go on the net and at marches talking about killing all men and getting rid of “masculinity,” therefore showing they believe they. as females, are superior — but none of these things appear as “supremacists” to them? Instead, it is WHITES who have identity groups and constantly demand special treatment?

    That barely scratches the surface of the craziness of these people’s beliefs. And then, to top it off, they are not embarassed, and they do not see that they are making utter fools of themselves, with most of the public laughing in astonishment that they are that openly bizarre…

    These are nutso times, that’s for sure.

  • Obama's boyfriend says:

    If anyone ever calls the Senate the world’s greatest deliberative body again I think I’ll go full bore viking.

  • enchanted says:

    They say that although they are unsure whether Spartacus was killed in battle, they say he was a former gladiator and an accomplished military leader none of which is booker. Hopefully their antics will wake up more American citizens and they will vote out these anti-American communists. The republicans have become the democrat party of the 60s, and the democrats have become the communist party of today, along with being the party of hate and violence.

    • scott says:

      While I can agree with some of that enchanted, your comment ” The republicans have become the democrat party of the 60s” is not accurate… noone on the republican side is pushing to defeat civil rights legislation, or doing all they can to keep Jim Crow and similar laws in place… THAT is the democrat party of the 60’s…Remember Robert “Grand Kleagle” Byrd??? or Lyndon Baines “I’ll have the Ni**ers voting democrat for the next 100 yrs” Johnson???

  • The next day, Corey Booker showed the very same sign. I didn’t see the MSM run with that.

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