Judge Rules Foster Care For Justina Pelletier; Family Rep Reports Bruising

Judge Rules Foster Care For Justina Pelletier; Family Rep Reports Bruising

Judge Rules Foster Care For Justina Pelletier; Family Rep Reports Bruising

Justina Pelletier, the 15-year-old girl removed from the custody of her parents by the Massachusetts Department of Children & Families, will soon be pushed into foster care following a judge’s decision on Monday. Justina’s parents lost custody of her over a year ago, they insist, because they disagreed with a diagnosis made by Boston Children’s Hospital that conflicted with a diagnosis of mitochondrial disease made years earlier by Tufts Medical Center, one of the best medical facilities in the country, resulting in the discontinuation of treatment they say was helping Justina. Tufts had diagnosed Justina with the disease, and according to her parents, she was doing well under treatment, but contracted the flu, sending her to BCH for care. But instead BCH accused them of subjecting Justina to unnecessary treatment and reported them to DCF. BCH concluded that the symptoms she was experiencing were not disease-related, but psychosomatic, and ceased treatment in favor of psychiatric care. Justina has been kept from her family for over a year. During the hearing Monday, Justina’s mother, buckling under the stress from the past year, collapsed and was taken by ambulance to an area hospital. On last night’s Kelly File, a representative for Justina’s family reported that Justina has developed red lines on her abdomen, which he asserted could be signs of poisoning, and various bruising on her head and arms.

Justina Pelletier, Now a Ward of the State, May Only Visit Her Family Once a Week.
Justina Pelletier Has Once-a-Week, One-Hour, Supervised Visits With Her Family.

Why should you care about Justina? Aside from the (unconstitutional?) gag order placed on her parents, given the current efforts by an out-of-control federal government to usurp our freedoms and a liberal ideology that says children belong to the state, it could happen to anyone. And there’s more. What is stated in the hospital’s policy manual on research should concern every single one of us:

“Children who are Wards of the state may be included in research that presents minimal risk…or greater than minimal risk with a prospect of direct benefit.

Children who are Wards of the state may be included in research that presents greater than minimal risk with no prospect of direct benefit (46.406 (50.53) or 46.407 (50.54) only if the [institutional review board] determines and documents that such research is related to their status as wards; or Conducted in schools, camps, hospital, institutions, or similar settings in which the majority of children involved as participants are not wards.”

You can read more on that policy here. The question is: Who decides what constitutes “a prospect of direct benefit,” or no benefit at all, and has that entity determined Justina fits that policy?

Now, I’m no conspiracy theorist, and Boston Children’s Hospital is a reputable facility, but I’m struggling with why a hospital would reject the diagnosis of another well-respected hospital, and then assist DCF, for more than a year, with retaining custody of someone else’s child. The possible answers to that question range from a simple “because we’re too damned proud to admit we made a mistake,” to a much darker, more sinister explanation: that the hospital—which is known for its research—is conducting medical studies on Justina, who is now a ward of the state. No one has offered any credible explanation as to why DCF and the Boston Children’s Hospital are keeping Justina from her family and their care, nor has anyone concluded that medical research is occurring. But…given the ward-of-the-state research policy, and the fact that Justina is rapidly deteriorating and has unexplained marks and bruising on her body, the possible conclusions are beyond disconcerting.

Reverend Patrick Mahoney, director of the D.C.-based Christian Defense Coalition, briefed the media on the family’s behalf following Monday’s ruling:

“The Tufts case represents a troubling and disturbing trend of government officials usurping the rights of parents and disregarding their unique and special role in raising their children.”

Bingo. As of today, the Pelletier’s have no indication of when, or even if, their daughter will be returned to their care. What is happening to this family—who insist they’ve done nothing to warrant the removal of their daughter from their custody—is nothing short of Orwellian. Were she my child, I’d likely be occupying a jail cell.

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  • Walt says:

    What’s the judges name? I assume the judge faces election or re-appointment eventually and people might be interested in decisions of this kind in that connection.

  • Jodi says:

    Gag order: “In November, Judge Joseph Johnson put a gag order on all parties involved in the hearings.”

    I’m assuming he is the same judge that ordered foster care. But will keep hunting…


  • Jean says:

    My question, and I’ve posed it in multiple forums, and on multiple similar stories – to the point I probably sound like a shill or gov’t-hired firebrand/agent provocateur:
    Why are these evil people still walking, talking, breathing?

    SOMEONE is their next-door neighbor, knows where they live, sees them routinely.
    Imagine the world this way: Judge X makes bad decision.
    It is first bad decision, we let it slide.
    Second bad decision? Maybe ask them about why they would do this; law isn’t always reasonable, logical, or right (correct).
    If there’s a third, we engage again – and if the pattern bears out? They go for coffee somewhere. They eat at a certain restaurant, drive a certain car, are at the courthouse entering through a certain entrance.
    Poison, burn, detonate, shoot, whatever – REMOVE these would-be masters, anywhere, anytime, EVERYwhere, EVERY TIME.
    Evil is subversive. NEVER cooperate, NEVER give an inch.

    THEY never will – the objective is to tag us like cattle, and it’s not far away.
    Soon enough, our cars might turn us in for speeding, failing to stop, failing to buckle up. (Almost there now – black boxes are becoming mandatory; the Progressive tracker was only the start.)
    And soon enough, we’ll have “immunizations” introducing parasitic computers that control our cells. (I know, sounds crazy; prototype is out there already. We’ve come a long way since the MIT scientist put a chip in his arm and the computer monitored him all over campus, turning on lights, opening doors, etc.)

    Imagine being programmed through hormones to “want” certain products? “Eat a healthy diet” full of grains (Q.V. “Wheat belly”, Primal diet; guess which foods will be “healthy” and which will be demonized further?)

    And when we take into account the attempts to disarm us, to declare our veterans “incompetent to own firearms,” that the DHS has secured orders for bullets enough to fight the current wars like 3 times over? That the IRS, Park Service, etc. have guns and ammo? And yet we “subjects” aren’t allowed to obtain weapons of ANY kind without jumping through hoops left, right, and center, and paying immense fees to practice our Constitutional rights?

    I think maybe it’s PAST time we responded with a “polite, but firm, NO.”
    One bullet at a time.

    If nothign else, driving the SOBs into hiding, and triggering their witch-hunts in force, will show the world what they are.

    In interest of full disclosure, I don’t (yet) own any weapons. I don’t need to won a weapon, until such time as I’m told I can’t; and then, I need everything up to H-bombs, F-18s, and carrier groups, at my beck and call. This war has been going on for generations – even the Founders wasted NO TIME in ignoring the Constitution (Example: Louisiana Purchase; Whiskey Rebellion).
    Why should WE obey the law, if they flaunt it?

    We cannot wait until they come for us – And they already ARE coming, in NY, CT, CA, and other places (under cover of drug raids, for example, and SWAT-ing average citizens in their homes.)

    Change local. Afghans have been holding off the two biggest superpowers the world has ever known with AKs and RPGs.
    We can win.

    But it never hurts to winnow the ranks in preparation…

  • Gary says:

    What gives a Judge the right to issue a gag order? If talking about a case it publicly may sway a jury in a criminal trial, I could see that as necessary. But, in Justinas case, I believe they’re trying to protect the hospital & state from a future lawsuit because they have gone “All in” and it’s too late to back out.

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